Monday, October 29, 2007

Lt. Governor Casey Cagle, Rain Manager

In the Marietta Daily Journal, Lt. Governor Casey Cagle outlined or was quoted on his plans for managing the rain fall in Georgia.

At first that sounded very rational. Let's manage our rain fall. But, does rain do anything besides fall? Very redundant, rain fall. Now it sounds a little funny to be making fun of a man saying rain fall. But how do you manage the rain? Or, rain fall?

How about the Perdue plan of praying for rain? Wasn't that an effort to 'manage the rain fall?'

Why doesn't the idiot Lt. Governor just say manage our water supply?

I assume a man like Casey who lied to the federal government about his employment and lies about his college career to the voters thinks nothing about lying one more time.

"I'm going to manage the rain!"

I guess the idiot is going to pass a law to force the rain to fall. Hence, rain fall managment by government. But, it could be he's going to propose a law to stop evaporation. Still another choice, he's going to enforce Newton's Law to make sure the rain falls.

Damn, I just wish we had elected someone with credibility in the field of science instead of morality.

Lt. Governor Casey "I attended two colleges" Cagle, Rain Fall Manager for Georgia.

Friday, October 12, 2007

The GOP giving away your tax dollars

From the AJC

For example, Great Wolf Resort has announced plans to build a 400-room resort and conference center on 20 acres at Lake Lanier's Mary Alice Park, including a for-guests-only indoor water park. The city of Cumming pledged $10 million in incentives for the project, the state added $6 million for road work and Forsyth County pledged $5.1 million for road improvements, for a total incentive package of $21.1 million.

(The county doesn't have the money, but will ask for the $5.1 million in a project list for a proposed special-purpose local-option sales-tax referendum in February.)

Those incentives are absolutely unnecessary.

We're one of the few states in the Union with undeveloped coast line and undeveloped mountains.

We don't need to sell our souls to get that developed into homes and resorts.

If the developer can't make money without a taxpayer hand out, then they don't need to be a developer.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Let's invade a country in the Middle East

International relationships require the best abilities of the human mind and soul.

We have too many emotional reasons clouding our abilities as we try to sort out our next move in Iraq.

To displace our Iraqi baggage, I suggest the following analogy.

The UN issues sanctions and resolutions against a country in the Middle East.

That country ignores the UN.

So in this set of events, the United States then invades Israel with the intention of recreating Connecticut.

When will we be able to leave with the hearty thanks of the world?

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Public schools versus Private schools

The Republicans thrive on telling voters about the horrid defects in public education. Education would just be so much better and cheaper for everyone through privatization, vouchers, and union busting.

Busting this conservative bed time story today and every day from this point.

Study examines public, private schools
from the Associated Press.

The researchers found:

_In reading, family income, parental discussion, parental expectations, parental involvement and eighth-grade scores all positively affected 12th-grade reading scores. Scores weren't affected by the type of school a student attended unless it was a Catholic order school.

_In math, parental discussions and involvement had no effect on achievement scores. Parental expectations and family income did have an impact. Prior eighth-grade test scores were heavily correlated to achievement on the 12th-grade test. Again, attending a Catholic religious order school had a positive effect on the math scores.

_In science, income affected test scores but the other family characteristics did not. Prior test scores had the strongest impact. None of the school types had an edge over public high schools in boosting scores.

_In history, parental expectations and parental discussion had an impact on scores, as did achievement on eighth-grade tests. The only kind of school that had a positive impact on scores was a Catholic religious order school.

Be aware, Casey Cagle. The truth doesn't really hurt. Your high school education is as good as it ever gets. [Lowell S. "Casey" Cagle never completed a grade level beyond high school where he was a pampered football player. I hope he had a good helmet]

GOP Racism and GOP as Victims!

Ever hear the complaint that the Democrats are playing the 'Race' card?

I've heard it quite often. And, as I documented, from Georgia Republicans.

So why do Georgia Republicans deal the cards, call the name of the game, and then, not only complain about losing, they complain about how they lost?

They want to be the victim! But, they are the racist villains.

It is racist to ask why do Blacks vote Democratic in Presidential Elections if the person asking the question self-answers it that Blacks 'want' to be kept down on the 'plantation.'

That mean and intentionally hurtful question and self-answer is clearly racist ideology.

"Blacks are too stupid to vote on the issues."

"Blacks want to be kept and cared for by whites."

"Blacks are lazy and worthless."

And, when Republicans, like Bart Brannon of the Cherokee County Republican Party, get caught spewing this racism on a Republican blog?

They cut and run like Reagan did after the Beruit bombing of the Marine barracks in 1983.

220 Marines died. Not since the battle for Iwo Jima have more Marines died in a single day.

Not since the first day of the Tet Offensive in Vietnam has the military lost so many in one day.

October 23, 1983. 24 years ago.

And, just like the racists of today, Reagan never defended himself. He let history speak to his cowardice.

Racists are always cowards.

Link to a summary of the bombing.

Link to a story on the court ruling in 2003.

And, a link to a Beirut online memorial.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Coalition of the Invisible


At its height, in the months after Saddam Hussein was toppled, the multinational force [aka Coaltion of the Willing] numbered about 300,000 soldiers from 38 countries — 250,000 from the United States, about 40,000 from Britain and the rest ranging from 2,000 Australians to 70 Albanians.

By January of this year, though, the combined non-U.S. contingent had dwindled to just over 14,000. As of Tuesday, it stood at 20 nations and roughly 11,400 soldiers.

Three possible outcomes from Iraq. Stay, leave, and delay.

18 nations are no longer delaying. They left. Those who didn't leave, are only delaying departure after reducing troops while the U.S. recently increased combat troops.

The remaining U.S. combat troops cannot undo the past. Nor, can they see far enough into the future to even shoot the right people at the right time.

No one can see the future for the carnage of the present.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Bart Brannon, Cherokee County Racist! And, GOP official

I saw this conversation in a public online forum.

BB: Which begs the question yet again, why do blacks vote 90% dem every presidential election?
October 3rd, 2007 at 8:33 am

Caroline: Blacks don't vote for the GOP because the GOP offers nothing more than a return to the plantation.
October 3rd, 2007 at 11:37 am

BB: [Said to caroline] caroline, ... as opposed to the dem policy of never letting blacks off the plantation…
October 3rd, 2007 at 12:01 pm

So BB, who is Bart Brannon of the Cherokee County GOP, says that as a race, blacks are too stupid to know the difference between freedom and slavery.

Bart is a professional communicator. This is not a slip of the tongue. It is an intentional, premeditated racist attack.

I urge the Cherokee County GOP and the State GOP Party to immediately remove Mr. Brannon from his positions in the party.

Mike Parker

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