Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Georgia's 10th Congressional District Special Election Update

As I predicted, Jim Whitehead is not making public appearances in the 10th District. He's snubbing Athens intentionally because he hates the 'liberals' who live there.

Sounds like he would make a great representative in Congress. If he doesn't win the election, maybe he can get a job cleaning the restrooms.

Rude and crude remarks aside, Whitehead has an incurable form of foot in mouth disease.

The Atlanta Press Club organized a free public forum in Athens. The Athens event would give wide exposure to all the candidates in the race. According to this story in the Athens Banner-Herald, Whitehead's schedule was the deciding factor in setting up the event. Event planners called his campaign, worked out the details with the campaign, and set the date and time based on Jim's personal whims.

Now Jim Whitehead is running away from the event like a whipped puppy.

I say the man is chicken. A true Yellow-bellied coward. And a liar.

He agreed to the forum upfront with no intention of attending.

Whitehead is the GOP machines candidate in the special election for the 10th. If he wins the 10th, the 10th loses.

It's been eight months since the 10th District had a truly active voice and representation on the floor of the U.S. House. Sonny Perdue delayed the special election to give Whitehead the best possible chance of winning. Whitehead might have used his state office and perks to run his campaign in the 10th while attending the Georgia Legislature.

Now, he can't speak in public and answer a few questions in the company of all the other candidates.

If Jim 'Yellow-bellied' Whitehead can't be trusted to keep his word, why did the GOP even put his name on the voting ballot?

Why would anyone vote for such a coward and a liar?

Jim "Yellow-bellied" Whitehead for Congressional toilet seat cleaner!

Monday, May 28, 2007

The FairTax and common sense

No discussion should be without facts, so before discussing the FairTax, let's get some facts from the Internal Revenue Service Tax Stats available online at

Total personal income in the United States in 2004, $6.8 trillion dollars.
Total Federal Government budget, $2.8 trillion dollars.
Total of Personal Income Tax collections, $831 billion.
Average Personal Income Tax rate, 12.10%.
Short fall of Income taxes to budget, roughly $2 trillion dollars.

There are real world numbers from the best source. No one invented these numbers to sell a book.

If the FairTax is imposed and every taxpayers spends every dollar of their personal income on new items taxes at the “quoted” rate of 23 percent inclusive, the federal government debt would increase at least $1.6 trillion dollars before the Federal Government pays the prebate. After the prebate, which on page 85 is $6,072 per household times 130 million households, the Federal Debt would increase by $2.3 trillion dollars.

The FairTax, going by real world examples, will not fund the Federal Government and would increase the Federal Debt by $2.3 trillion dollars each year.

The FairTax is a sales tax on new items only. Can you spend more than your income? Sure. And, under the FairTax, you would be taxed for that borrowing. At least 23 percent. And, even with all possible borrowing included, the FairTax will not collect enough revenue to fund the Federal Government.

Assuming every taxpayer increases personal debt by 30 percent, far more than any bank would loan in one year, the FairTax would only collect $2 trillion dollars in revenue at the quoted rate of 23 percent inclusive.

Let’s make it simple, because it is really simple.

The present budget is $2.8 trillion dollars. Add the "prebate" of over $789 billion dollars. The new budget will be over $3.5 trillion dollars. Unless Americans borrow huge amounts of money to buy new things, the real tax rate will have to be 51.4 percent on all sales.

Maybe the Federal Income Tax average rate of 12 percent seems high. But, why beg to be taxed at 51 percent as a tax protest?

The FairTax is not only a fraud, it's the biggest tax lie in North Georgia History.

On Memorial Day, what do the soldiers think?

That's a very tough question and one that has a thousand answers.

This story from the NYT tries to answer exactly that question. I rate the story a failure just like the invasion and occupation of Iraq.

Interviewing a dozen soldiers cannot possibly touch enough hearts and minds to sample a single day in Iraq. And, some in that Chosen Dozen will have spent a 1,000 days in Iraq.

