Wednesday, August 2, 2017

M13 Gang Members arrested at High School --- see Photo !!!!

FoxNews brings us another success story of Republican President Donald Trump's War on M13 complete with pictures of those arrested!

This story proves the fake news, CNN, MNABC, and Alphabet Spews, mislead the American public on the dangers of illegal immigrants and their gang loving children.

Based on Long Island, illegal 'Mexican' rapists and their bastard children have been living under the eyes of police and school authorities until a student wore her clearly gang uniform to school, a Chicago Bulls jersey! The 17 year old, born in the back of a illegal Uber taxi driven by an underground member of ISIS, radicalized in Amen, chanted, "Yankees suck!" as police tazed her until the batteries died.

She is the third tatoo'd man on the left in the photograph below.

As real Americans, born on this Sacred Soil, we must pray for Donald Trump and his Christian mission to rid our country of brown Catholics, Mexicans, and potential gang members with Facebook pages.


Thursday, July 20, 2017

To Senator John McCain, a Humble Suggestion

As death approaches, many will recalls your military service, your years as a POW, and your time in Washington representing the people as the Senator from Arizona.

If that is not enough of a legacy, I suggest one more service.

Document your illness, the medical care, the emotional pain, and the expensive care.

I'm proposing a reality show unlike any of the current self promoting programs popular with couch potatoes.

Let your doctors detail the expected progress of the disease. Make live broadcasts of every medical treatment. Share pictures of the tumor and blood clot. Leave no moment untold.

Let your doctors detail the expected progress of the disease. Make live broadcasts of every medical treatment. Share pictures of the tumor and blood clot.

Speak through a camera to all of us who have and have not watched cancer as it kills.

Open your medical bills live. Let your emotions show as you tally in dollars what it costs to die in America.

As the Healthcare debate burns other more Partisan Republicans, be for us, one more time, a man of courage and transparency.

That would be a legacy I'd envy.

Putin Attacked by Fidget Spinners. Bombs Ball Bearing Factories in Georgia.

Russian Separatists attacked Putin in a failed assassination attempt yesterday. Using fidget spinners in the first militarization of the harmless toys, Two men, disguised as street vendors, stopped a motorcade containing 700 personal trainers, a horse, and Putin.

The would be assassins twirled multiple spinners in the newest display of martial arts which immobilized the 700 personal trainers and alledged froze Putin.

Putin's horse, also in the motorcade, immediately recognized the danger. After kicking its way out of the gilded animal trailer, it charged the assassins, scattering the men and their deadly spinners.

Freed from the spin induced coma, the 700 personal trainers, in a rare public display of Russian Flash Mob, the trainers quickly formed a phalanx, singing Thriller.

A Western Journalist captured the Flash Mob on video.

This is the only evidence of the failed assassination.

According to a Russian press release three hours later, 7 bearing factories exploded in China and India.

Unrelated story on Putin and fidget spinners.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Australian Ambassador demands meeting with Trump

Minnesota police shot an Australian citizen to death without probable cause.

They didn't have their body cams turned on ... or they erased them.

She was 40 years old and wearing pajamas.

I hope this becomes an international incident. I hope the Australians expel the US Ambassador.

Don't you remember this? We are no better than North Korea in how our police operate.

Monday, July 17, 2017

New Body Cam Law Needed

Fresh news today.

Cops with body cams leave them turned off. Then, they shoot people to death.

Leaving the cam off should be a misdemeanor crime. Having no cam footage of a shooting should be a felony.

Both would have some pretty solid evident forcing a very short trial.

So, two new simple laws. Easy to enforce. High conviction rate.

And, obeying the law, which is just doing your job correctly, benefits everyone.

What say you?

Is it time for law enforcement to do a time for a crime?

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Secret Service logs for Trump Tower

Security requires screening access to parts of Trump Towers. Visitors must log in or register with Security. NYPD were involved in protecting that candidate.

Presidential candidates are offered Secret Service protections and the Secret Service fiercely guards against threats to candidates.

Threats. Even mail is screened.

So why haven't we seen a visitor list, provided by Security and the Secret Service, to document who visited Trump Tower?

That's another leak to be seen on a fake news headline tomorrow morning?

Maybe there's no record of secret meetings and the guests? Wouldn't that be more interesting?