Thursday, October 30, 2008

Media behind on the Debt

Tom Nichols, writing in the Gainesville Times, is a little bit behind in his numbers. Like several other writers, he thinks the National Debt is approaching $10 trillion.

We went past $10 trillion and we are well on the way to $11 trillion with our total debt today at $10,525,823,144,117.64.

So Tom missed it by over $500 billion dollars. Didn't Gainesville fire that School Director guy over some small amount like a couple million?

Isn't Georgia short a couple of billion?

Aren't we giving $700 billion to a few Wall Street firms? Didn't we just pump $150 billion of tax credits into the economy? What about the $123 billion given just to AIG? Didn't the taxpayers just buy Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae like a pig in a poke with no price tag? On September 18, the Federal Reserve pumped $105 billion into "money market funds" to prevent a collapse. The largest savings and loan company in the U.S., Washington Mutual, aka WaMu, was seized by the government with no price tag. On October 1st, we pumped another $100 billion of tax credits into the bailout bill, further inflating the $700 billion price tag. October 7th, the Federal Reserve created another new financial thing called the Commercial Paper Funding Facilty (CPFF) with no price tag. On October the 14th, the US began purchasing stocks in bank to the tune of $250 billion dollars. [The total liability assumed through this action is $2.25 trillion including a $1.5 trillion guarantee of new senior debt issued by banks and a $500 billion guarantee of deposits in noninterest-bearing accounts (business accounts used to pay current obligations such as payroll).] On October 27th, the US bought another $33 billion in bank stocks.

That's about $1.5 trillion since the middle of September.

So, how much was the debt on September 5? $9,669,798,894,468.78.

In less than 60 days, your government borrowed and spent $856 billion dollars.

I didn't get a T shirt. Did you? Someone did get the shirt off my back.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Casey Cagle increased your taxes

Local hometown hero, Casey Cagle, promised never to raise your taxes.

He's been busted!

Georgia now taxes families in poverty, which is a new development under the GOP.

"The tax Georgia levies on families of four at the poverty line jumped 38 percent between 2005 and 2006 because the state failed to adjust its exemptions, standard deductions and low-income credit to keep up with inflation. Without legislative action, Georgia’s income tax threshold will sink further."

This is not new information. It's called bracket creep and GOP President Reagan promised to eliminate it.

So I don't want to hear the usual song and dance number from Casey Cagle or his professional handlers that "I've never voted for a tax increase."

Nope, Casey, you didn't have to lift a finger.

Like that old saying, "Evil exists because good men do nothing."

You did nothing so you must be a good man. Even better, a Paul Stanley Republican. So, don't plead ignorant of your duties. You let a 38 percent tax increase steal food off the table of families.

You let it happen despite the promise of Ronald Reagan to end bracket creep.

The Poverty Tax, a GOP staple aka a Casey Cagle Tax Increase

Saxby Chamblis and several southern Republicans of the House and Senate want to increase middle class taxes with the wacko 23 percent sales tax.

I've seen that plan in detail and it is nothing but crap and lies.

But, Georgia already has a backwards tax system that taxes people in poverty! Families in poverty are having trouble feeding and clothing their kids. Yet, Georgia is cutting business taxes, building boating ramps for fishing tournaments, and cutting tax refund checks to Sonny Perdue to the tune of millions of dollars.

But, why tax the poor?

We're not talking about playing Monopoly, a board game with that card that says, Pay Poor Tax! At least in that game, everyone has an equal but random chance of being taxed. But, in Georgia, the poor tax is a certainty.
The number of states taxing extremely poor families of four -
those with incomes below three-quarters of the poverty line
($15,902) - increased from six in 2006 to nine in 2007. Three
states that previously exempted such families began taxing
them: Georgia, Illinois, Ohio. They join Alabama, Hawaii,
Indiana, Michigan, Montana, and West Virginia in taxing
extremely poor families
So, a family of four, making less than $15,902 in annual income, pay state income tax in Georgia since the GOP took over the budgets, the voting booth, and damn near every elected office.

So ask Casey Cagle about his promise to never increase taxes. Cause, according to this information, he increased income taxes on the poor in 2006.


Monday, October 27, 2008

The Race Card!

Some one accused me of playing the race card. Not only me, but all Democrats of playing the race card.

Wow! There's a level of intelligence seldom seen in politics.