Can we assume that after a 1,000 days and nights the moods have changed with the seasons of our lost war?

Did it have a spring time of hope? A summer of frolic? An austere autumn with no harvest? A winter sinking into endless darkness and cold hearts?

So we are right to ask the soldiers, What do you think about Iraq after a 1,000 days? But, we must judge a dozen responses with care.

Iraq offers many lessons in emotional consensus.

The better question is how would you feel after a 1,000 days of combat by the world's most powerful army against a country smaller than Texas?

Do you feel victorious?

Book burning protest

I'm still on the subject of lies, overall.

But, this book burning protest puts a nice amber toned light on the Radical talk show hosts in general.

Radical talk show hosts and other anti-mainstream media activists point to the falling sales of newspapers as proof. Proof of what? Proof that the "American people" have had enough of the 'liberal biased mainstream media.'

Then here comes the book burning. A used book dealer had a warehouse full of books. He tried selling them. He tried giving them away. Libraries wouldn't take them. Schools wouldn't take them. After years of making a living selling used books, the dealer couldn't give books away.

So, he started burning the book in protest.

It seems people aren't reading newspaper, paperbacks, or hardbacks as much any more.

The Internet version of the AJC, The Gainesville Times, and the Washington Post are FREE. The free content of the Internet continues to grow with millions of documents being added everyday.

So there's my proof that the Radical Right remains as out of touch with reality as George W. Bush.

Story from the Gainesville Times and available online!

Friday, May 25, 2007

President Bush warned of Iraq failure in 2003

From the Associated Press

Report: Iraq problems were anticipated

By KATHERINE SHRADER, Associated Press Writer 36 minutes ago

U.S. intelligence analysts predicted, in two papers widely circulated before the 2003 Iraq invasion, that al-Qaida would see that as an opportunity to increase its operations and that Iran would try to shape the post-Saddam era.

The top analysts in government also said that establishing a stable democracy in Iraq would be a long, turbulent challenge.

Democrats said the documents, part of a Senate Intelligence Committee investigation released Friday, make clear that the Bush administration was warned about the challenges it now faces as it tries to stabilize Iraq.

"Sadly, the administration's refusal to heed these dire warnings — and worse, to plan for them — has led to tragic consequences for which our nation is paying a terrible price," said Senate Intelligence Chairman Jay Rockefeller, D-W.Va.

But some Republicans rejected the committee's work as flawed. The committee's top Republican, Sen. Kit Bond of Missouri, said the report's conclusions selectively highlight the intelligence agencies' findings that seem to be important now, distorting the picture of what was presented to policymakers.

He said the committee's work on the Iraq intelligence "has become too embroiled in politics and partisanship to produce an accurate and meaningful report."

Asked about the report at his Thursday news conference, President Bush stood by his decision to topple the Iraqi regime. He said he firmly believes the world is better off without Saddam Hussein in power.

"Going into Iraq, we were warned about a lot of things, some of which happened, some of which didn't happen. And, obviously, as I made a decision ... I weighed the risks and rewards of any decision," he said.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

10th Congressional District Republicans

Dr. Paul Broun slung some mud at crazy Jim Whitehead in the Athens Banner on Tuesday, May 22, 2007.

The assumed Republican winner, if you ask Jim Whitehead, is Jim Whitehead. But, I predict you won't see Jim Whitehead making anymore public appearances between now and election day.

As Dr. Broun notes in the Athens Banner, Whitehead has a serious case of "Foot N Mouth."

This trench warfare started with Whitehead threatening to bomb UGA off the face of the planet. Whitehead issued a standard Republican "No Apology Apology" on April the 7th, calling the comment just a joke being taken out of context. Republicans are distancing themselves from the loony accusation made by Whitehead that left-wing political activists have a voter drive to sign up known al-Qaida terrorists.

So what is the Exit Strategy for the trench mouthed Whitehead?

Don't appear in public. Don't make any comments to the press. Have a Howard Stern type Spokes-model to raise votes. Pay someone else to clean up his image. But, the Doctor isn't having none of that.

