Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Australian Ambassador demands meeting with Trump

Minnesota police shot an Australian citizen to death without probable cause.

They didn't have their body cams turned on ... or they erased them.

She was 40 years old and wearing pajamas.

I hope this becomes an international incident. I hope the Australians expel the US Ambassador.

Don't you remember this? We are no better than North Korea in how our police operate.

Monday, July 17, 2017

New Body Cam Law Needed

Fresh news today.

Cops with body cams leave them turned off. Then, they shoot people to death.

Leaving the cam off should be a misdemeanor crime. Having no cam footage of a shooting should be a felony.

Both would have some pretty solid evident forcing a very short trial.

So, two new simple laws. Easy to enforce. High conviction rate.

And, obeying the law, which is just doing your job correctly, benefits everyone.

What say you?

Is it time for law enforcement to do a time for a crime?

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Secret Service logs for Trump Tower

Security requires screening access to parts of Trump Towers. Visitors must log in or register with Security. NYPD were involved in protecting that candidate.

Presidential candidates are offered Secret Service protections and the Secret Service fiercely guards against threats to candidates.

Threats. Even mail is screened.

So why haven't we seen a visitor list, provided by Security and the Secret Service, to document who visited Trump Tower?

That's another leak to be seen on a fake news headline tomorrow morning?

Maybe there's no record of secret meetings and the guests? Wouldn't that be more interesting?

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Putin meets Trump and then says ...

"You're a fucking idiot. I wish Hillary had won."

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Russian Revelations

Putin printed a new Chapter in the King Donald Bible, Russian Revelations.

Revelations 12.25.1 Never elect a President in a foreign country unless that country shares a contiguous border with Russia for those who would be leaders must be deceivers with a Fake Press.

Revelations 25.12.1 Repent before slaying your Enemies because you won't have time to eat the popcorn while they die.

Revelations 13.27.2 They blaspheme who in their works deny the past before the present falls behind tomorrow when a new email reality shall be first and last.

Revelations 72.9.1 When thee shyte gets real, make small lies for thy self must survive the Devil.