Someone thinks the Democratic Party went out and HIRED some black guy to take up space on the ballot because DEMOCRATS will vote for a "nigger" over a war hero.

I really should post the guys real name, email address, and IP.

Nope, dude. Anyone can vote in the Democratic primaries, as a rule. Even white people. Even the ones wearing sheets and holding their nose. BTW, they hold their nose because anyone besides the KKK stinks, in their humble opinion.

So, I don't even think the Democrats have a race card. It's Republicans who have the race card.

Who really thinks the KKK will line up and vote for any black man?

If there is such a thing as a 'race card' in politics, the GOP has it up their sleeve everyday. Especially with Barrack Obama running for President.

And, if the GOP wants the racist vote, they've got it. They can keep it.

I'd rather lose than have the KKK vote put me in office.

Now, for your further education on slavery, since that also came up in my emails and comments.

Texas: 21,878 slave owners and 76,781 families or roughly 28% of households had a slave.

Louisiana: 22,033 slave owners and 74,724 families or roughly 29% of households had a slave.

Alabama: 33,730 slave owners and 96,603 families or roughly 34% of households had a slave.

Florida: 5,152 slave owners and 15,090 families or roughly 34% of households had a slave.

Georgia: 41,084 slave owners and 109,919 families or roughly 37 percent of households had a slave.

Mississippi: 30,943 slave owners and only 63,015 families. So, roughly 49% of households had a slave.

"Economically, few southerners could afford slaves. Practically, few had any need or desire to own any slaves."

Now that is a racist lie if I ever heard one. No desire to own slaves. No need to own slaves. No money to own slaves. The poor South! Who forced them to own all those slaves?

Anyone doubt the depths of racism in the South and in Southern politics?

It's time for a change.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Barrack Obama and Slavery

I’ve heard some very ugly comments about how our country will be destroyed once ‘the black man’ gets power. And, I’ve heard about how few people even owned slaves, fewer than 1 out of 17 people in the South owned slaves. I wanted to know if that was true. So, I looked up the raw data for Chatham County, Georgia.

Chatham includes the city of Savannah, so it’s not completely rural. It’s far enough away from Hall County that I can’t be making direct accusations of my neighbors.

Chatham County had about 1200 slave owners in 1860 out of a total population of 23,901. That’s about 1 in 20 people as slave owners. However, 14,018 slaves are included in the total population. Eliminate those from the equation and we have about 1 in 7 people owning slaves. But, women could not own property aka slaves. So we only have 4,794 while males in Chatham County or 1 in 4 white males owning slaves. But, children didn’t own slaves. When we deduct underage white males we have 1861 white males over the age of 19. Or, we have about 2 out of 3 adult white males owning slaves. We could try looking at the number of dwellings in the County. For all the population, there were only 1,915 houses, about 5 people per house, including slave dwellings. Now, this might give the best data on the number of households that owned slaves if we could determine how many whites had homes. But, if we assume every white male had a house, which leaves only 54 dwellings for 14,018 slaves, 250 slaves per dwelling. That assumption can’t be right, can it? A barn couldn’t hold 250 people to eat and sleep. So the earlier assumption that all 1861 adult white males were the head of a household is wrong. So, I haven’t really found a truth at the beginning of truth. But, in Chatham County, it's possible that almost every white household owned a slave but it is not possible that only 1 in 17 households owned a slave.

Now, racism needs to die in the South. Personally, I’m tired of hearing it in conversations about the race to the White House. ‘The black man’ isn’t going to burn down ‘whiteys’ house and rape all the white women if Barrack Obama becomes President. Nor, is Obama going to take away 40 acres and mule from every white voter in the South.

The vote on November the 4th isn’t about slave ownership, slavery, or mules. It’s about the here and now. Stop fighting for The Cause and start planning our future.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Greenspan says Regulate the Market!


Greenspan says the market has a flaw in how it defines way in which the world works. Specifically, the market does not act to protect shareholders.

As if we needed Greenspan to tell us that! The horse is out of the barn, laying dead in the water hole, and closing the barn door ain't goin' to help.

"Greenspan, 82, acknowledged under questioning that he had made a "mistake" in believing that banks, operating in their own self-interest, would do what was necessary to protect their shareholders and institutions. Greenspan called that "a flaw in the model ... that defines how the world works."