Dr. Broun also diagnosed Whitehead with the classic two faced fiscal conservative label.

"Whitehead also talks about stopping the spending in Washington while he has voted to increase the state budget by 23.5 percent over the last three years. He also has voted to increase Georgia's bonded indebtedness by $1 billion. What is conservative about this?"

Sounds like the Republican politics as usual crowd Dr. Broun says he hates. Throw mud and then deny having dirty hands.

The clean choice would be James Marlow in this race from my cheap seat in the 9th District. Do a little research and see if you want another GOP mudslinging politician in Congress.

Needs a caption

Mosque discovered!

Link found to Saddam!

Are you sure?

Radical secularists endangering American History! (That one works for me but needs three pages of footnotes)

Bush in Space.

Is his helmet is too tight or not tight enough?

Generally, the GOP campaign slogans and the reason we never talk about those astronaut diapers in public.

Mission Accomplished under construction

Is the writing on the wall yet?

At least he's not a paper hanging s.o.b.?

It might be right, I used spell check?

Personally, I think the hat should say dunce.

Cartoon Day

More excuses for occupying Iraq.

No cricket team. No Kentucky Derby entry. No players in the NBA. No 401(k) for the Republican Guards. Underground bunkers built with union labor.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Two new schools built in Northern Alaska!

No, not really. But, that relates to the good news out of Iraq.

Yes, seven innocent people were killed while riding a bus. Yes, outgoing British Prime Minister Tony Blair was twice targeted by mortar fire during his final high security tour of Iraq.

But, the mainstream media ignored the good news. A concrete block building was erected at the edge of the desert for use as a public school. The Iraqi police rounded up all the local families and children for the press ceremony. Embedded journalists of all types were brought to festivities in armored vehicles. A huge security force formed a iron perimeter.

There's no electricity for the school. No water. No bathrooms. In six weeks, Iraqi militants will be storing supplies on the property.

All of which gets me back to Alaska.

Let's build two new concrete block buildings inside the Arctic Circle. We'll transport some 'journalists' to the ceremony where we dedicate the site as a new school complex, the first complex ever inside the Arctic Circle for public education. The head lines will read, "New Schools a Democratic Breakthrough in the United States."

In six weeks, the polar bears will have more use for the buildings than kindergartners.

Newt Gingrich in 2008

Newt is running for President in 2008.

Newt plans to convert the Federal Government into a Baptist Christian theocracy.

See his comments at the Falwell Funeral here.

Newt's run for presidential Pope needs a confrontation between a nonexistent "culture of radical secularism" and "Christian ideals."

Newt says the "radical secularists are" hostile "to American history."

Gingrich said, "This anti-religious bias must end."

Newt was speaking at Falwell's Liberty University where he set a goal "to convert all of America" like Falwell wanted and that anyone that disagreed with that goal "fundamentally misunderstands why institutions like this were created."

Seriously. I guess the war on radical Muslims must stop, too.

Gingrich wants power. He does not want to lead or provide input for leadership.

Our government will be replaced with a false version of Christianity. Specifically, the version of Christian government rejected by Jesus and the Constitution of the United States.

Newt can't run the country without God.

But, God has been running it without Newt for a long, long time.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

When Blair leaves, the Brits leave Iraq

A constant rumor, or rumour, has it that when Blair leaves 10 Downing St., the UK will withdraw its troops from Iraq.

The new rumor, Bush has been told by Blair to expect it and Rove is preparing a political strategy to spin that news.

Details from the AFP

President George W. Bush has been told to prepare for a British U-turn on
Iraq once Gordon Brown becomes prime minister, The Sunday Telegraph newspaper said.

Bush has been briefed by White House officials to expect an announcement on British troop withdrawals during Brown's first 100 days in office, the weekly said.

The president was advised on how to handle the aftermath of a British pullout and the end of steadfast support from London, said the broadsheet, citing senior officials.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Ethics in Government and Politics

The Culture of Corruption!

