Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Stealing the candy from babies

For a long time, our state has been stealing the 'candy' from our babies by taking education dollars. Those education dollars, once used only for books, teachers, and learning have been stolen by GOP and Democratic leaders for business tax breaks. By business tax breaks, I mean using taxpayer money for various economic development plans.

New sewers.

New shopping centers like in Kelo vs. New London.


Tax cuts for struggling businesses.

Incentives for international companies to not move to Hong Kong.

Finally, a court decision that stops this insanity!

A partial story appears here in the AJC.

Another story on Hall County, Georgia appears here.

Isn't it about damn time our property tax dollars are used for education as required by the state constitution?

What the Hell is wrong with conservative Republicans? I know the GOP is used to lying, stealing, and corruption. But, stealing money from our babies and giving that money away?

God Damn them to Hell for an eternity.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Letter in Gainesville Times

Only a man is good enough in GOP's eyes
I couldn't help but laugh at Paul Stanley's column. In Stanley's words, the president he is looking for can only be a man. Nine times Stanley refers to the perfect president as a "he."

Why doesn't Stanley, as chairman of the Hall County GOP, just go ahead and say, "Women have no place in the White House?" I could have tolerated a bold statement that only a white male, evangelical, reformed alcoholic frat boy could be president. After all, we've had one of those for seven years.

But Stanley is only looking for a male president. And, as Stanley says, "He will understand the power of incentives and disincentives."

In the GOP world, not only are woman consigned to the kitchen and the bedroom, women can't understand reward and punishment. That must be why women make so little money and can't hold executive jobs, work as judges or as teachers.

Gender aside, the local GOP leader is also looking for that male president who will not use taxes "to punish." A male president would know that, "taxes are not meant to punish."

When our economic enemies illegally "dump" products into our economy, how will Stanley's male president stop our enemies? Would Stanley's man invade another Third World country? Or would our country be better off using punitive tariffs?

When oil companies gouge the consumer at the pump, our country should punish Big Oil with windfall taxes? Or during war, if a company steals from the war effort, why not punish the Halliburtons with an excess profit tax? But like Stanley seems to be saying, taxes are not meant to punish and governments aren't supposed to nurture good citizenship.

I hope Stanley never finds that male president who use "free market mechanisms" to do the things only men should do. My country can't afford another GOP style "real man" running the country.

Michael Parker
Flowery Branch

Update on Voter Fraud in the Primary

I contacted the Secretary of State's office with my allegations.

An investigator emailed me within 24 hours.

Later, he interviewed me by phone.

He said the facts would be taken to "the powers that be."

If an investigation were indicated, it would be very easy to do. And, I would be notified.

Is it cold in Hell yet?

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Photo ID and Voter Fraud

I voted in yesterdays primary.

I directly observed three white males by pass the photo ID check.

As far as I can tell, these men were not forced to use the provisional ballot.

And if their ballots were provisional in anyway, these men were not informed.

Two of the men stood in line ahead of me. One stood behind me in the line.

I could see their 'paperwork' on the table. I observed at least two or more poll workers allow this violation of election law.

I have contacted Karen Handel via the online contact form at the Secretary of State website.

While these men were allowed to bypass the photo ID requirement, a woman was taken out of line to the table marked "Provisional Ballot."

Allowing 'men' to vote without ID seemed to be the norm as I could see three stacks of paperwork on the table where the plastic voting cards were being passed out.

One entire stack had no markings to indicate a photo ID had been presented or checked. Nor, were these papers signed by the poll worker checking IDs.

ID's were checked at a separate station where the poll worker signed the paperwork, noting which form of ID was presented and checked.

I expect Karen Handel to blow off my allegations.


Sunday, February 3, 2008

Bio-diesel industry dying in Georgia

"Do you want to pay twice for your gasoline? Once in taxes and once at the pump?"

I've never been a fan of growing food, harvesting the food, and then making food into gasoline or diesel. However, the bio-diesel idea caught on in Georgia a couple of years ago with huge promises from Sonny Perdue. Perdue more or less promised we could be free of foreign oil if the taxpayers would invest enough money in bio-fuels.

So Perdue put your tax dollars to work.

It didn't work.

There are and there always have been too many 'ifs' in the bio-fuels industry. The biggest 'if' being if the taxpayer invests enough money in privately owned companies.

In the attached story, the "bio-fuel" spokes-people complain about not being able to compete in the market place. Without taxpayer money, the market place and competition will 'drive' bio-fuel prices so high that the companies can't make enough profit.

Perdue has profited from a "one of a kind" tax break himself. He's given huge tax breaks already to bio-fuel companies and plants. Now, the bio-fuel companies are asking for more corporate welfare from the taxpayer.

So I have to ask.

"Do you want to pay twice for your gasoline? Once in taxes and once at the pump?"

Story from the Macon Telegraph.