He acknowledged that he had also been wrong in rejecting fears that the five-year housing boom was turning into an unsustainable speculative bubble that could harm the economy when it burst. Greenspan maintained during that period that home prices were unlikely to post a significant decline nationally because housing was a local market.

He said Thursday that he held to that belief because until the current housing slump there had never been such a significant decline in prices nationwide. He said the current financial crisis had 'turned out to be much broader than anything that I could have imagined.'"

So Greenspan played the fiddle while Rome burned thinking the Market would put out all the fires.

Monday, October 20, 2008

The financial patch job

Like everyone else, I have some money or had some money in the stock market. The market isn't the entire story of our economy but the market has become a huge litmus test of political power.

Does our government have the power to rescue our economy after another 1929 era banking scandal?

People are looking at the stock market for clues. But, there are no clues in stock prices. None.

The stock market is a bunch of kids wearing expensive 3 piece suits trading baseball cards under the jungle gym during recess! What's the value today of a Barry Bonds card? Nothing. He's not in favor anymore after we all found out that his 'numbers' were juiced.

What's the value of Wachovia today? Yesterday? Tomorrow? Well, nothing if we find out that their 'numbers' are juiced!

Our stock market didn't need a bailout to support still yet another set of juiced numbers.

AIG, a financial and insurance giant, fell. Before it fell or failed, it was one of the stocks in the Dow Jones average. The Dow was readjusted after the collapse of AIG and a new company added in to the numbers. Kraft Foods replaced AIG.

How is that an equal trade? A food company replacing a insurance and financial company? Did any of your elected leaders just look the other way as the Dow was rebalanced with a non-financial company?

So the Dow Jones Industrial average doesn't any longer reflect conditions of even one month ago.

Juiced numbers ... everywhere. Except in your wallets.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Floating coffins

So many stories were distributed about New Orleans after Katrina. Hateful, hurtful stories about God punishing the city.

Yet, Texas and Texans suffered much of the same tragedies with no media coverage.

So I offer a tale of double meanings. There are floating coffins lost in a storm.


Up to 80 percent of these coffins floated away under the lashing rains and swirling flood waters of Rita.

But, no one cared enough in the liberal elite media to punish Texas for grave indifference to the dead.

Does that echo in your minds?

Have you looked in the grave of your 401(k) lately? Is it still full or has the hollow casket floated away in a storm?

Did your Congressman act with grave indifference to your dead end investments after the last financial storm?

But, did the liberal elite media care enough to warn you?

At the end of my doubled thoughts, we're all dead to GOP Congressmen, Presidents, Governors... our caskets heaved up from the earth and cast into the maelstrom.

Is there anyone looking for the financially dead and buried?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tina Fey Photo

Okay. So I'm cheap and easy.

Tina Fey Photo from Maxim magazine

I've heard an internet rumor about a Tina Fey photo from Maxim magazine. Just mentioning the picture on a blog supposedly draws hundreds of people.

Okay, so I've seen the Tina Fey photo from Maxim magazine.


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

James Mills, 25th District Georgia State Representative

I got this email today:

Five Debates Cancelled!

We're getting ready for the big day, but we were blown away with ANOTHER surprise today. Our opponent in this State House contest has cancelled the fifth debate with Chris!

Here's an excerpt from WDUN's email to Chris this morning:

"We'd like to schedule you for The Bill and Joel Morning Show Friday of this week of 9:10 AM ET to do about a 10 minute live segment on your race for Georgia House District 25. It will not be a debate but more a chance for you to discuss your reasons for running and your outlook on Georgia's future. We have asked your opponent to be on Friday as well and he has agreed. (at a different time)"

So, to recap:

Hall County Educators Association Debate (CANCELLED)
Hall County Chamber of Commerce Debate (CANCELLED)
Sterling on the Lake Homeowners Association Debate (CANCELLED)
WDUN First Tuesday October Debate (CANCELLED)
WDUN Bill & Joel Morning Show Debate (CANCELLED)

Five separate times, our opponent has refused to answer questions from people inside his own district with Chris Strickland in the room. Why?

He's scared of his record. And, he's scared Chris will point it out to everyone.

Just thought you'd like to know. Thanks for helping us make a difference- even if we can't get our 16 year incumbent legislator to answer your questions in a public forum.

If James Mills can't stand up for his record, he stands for nothing.,

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Karen Handel and Cobb County

Oh the shame of it all!