Democrats rattle the rafters ranting about corruption, malfeasance, and unethical behavior. Usually by Republicans like Bush, Libby, Nixon, Cunningham, DeLay, Gonzales, Rove, and a long, long list of others.

Here's a small primer on what W... as in Wolfowitz got caught doing. Reprinted from the Australian. Always nice to know exactly what your friends think of you, eh?

Sam Knight

THE key findings in this week's report of the panel of World Bank executives that have put Paul Wolfowitz's future on a knife-edge:

He violated the code of conduct

The code of conduct for board officials at the World Bank requires members to "avoid any conflict of interest, real or apparent". At the time of his appointment to the World Bank in May 2005, Mr Wolfowitz informed the board that he had a pre-existing relationship with Shaha Ali Riza, one of the bank's Middle East experts.

He suggested "recusing myself from any influence over personnel decisions involving Ms Riza" but was told that his proposal did not go far enough. By later ordering Xavier Coll, the bank's Vice President of Human Resources, to accept Ms Riza's demands for a transfer to the US State Department, two promotions and a pay rise, the panel found that Mr Wolfowitz "engaged in de facto conflict of interest".

Ms Riza's new contract, whose contents was directed by Mr Wolfowitz and not vetted by World Bank lawyers, broke staff rule 6.01 with its pay increases and guarantees of promotion.

He automatically ordered her promotion to staff level H, a move which Ms Riza claimed that she had been denied because she was Muslim and a woman, and raised her pay from $US132,660 to $US180,000.

Under the rules, Ms Riza was eligible for a pay increase of between 3 and 12 per cent. Her increase of $US47,340 was a rise of 28.2 per cent.

During her secondment at the State Department, Ms Riza claimed she would miss out on further promotions. Mr Wolfowitz "guaranteed" her a promotion to level I at the end of his first five-year term and then should he serve another term, also a violation of staff rules.

A separate clause, covering "external service", said that staff in Ms Riza's situation should receive an annual pay increase of 3.45 per cent while on attachment. But her first raise, from $US180,000 to $US193,590 in 2006, was more than twice that, at 7.55 per cent.

He broke his contract

Mr Wolfowitz is bound by his contract to obey the code of conduct for board officials and avoid conflicts of interest. The code also orders officials to "observe principles of good governance".

The panel said that Mr Wolfowitz's decision to have Ms Riza's contract checked by external lawyers rather than the World Bank's own general counsel "was inconsistent with the principle of good governance and concern for the interests of the Bank". The code also has rules for the disclosure of information. The panel "noted that Mr Wolfowitz made available to the press his statement to the Ad Hoc Group within hours of having delivered it to the Group".

He damaged the bank

As a result of the scandal and negative media coverage, the panel found "erosion in the operational effectiveness of the Bank triggered by the current crisis in leadership. The ability of staff, particularly those working in borrowing countries, to interact with their counterparts and the institutions ability to convene partners, is eroding. The Bank's Independent Evaluation Group believes that that the institution is currently at a critical juncture where its development effectiveness is being jeopardised by the crisis in leadership. This is of great concern to the Group."

Wolfowitz's defence

Earlier this week, Mr Wolfowitz repeated his central defence: "that I engaged in a conflict of interest because I relied on the advice of the ethics committee as best I understood it". He claims that he was advised to help draw up Ms Riza's contract by the Bank's ethics committee after asking their advice on how to resolve the situation.

In the key document, a letter sent by the chairman of the ethics committee, Ad Melkert, on August 8, 2005, Mr Wolfowitz was informed that: "The EC (ethics committee) cannot interact directly with staff member situations, hence Xavier (Coll) should act upon your instruction."

Mr Wolfowitz told the panel that he understood this to mean: "Get it done. Report back by the end of the week. You give Mr Coll his instructions. We've given him some general guidelines but you're the one who has to take responsibility for the negotiations."

