Sunday, November 12, 2017

Representative Dunahoo

It speaks but who really wrote this editorial?

So ... Georgia's values are completely out of step with the rest of the country and most of the world.

And, that's a damn good thing says one of the Republican idiots representing Hall County in the State Legislature.

Yup. We need two Confederate holidays a year. Three more statues to Lee, Jackson, and Davis carved into the back side of Stone Mountain. We must support Judge Roy Moore the pedophile before a Democrat destroys God! We must not let poverty become a metric for providing healthcare because the poor should just die! And, we've added five Commandments to the Ten proposed by Moses. [The ones by Moses were just suggestions] We have assault rifles in elementary schools locked in cabinets because our active shooter policy remains Shelter in Place but the Gun Store needed sales. We have designed housing codes which outlaw Tiny Houses because we already have trailers.

So when will the rest of the country catch up to us and draft a Religious Liberty Law?

I rate him a 9.5 on the GOP scale of Tool.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Vegas Conspiracy Theory

Here's what I've heard really happened in Vegas.

A group of ISIS terrorists traveled from Iraq on fake Israeli passports, brought machine guns with them through customs with help from the CIA and Facebook, walked through a casino with the guns and ammo without anyone noticing, rented a dozen rooms, blew the windows out with plastic explosives, used tracers rounds in the darkness to target country music haters, after kidnapping a real estate millionaire with huge gambling debts to the Italian mob, and after eating room service pork BBQ ribs, and having sex with under aged male prostitutes, and not tipping room service.

They all escaped by hiding behind the slot machines being operated by blue hair old ladies on fixed incomes. Sadly, the terrorists are trapped there until the ladies leave. That's when the pink elephants dance on the craps tables. As soon as that happens, the terrorists escape by walking backwards out the casino doors and into a waiting stretched Humvee limo with hot tub.

Does that pretty much cover it?

Monday, October 2, 2017

The Gun Store Incident

After the Vegas disaster pushed the hurricane disasters off the front page, my hatred of guns returned.

So I went down to the local gun store. Got in line and listened to all the reasons for buying a gun.

'My wife said I could have a butter knife or a Glock. She didn't care if a spread butter or blood. She said, 'Just get off the sofa and do something with your life. So, I'll take the Glock with the bayonet mounting rail.'

'I spent the weekend shopping for a new truck. The bank turned me down for the $51,000 loan. If I can't have a real man's truck, I'm getting the AR with that round, drum magazine, and a case of bullets. Do you have in house financing?'

'Plasma rifle with a 40 watt range.' Sorry, fella. What you see is what you get. 'SUV with a cow catcher bumper.'

'My wife said I could have a blow job for my birthday but I just can't wait.'

'He said his Ford was faster than my Chevy. So I raced him, title for title. Now that I'm walking, I'll need a gun to catch his ass.'

Monday, September 18, 2017

Fairness in the Proposed Georgia Sales Tax Plan

The proposal requires elimination of the income tax and dependency on collection of a state sales tax. The supporters and authors proclaim a consumption based tax as more fair to everyone than an income tax.

So let's tax everyone in the same manner, for fairness reasons.

So, it's fair to tax a college student, married with a child, working part time in the school library, in the same way as a unmarried college graduate, working their first post graduate job in their chosen field of study.

So, it's fair to tax my aging, gray haired Mother, living on that legendary fixed income, in the same way as the 40 something cardiologist who performed my Mother's by pass surgery.

So it's fair, to tax the single mom who dropped out of high school to give birth to a baby, conceived by incest or rape, in the same way as the father of the child, who denied the crime, escaped justice by calling the under-aged mother a slut, a whore, and a liar with the help of a public defender, appointed by the court and an all male jury?

As said more eloquently by so many others, life isn't fair. The governments must tax and spend, based on solid goals to address the unfair nature, not of life which cannot be legislated, but of income and position within unfair and unequal social and economic systems.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

The Republican Myth Promoting Corporate Leaders as Satisfactory Presidents.

Using only my personal observations of the individuals winning through the business based selection process for ultimate leadership of large international corporations, no one meets the leadership needs of a large nation.

A nation or government exists for the long term with infinite goals based on vastly variable perceptions and realities. In our case, we have 50 states, four or more time zones, an unknown number of dialects, and living conditions from homeless urban to selfish, internationally rich.

A corporation, serves itself, often the self gets described as 'stock holders.' Few accredit executive leadership as de facto ownership. That ownership, given stock options and bonus and perks, demands the label, Ownership.

And, the ascent to the Ownership leader position kills off internal competition. Much like the palace intrigues of Royal 'cousins' and would be heirs to thrones. In that process, some see politics. But, a failed presidential candidate like John McCain remains a post election power. No corporate winner would allow that.

Corporate leadership assumes short term tenures forcing short term goals.

No country, founded on rejection of unrepresentative government, should consider any corporate leader, as I have described them, as a viable candidate for control of the world's future.