Monday, September 18, 2017

Fairness in the Proposed Georgia Sales Tax Plan

The proposal requires elimination of the income tax and dependency on collection of a state sales tax. The supporters and authors proclaim a consumption based tax as more fair to everyone than an income tax.

So let's tax everyone in the same manner, for fairness reasons.

So, it's fair to tax a college student, married with a child, working part time in the school library, in the same way as a unmarried college graduate, working their first post graduate job in their chosen field of study.

So, it's fair to tax my aging, gray haired Mother, living on that legendary fixed income, in the same way as the 40 something cardiologist who performed my Mother's by pass surgery.

So it's fair, to tax the single mom who dropped out of high school to give birth to a baby, conceived by incest or rape, in the same way as the father of the child, who denied the crime, escaped justice by calling the under-aged mother a slut, a whore, and a liar with the help of a public defender, appointed by the court and an all male jury?

As said more eloquently by so many others, life isn't fair. The governments must tax and spend, based on solid goals to address the unfair nature, not of life which cannot be legislated, but of income and position within unfair and unequal social and economic systems.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

The Republican Myth Promoting Corporate Leaders as Satisfactory Presidents.

Using only my personal observations of the individuals winning through the business based selection process for ultimate leadership of large international corporations, no one meets the leadership needs of a large nation.

A nation or government exists for the long term with infinite goals based on vastly variable perceptions and realities. In our case, we have 50 states, four or more time zones, an unknown number of dialects, and living conditions from homeless urban to selfish, internationally rich.

A corporation, serves itself, often the self gets described as 'stock holders.' Few accredit executive leadership as de facto ownership. That ownership, given stock options and bonus and perks, demands the label, Ownership.

And, the ascent to the Ownership leader position kills off internal competition. Much like the palace intrigues of Royal 'cousins' and would be heirs to thrones. In that process, some see politics. But, a failed presidential candidate like John McCain remains a post election power. No corporate winner would allow that.

Corporate leadership assumes short term tenures forcing short term goals.

No country, founded on rejection of unrepresentative government, should consider any corporate leader, as I have described them, as a viable candidate for control of the world's future.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Congressman Doug Collins service in Iraq

From the official website of Congressman Doug Collins:

"In 2002, Doug joined the United States Air Force Reserve as a chaplain. He ministered to service members both at home and at Balad Air Force Base in Iraq, completing a combat tour in 2009."

Aside from his service as a pastor, state representative, and now United States Congressman, Doug has ministered to members of our military as a chaplain in the Air Force Reserve since 2002. In 2008, he served a combat tour stationed at Balad Air Force Base in Iraq.

Hmmm. What does a lawyer really do in a combat tour on the safest base in Iraq?

From Global Security:

There was a Subway sandwich shop, a Pizza Hut, a Popeye's, a 24-hour Burger King, 2 post exchanges (PXs) that sold an impressive array of goods, 4 mess halls, a minature golf course, and a hospital. The base had a strictly enforced on-base speed limit of 10 miles per hour.

Must be rough on a base with 'a movie theater, two base PX's, fast food courts including Popeyes, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Burger King, Green Beans Coffee, dance lessons, an olympic size swimming pool, and an indoor swimming pool.' And the constant threat of visiting celebrities and politicians including Carrie Underwood in December 2006 and Gary Sinise.

Wonder if My Congressman got to meet Carrie or Gary?

"As of May 2004 the base had 17,000 troops and was 12 1/2 miles in circumference. General John Abizaid, commander of US Central Command, told the House Armed Services Committee in March 2004 that '. . . we are making Balad Airfield our primary hub in the region, and the idea of doing that is because we need to have the Baghdad International Airport revert to civilian control.'"

So Dear Dougie, during your combat mission in Irag inside a base 12 1/2 miles in circumference with fast food, celebrities, and an olympic sized outdoor pool, what were your daily duties as chaplain?

Did you go on convoy missions exposing yourself to enemy fire while maintaining the 10 mile per hour speed limit?