But the panel said that Mr Wolfowitz's interpretation of the advice, coming after he was told that his initial suggestion to withdraw from personnel decisions about Ms Riza was insufficient, "simply turns logic on its head". It called his explanations "unpersuasive" and found:

"To conclude that the Ethics Committee was instructing Mr Wolfowitz to become directly involved in the details of the conflict of interest matter and that that was the sole reason why he got involved would require one... to conclude that the Ethics Committee, the General Counsel and Mr Wolfowitz ignored the requirement set forth by the Code of Conduct to withdraw from attendance or participation in deliberations or decision-making connected with that matter. It is simply not reasonable to believe that such a scenario was possible."
Somewhere I read a quote in Latin that loses some meaning in translation. But, since I can't speak or read Latin, here it comes in English.

And, who shall guard the Guardians? Who shall make sure the Guardians make no mistakes?

I have always answered those questions in the context of democracy. Those being guarded must guard the Guardians and protect the Guardians from making errors. Truly a dilemma.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

What does the Constitution mean?

I had to answer this today. Nothing in life, not my education, not my faith, nothing prepared me for the simple reality.

I am not a Constitutionalists Cult member.

The Constitution is just a historical document. The meanings are not found in the ink and are not contained by the four edges. We cannot find those meanings in diaries and writings of the many authors or supporters of ratification.

Or in variations on that theme that the meanings are in the intent of the ‘framers,’ the ‘founders,’ or ‘Federalists.’

The meanings of the Constitution are not in the thoughts of the authors nor anywhere on that parchment.

The meanings were (and are) in the people who one by one cast a vote towards ratification.

What did they think it meant to ratify this 'treaty' between former colonies?

What were they willing to lay down and sacrifice for a new union?

What burdens did they accept for themselves and unknown generations by casting a ballot by saying Aye, as in “I” will conform to my duties and obligations as citizens under these rules.

Those are the answers to that question and these are questions that I cannot answer as I have not yet made all my sacrifices, withstood all the burdens, or received the final benefits of union.

Monday, May 14, 2007

GOP creates Schools Crisis at home and abroad

As high school seniors across America giddily try on prom dresses and plan graduation parties, Iraqi students consider just making it to school a cause for celebration.

The security situation is so shaky that some schools have canceled graduation ceremonies and many have closed for weeks at a time. Education officials are in talks with the security services, tribal leaders and politicians to ensure schools are protected when students take final exams next month.

And we thought schools in America were bad. So bad we need to cut funding, cut taxes, and cut classes.


We can't have the money to educate our children, but we can build empty schools in Iraq. A Liar's Award for everyone that brags about the building of empty schools in Iraq.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Jim Threlkeld gets an Award for twisting the truth.

In Todays online version of the Gainesville Time, Jim Threlkeld shows exactly what Liberals, Progressives, and North Georgia Democrats are fighting.

His letter can be read here at the Gainesville Times.

This is my response sent to the Times.

In his letter defending his pro-Bush right wing views, May 12th, Jim Threlkelds demonstrates ignorance not well researched rational thought.

He starts with his attacks on the free love cult of the 1960’s and in part leaves the blame for the 'decline of the United States' on drug use. George W. Bush was a member of that cult. He used and abused cocaine, marijuana, and alcohol in college. I know many such ex-hippies running private businesses today and those ex-hippies are more often than not, self-labeled conservative Republicans.

If the United States has declined since the 1960’s, maybe Jim can detail why we have so many more churches, a higher standard of living, and a longer life span now that we did in 1960. If Jim does have the education to do real research, maybe he can also tell us all why he picks the 1960’s as the high water mark for the USA? Was it racism? Was it oppression of women by delegating them to the live either in the kitchen or the bedroom? Was it the support of the middle class income by Union membership?

Jim brings up the issue of abortion and one specific medical procedure. Does he know how to do the medical procedure known as Intact Dilatation and Extraction? Oh, why yes he does. Does he know, by virtue of his wife’s three degrees, when to do one and why?

