Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Southern Company makes more money in the drought

On January the 24, I blogged about the drought in Georgia. Georgia is enduring one of the worst droughts in its history.

Yet, Lake Lanier wasn't used as a holding tank for drinking water.

As I stated on the 24th, in my opinion, Lake Lanier was drained to provide cooling water to the Joesph M. Farley Nuclear Plant on the Chattahoochee River just east of Dothan, Alabama.

As noted in the April 23, 1998 Federal Register, Farley evaporates 18,093 gallons per minute of the water it draws from the Chattahoochee. Farley draws 90,000 gallons per minute from the Chattahoochee. [Those are old figures but the only public figures that I can verify. Farley now operates at a higher level of production, in my humble opinion. However, I cannot complete the calculations to support that conclusion. I cannot convert megawatts thermo to megawatts electricity.]

That means over 20 percent of the free water taken from the Chattahoochee River is lost to the atmosphere. The remaining water is sent back to the river at a temperature of at least 96 degrees.

This information can be verified online at the EPA website, here.

The Southern Company reported a profit increase for 2007 of nearly 10 percent while only increasing its customer base by only 1 percent.

That increase in profit came from Lake Lanier at the expense of jobs, business, and local government.

Thanks, Sonny, Casey, and the Southern Company.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Kneel before the greatest modern god, The Market!

I doubt I will ever understand this series of events. A brand new trader, sometimes called a 'junior trader,' buys 'stocks' with 50 billion in non-existent euros.

Someone needs to answer some questions. Why didn't the bank have the police present when questioning this employee? How did this employee manage to avoid the police and hide for several days?

I'm thinking the bank tipped him off and gave him time to get his story together.

As the information slowly leaks out on this 'inside the bank' fraud, it seems less and less likely that anyone obeys the Great and Powerful Market, god of all things profitable.

I don't think the bank should have been saved. The government should have put it down like an old dog.

Now the 'police' and the 'courts' are after some sacrificial blood. If one brand new 'junior' trader generated over 1.4 billion euro in profit in one calender year, then telling me that no one in management knew about the insider fraud is bullshit.

His boss knew. And, was counting his bonus along with everyone in the department all the way up the chain to CEO and the Board.

From the limited information in the news stories, the fraud would have continued as long as the bank was making money and the market going up. The market should have kept going up with one bank trader printing money. That's his crime, isn't it? Using a computer to print money. Money which he then invested for the bank. A bank that made 1.4 billion euros from the counterfeit money?

But, again, why didn't the government let the market take down the bank, the managers, and the criminals?

"Live by the market, Die by the market."

But, those risk taking entrepreneurs keep the Market Temple closed to the government when business is good. When business is bad, even on a Sunday afternoon, the risk taking and risk rewarded capitalist runs to his friendly local politician to beg forgiveness.

"Thou shall have no false gods."

The government should have let the market sort this out. The market created the problem.

But, then, I've never understood worshiping money or the people with all the money.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Perdue, Cagle, Big Business, and the drought.

Big news today for consumers.

If we have a severe drought, nuclear power plants maybe forced to shut down!

Already, the drought affecting metro Atlanta and North Georgia has forced a shut down in Alabama this summer.

"Water is the nuclear industry's Achilles' heel," said Jim Warren, executive director of N.C. Waste Awareness and Reduction Network, an environmental group critical of nuclear power. "You need a lot of water to operate nuclear plants." He added: "This is becoming a crisis."

An Associated Press analysis of the nation's 104 nuclear reactors found that 24 are in areas experiencing the most severe levels of drought. All but two are built on the shores of lakes and rivers and rely on submerged intake pipes to draw billions of gallons of water for use in cooling and condensing steam after it has turned the plants' turbines.

Extending or lowering the intake pipes is not as simple at it sounds and wouldn't necessarily solve the problem. The pipes are usually made of concrete, can be up to 18 feet in diameter and can extend up to a mile. Modifications to the pipes and pump systems, and their required backups, can cost millions and take several months. If the changes are extensive, they require an NRC review that itself can take months or longer.

Doesn't sound like fun, building more nuclear reactors with water intake pipes 18 feet in diameter.

We should be wondering if the missing water from Lake Lanier went to a utility company to cool a nuclear reactor.

That would be the Joesph M. Farley Nuclear Plant on the Chattahoochee River just east of Dothan, Alabama.

In reality, our water is being used to make a specific corporation wealthy.

Cagle knows it.
Sonny Perdue knows it.
And they lie about the water being used for 'mussels.'

Both Cagle and Perdue take campaign contributions from ... power companies, don't they?

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Bush has no balls on recession!

I never thought Bush had a pair, not since his flip-flop on being a fighter jet pilot.

Now, the lame duck President doesn't have the balls to handle a real recession.

With the recession no longer just the 'unspoken R word,' Bush wants an economic stimulus package. His 'package,' as the young women say this day and age, ain't BIG! Not BIG at all.

Before being sworn in as commander and thief in 2001, Bush and Cheney were using 'the R word' in public appearances to justify $1.4 TRILLION IN TAX CUTS!


That was 7 months before a recession, one month before being sworn in, and just days after winning the Presidency on a 'show of hands' vote by the Supreme Court.

What was the huge crisis looming before the country when Baby Bush wanted his trillion dollar tax cuts?

As I remember, the only crisis was the classic crisis of 'legitimacy' faced by the loser in the popular vote.

How was Bush going to 'run' the country having 'lost' the popular vote?

Well, the tax cuts were used to buy what he couldn't win at the polls. Popularity.

$1.4 trillion is a lot of money.