Did you ever fracken leave the base? Did you monitor the life guards? Did you share the foot holes and risk death just like the 8,000 civilian employees?

Tell us, Dear Dougie, what did you do in your combat tour of Iraq besides caplaining?

This is a repost. Here's some new information:

In 2007, Tony Blair begins withdrawal of UK forces.

Picture of Balad

Casualty list for Iraq War

Picture showing Bush May of 2003 "Mission Accomplished"

Article from Stars and Stripes on the dangers in 2004 from mortars at Balad

From 2007, Iraqi Parliament members request a withdrawal time table from US, an article from Fox News

From the US Army on Afghanistan and Iraq after 10 years. The war is costing $12 billion per month. In 2007, deaths in Iraq from all causes total 903. In 2008, 213 deaths.

Note on Deaths: OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM includes casualties that occurred between March 19, 2003, and August
31, 2010, in the Arabian Sea, Bahrain, Gulf of Aden, Gulf of Oman, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Persian Gulf,
Qatar, Red Sea, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates. Prior to March 19, 2003, casualties in these
countries were considered OEF.

Another link

And, so you don't think that I think it was easy for those who fought.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

M13 Gang Members arrested at High School --- see Photo !!!!

FoxNews brings us another success story of Republican President Donald Trump's War on M13 complete with pictures of those arrested!

This story proves the fake news, CNN, MNABC, and Alphabet Spews, mislead the American public on the dangers of illegal immigrants and their gang loving children.

Based on Long Island, illegal 'Mexican' rapists and their bastard children have been living under the eyes of police and school authorities until a student wore her clearly gang uniform to school, a Chicago Bulls jersey! The 17 year old, born in the back of a illegal Uber taxi driven by an underground member of ISIS, radicalized in Amen, chanted, "Yankees suck!" as police tazed her until the batteries died.

She is the third tatoo'd man on the left in the photograph below.

As real Americans, born on this Sacred Soil, we must pray for Donald Trump and his Christian mission to rid our country of brown Catholics, Mexicans, and potential gang members with Facebook pages.


Thursday, July 20, 2017

To Senator John McCain, a Humble Suggestion

As death approaches, many will recalls your military service, your years as a POW, and your time in Washington representing the people as the Senator from Arizona.

If that is not enough of a legacy, I suggest one more service.

Document your illness, the medical care, the emotional pain, and the expensive care.

I'm proposing a reality show unlike any of the current self promoting programs popular with couch potatoes.

Let your doctors detail the expected progress of the disease. Make live broadcasts of every medical treatment. Share pictures of the tumor and blood clot. Leave no moment untold.

Let your doctors detail the expected progress of the disease. Make live broadcasts of every medical treatment. Share pictures of the tumor and blood clot.

Speak through a camera to all of us who have and have not watched cancer as it kills.

Open your medical bills live. Let your emotions show as you tally in dollars what it costs to die in America.

As the Healthcare debate burns other more Partisan Republicans, be for us, one more time, a man of courage and transparency.

That would be a legacy I'd envy.

Putin Attacked by Fidget Spinners. Bombs Ball Bearing Factories in Georgia.

Russian Separatists attacked Putin in a failed assassination attempt yesterday. Using fidget spinners in the first militarization of the harmless toys, Two men, disguised as street vendors, stopped a motorcade containing 700 personal trainers, a horse, and Putin.

The would be assassins twirled multiple spinners in the newest display of martial arts which immobilized the 700 personal trainers and alledged froze Putin.

Putin's horse, also in the motorcade, immediately recognized the danger. After kicking its way out of the gilded animal trailer, it charged the assassins, scattering the men and their deadly spinners.

Freed from the spin induced coma, the 700 personal trainers, in a rare public display of Russian Flash Mob, the trainers quickly formed a phalanx, singing Thriller.

A Western Journalist captured the Flash Mob on video.

This is the only evidence of the failed assassination.

According to a Russian press release three hours later, 7 bearing factories exploded in China and India.

Unrelated story on Putin and fidget spinners.