No. Jim doesn’t know why or when. He doesn’t care to know that such a procedure, if medical ethics are followed, is only down to save the life of the mother when the fetus is not viable. By politicians and political hacks giving ethical orders to doctors, virtually none of the ‘children’ he imagines being lost will be born alive and live productive lives. The mothers will perhaps survive, but very likely as a group have fewer children. The only medical justification for Intact Dilatation and Extraction is when the infant brain has been killed by hydrocephalus and the skull has become too large to allow a normal vaginal birth.

I suspect, Jim and other men like him have discovered that they are no longer the same man that they were in their youth. Blaming others for a natural condition is very GOP and right winged.

Well done, Jim.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Sally Rosser

Dear Sally,

In the past few days, I have seen and heard things that were ... unbelievable. Many such things.

Several people have confronted me on how I linked you with all of these events. When confronted and my evidence presented, my opinion did not prevail.

So let me share a little story with you. Then, I have something important to say directly to you.

My wife is a pediatrics nurse. Her first day on a new job, a doctor screamed at her. His screaming fit was at the shared work station for receptionists, nurses, and doctors. He slammed her abilities, her training, and her motivations as a nurse.

No verbal attack could have been more public or damaging to a first day employee.

My wife quietly accepted the criticism, corrected the "breach" or error that prompted the angry fit. And, then she went on doing her job. Ops. I forgot to mention she was blamed for a mistake made by another nurse.

That other nurse later told the doctor that the mistake was not the new employees fault. She took responsibility.

That same day, the doctor called my wife into his office and apologized.

When he was through, my wife looked him right in the eyes and said, "That apology does me no good outside this room."

I have made a heinous accusation as to your character and your devotion to all things Democratic. I will not shift the burden of my responsibility in any way. I was wrong and I should have known I was wrong.

I have worked for you as a volunteer. I have seen you working in North Georgia for the greater good.

I cannot support my personal attacks with facts.

Only a public apology will serve since those attacks were public and on this blog.

I was wrong. I was very wrong. I did myself what I accused you of doing. I acted without the full facts and I have harmed you.

I am sorry but I know that no apology will fully undo any harm to your reputation. Only time and your continued hard work will do that.

Please accept my apology.


Michael W. Parker

Senator Saxby Shameless, United States Senate

George W. Bush says he listens to the Generals. No one believes him. And, Dubya can't run for election again. THANK GOD and the Constitution!

But, Saxby Chambliss thinks things are going very well in Iraq. He's not listening to the Generals. But, having listened in person to Saxby describe the Voice of God and the Hand of God that guides him in the Senate, I understand why he doesn't listen to mere mortals like Generals and Voters.

General says the government of Iraq is non-existent and wants more troops. Details here.

Maj. Gen. Benjamin R. Mixon also said that Iraqi government officials are not moving fast enough to provide the "most powerful weapon" against insurgents — a government that works and supplies services for the people.

Mixon said Diyala's government is so ineffective at providing services that it could be described as nonfunctioning.

He also blamed national ministries in Baghdad, because the weak government hampers coalition efforts to make the country secure. Showing Iraqis that their government can provide for them "will be the most powerful weapon against this insurgency," Mixon said.

Saxby, the General says the troop surge is not working. He says it won't work. He says he can't do his job without more troops. He says he will fight to the last bullet for his mission.

What do you say, Senator Shameless?

"However, it is not possible in my opinion to have a political solution, or to make political progress, if citizens are afraid to leave their homes for fear of being shot or kidnapped, or if they are afraid to let their children go to school because it is unsafe to do so. Some level of order and stability must be in place before a political solution can take hold."

"Order and stability must be in place, before there can be any hope for a long-term, political solution"

Senator Saxby Shameless, another award for lying. You've been in Iraq five times. You have never listened to the Generals who need more troops, more money, more armor, and above all else --- a functioning government that provides basic social services like clean water and electricity.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

3 GOP Legislators Arrested in Alaska

This story is just about dumb.