Now that our country has nearly $10 trillion in public debt, a melt down in the capital markets, a crash in housing, and a record foreclosure rate, what does our still unpopular Bush want to do?


But ... not by trillions of dollars. Bush wants less than $150 billion in 'tax relief.' But, unlike 2001, he also wants, get this, an increase in food stamps and unemployment checks!

What a guy!

When he's on the way out of office, recessions can be prevented with a few food stamps and unemployment checks.

When he's on his way to eight years of illegitimate leadership, he printed money as fast as Charmin makes toilet paper.

Why did our nation need trillions of dollars in tax cuts and over 4 trillion in deficit spending 7 years ago to 'grow our economy' and now that we face the biggest financial crisis in our history, it's food stamp time?

Details from two sources with balls.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Activist Judges

An activist judge is a person given the highest legal power with the expectation of being impartial, but isn't impartial.

Here's the classic example of an activist judge.

A member of the West Virginia Supreme Court has been overturning judgments against Massey Energy. Massey Energy has benefited from the Judge's 'activism' to the tune of millions and millions of dollars.

And, the Judge has been vacationing in Monaco with Massey Energy employees. For years?

Pretty good activism. Give a coal company just over $70 million dollars and get a trip to Monaco.

We won't hear the far right or the GOP ever complain about this kind of 'activism.' Not only can the coal and energy companies buy a judge cheap, they've bought Congress and the White House with your gas dollars.

Full story here.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Reagan still a friend to Islamic extremists!

Yes, Ronald Reagan is DEAD! But, his policy towards bin Laden continues to kill Americans.

Reagan funded bin Laden in Afghanistan through the selling of drugs (Iran-contra scandal).

Reagan reestablished full diplomatic relations with Saddam Hussein, sending Donald Rumsfeld to Baghdad as a personal, Presidential envoy.

And, making the news today, Reagan's 1987 pick as United Nations delegate was charged today with ... lobbying Congress to raise money for the Taliban and al-Qaeda.

Once a friend of bin Laden, always a friend of bin Laden.

Our president, Ronald Reagan, keeps on giving to our enemies, even from his grave.

Thanks, Ronald, on behalf of over 3,000 dead 'freedom fighters' now serving in our Armed Forces.

on the acts of treason.

Patraeus lied to us and to Congress

Over the last 7 years we've been shocked so many times by the lies in Washington that another set of lies is no longer big news. However, Democrats continue to face reality even when the White House hires another liar.

General Patraeus appeared before Congress and the world in September. In his Congressional testimony, Patraeus and the administration cited 'economic progress' in Iraq as evidence of the 'surge' working as planned.

Now the truth comes forward.

At the time of the testimony, few official Iraqi figures for 2007 were available. Yet General Petraeus and Mr. Crocker, the American Ambassador to Iraq went to Congress with 'good news' that couldn't be backed up with hard numbers.

At the time of testimony, Bush et al said Iraq had $10 billion in oil revenues to spend on reconstruction. And, Bush et al said Iraq had spent $2.4 billion on reconstruction by July, 2007.
In reality, Iraq has only spent $440 million on reconstruction in 2007. That's less than Iraq spent in 2006. By comparison, U.S. taxpayers have spent over $40 billion on reconstruction in Iraq. The GOP has created a 'culture of dependency' in the new and improved Iraq.

Has your Congressman or Congresswoman used these lies about progress in re-election campaigns? Now that you know the truth, will you finally vote for reality in Washington?

Details and the full story, including the no comments from the White House press office and the American embassy in Baghdad.

In my opinion, it's time to stop financing the war in Iraq as well as any politician campaigning on support for administration policy.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Tax Reform

The Hall County Democrats held a very informative meeting on tax reform on January 14, 2008 on the Brenau University campus. Brenau has a very beautiful campus but the topic of tax reform has never been more ugly than during this election cycle. The elected Speaker of the House, Glen Richardson would have all voters believe that government taxation, especially the property tax, is a bad deal. However, property taxes are one of the best deals for taxpayers, especially the school tax portion. But, voters will never understand this if we don’t school ourselves in the ABC’s of local taxation.

Our local property taxes, especially the Board of Education-School Tax, provide a greater financial windfall for the average family of five than any other life event.

During the life of the average 30-year mortgage, a family of five will send three children through at least 13 years of Hall County public schools, The Hall County School system will spend at least $6,911.85 per year for each child during those 13 years. Those 13 years for three children costs $269,562.20, without any interest.

Not including any interest, if the average family of five had to fully repay Hall County just for the public education, they would have to pay $748.78 per month during the life of their 30-year mortgage.

Honestly, my house payment isn’t that much each month.

My property tax records are public information, stored by the local government, and accessible online. So, I’m not disclosing any private information about myself. My School Tax for all of 2007 was only $1,126.82.

And, my three children have gotten an excellent education through the Hall County Schools. With only that humble public school education my children understand that in my lifetime I will never pay $269,562.20 in property taxes. Not at $1,126.82 a year. Not even if I live in my home for three lifetimes.

For the math challenged, and that would include the Speaker of the House, it would take me 239 years to repay Hall County.

The Republican Speaker of the House, Glenn Richardson, is a man so lacking in vision, that his most ambitious desire has become fathering an idea, even an illegitimate idea.

Republicans have given us enough illegitimate ideas and bastardized reforms. Reforming property taxes will not improve education, schools, or reduce the rewarding burdens of family life. If all taxes were cut in half, someone would still complain. And, some Republican would promise, in an election year, to solve problems that don’t exist.

Charging me a thousand dollars a years for a quarter million dollars worth of education isn’t a problem. Don’t let it become one.