One Repuglican legislator makes an illegal deal with a gas pipeline company. And, he makes it on an internet broadcast. Was he that desperate to get out of Alaska? I guess so. He agreed to pass a tax cut and give the oil company a sweetheart deal on a pipeline contract in exchange for?

A job in the Barbado Islands!

Kott, the former House speaker, explicitly said during a teleconference with company officials that he would support the pipeline and the company's preferred version of the tax proposal if he was made warden of a prison the company was building in the Caribbean, according to the indictment.

"You'll get your gas line, the governor gets his bill, and I'll get my job in Barbados," he told company executives, the indictment states.

Details in the Gainesville Times

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Inside the White House Bunker

Interupting my series on Repuglican Liars

From the Washington Post and David Ignatius

The Oval Office Bunker

By David Ignatius
Wednesday, April 25, 2007; A17

The disconnect that is destroying what's left of the Bush presidency was clear in an image from the Oval Office this week. President Bush was sitting warily in his chair, pursing his lips as if he had just eaten a bad radish, as a reporter asked about the performance of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales in recent congressional testimony concerning the firing of U.S. attorneys.

Prominent Republicans had criticized Gonzales's testimony as evasive and inadequate. But Bush responded blandly that his attorney general had given "a very candid assessment and answered every question he could possibly answer . . . in a way that increased my confidence in his ability to do the job."

Now, say what you like about Gonzales, but only a visitor from another planet would describe as "very candid" the responses of a man who, by one count, repeated 64 times during his testimony the phrase "I don't know" and similar variants. It was as if Bush didn't know or care that everyone in Washington had watched Gonzales duck questions before a Senate committee a few days earlier.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Justice Department being run by the White House, not by Gonzales

Around the world, and at home, the United States government has lost credibility.

Karl Rove loses emails.

Gonzales fires good employees without reason.

Walter Reed Army Hospital not only is falling apart, our veterans are being neglected, ignored, and attacked by rats.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has been destroyed by a road building civil engineer with no experience in biology.

Our generals are refusing to serve as the "Iraq Czar," the equal of Eisenhower in Europe.

Our Sgt.s are quiting the Army in record numbers.

A horse breeder was running FEMA when Katrina hit New Orleans and a thousand people died.

Now, in violation of law, the White House was hiring only Republican attorneys for entry level jobs in the Justice Department. (Legally, the Justice Department may not ask political affiliation during the hiring process to prevent political patronage among the Civil Service.)

The inquiry involving Monica Goodling, the former counsel and White House liaison for Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, raises new concerns that politics might have cast a shadow over the independence of trial prosecutors who enforce U.S. laws.

Details from the AP. Goodling resigned rather than submit to questions by Congress.

We have outlawed the practice of political patronage throughout our state and local governments. We do not collect a fee from our police and firemen to secure jobs. Why demand Repuglican loyalty from job seekers at the U.S Justice Department?

An Oscar for Bush for lying with his hand on the Bible both times that he has taken the Oath of Office.

Warpath cartoon

I don't know which one is Guiliani, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, ...

but I don't see Rice in the picture.

Another GOP appointee forced to resign over Lies

"Julie MacDonald, deputy assistant secretary for fish, wildlife and parks, submitted her resignation letter to Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne, a department spokesman said Tuesday.

MacDonald resigned a week before a House congressional oversight committee was to hold a hearing on accusations that she violated the Endangered Species Act, censored science and mistreated staff of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service."

Details from the Associated Press

Thank you, Julie MacDonald for violating your solemn oath, a promise made before God and witnesses, to faithfully execute the politically appointed job as deputy assistant secretary.

MacDonald was a civil engineer with no training in the Natural Sciences and no work history related to National Parks, Forestry, Fish and Wildlife, Biology, Ecology, or even a job feeding fish in a pet shop.

Just exactly what lie did Ms. Julie MacDonald tell to get a job in the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

I am sure she didn't say, "As a civil engineer, I've always wanted to cut down old growth forests, level mountain tops to erect billboards, and serve the special interest groups that give big donations to the GOP."

Then again, maybe that is exactly what she said at some point.