Immigrate legally to the United States, move to Cobb County, become a U.S. citizen and be denied the right to vote by a Republican controlled state and county.

Hey! Cobb County, would you like a warning sticker in your Political Science books to go with your lesson in Civics? Or, did you burn your books when the courts ruled creationism couldn't be taught in science classes?

Here's the story on how Cobb County denied a U.S. Citizen the right to vote in violation of Federal Law!


But on Tuesday, Morales received another letter from the office indicating he may not be qualified to vote because he may not be a U.S. citizen, the lawsuit said. It said if Morales did not contact the Cherokee Elections and Registration office before Oct. 15 or appear at a court hearing on the same date, his name would be removed from the list of registered voters, the suit said.
Ops! I meant Cherokee County. Really, I did.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Karen Handel caught by Feds!

Social Security Commissioner Michael Astrue sent a letter Friday to the secretaries of state of Alabama, Georgia and battleground states Indiana, Nevada, North Carolina and Ohio. The letter noted they had submitted "extraordinarily high levels" of verification requests.

With nearly two million requests since Oct. 1, 2007, Georgia has made far more social security number verification requests than any other state, according to the Social Security Administration. Alabama.

By Monday's deadline, Georgia registered just over 406,000 new voters this year for the Nov. 4 election, said Matt Carrothers, a spokesman for Georgia Secretary of State Karen Handel.

So Karen Handel really appears to be using her office to purge existing voters by using the Social Security numbers of registered voters.


Karen Handel's office has requested five times more verifications of Social Security numbers than new voters?

Where is her head?

Monday, October 6, 2008

Alan Powell's open letter

October 6, 2008

'Chickens Have Come Home To Roost'
by Rep. Alan Powell (D-Hartwell).

As one of the handful of Georgia legislators who have actually voted and spoken against the fiscally irresponsible annual state budgets of the past several years, I must say the recent reports of a $2 billion hole in the current fiscal year’s budget do not come as a surprise.

As the administration scrambles to make its next move – which unfortunately appears to include higher property taxes at the local level – let’s first examine what got us here in the first place: a total lack of fiscal restraint by the leadership of state government. Since 2002, we have witnessed the following:

* A massive 46.2 percent growth in state spending, or nearly $1 billion more per year in expanded government and bonded indebtedness. The state budget in 2002 was $14.5 billion and has swollen to $21.2 billion this year.

* A tax shift of more than a billion and a half dollars onto the backs of local school systems and property taxpayers in the form of unfunded mandates on top of six straight years of cuts to the local base QBE funding formula.

* Six consecutive years of cuts to public health budgets, with pass-throughs to local governments and property owners to make up the shortages.

* Severe cuts to the wildlife management program funding, despite the fact that two-thirds of these dollars come from hunting and fishing license fees paid by Georgia sportsmen.

* Tens of millions of dollars worth of pork-barrel spending included in this year’s budget, despite warnings during the legislative session that the state would have to dip into its “rainy day” reserve fund to pay the bills.

* The FY 2008 budget that ended on June 30, 2008, was $600 million short and reduced the “rainy day” reserve fund to $900 million, which coincidentally that was built on the tax shifts of QBE cuts originally.

All of this is courtesy of the self-described conservatives who promised a “new day in Georgia.”

Despite six years of liberal spending at the state level and higher property taxes at the local level, more Georgia schools are showing up on the “needs improvement” list, our rural health care system is on life support and our transportation department is years behind schedule on needed road and bridge construction and repairs.

When I voted against the record $21.2 billion state spending plan for fiscal year 2009, I did so partly because of the almost non-existent opportunity to debate these issues on the floor of the House of Representatives. Dialogue and debate are the essence of a democratic, representative government. The lack of discussion – coupled with a top-down legislative process – has been a major contributor to the problems we are now experiencing. Those elected to serve should never fear asking questions or voting against faulty public policy. Fiscal policies to keep our government stable had been a hallmark of Georgia leaders in years past. It’s time for a wake-up call!

While I have the greatest respect for my colleagues on both sides of the political aisle, those in power are unfortunately often too eager to get back to their districts to deliver checks for pork-barrel projects than to answer serious questions about our state’s fiscal policies or deliver on promises of relief to taxpayers, especially property owners.

Now the chickens have come home to roost. A good question is, “Where did the money go?” But a more important one is, “What are we going to do now?”

Sadly, the administration is continuing to pass the buck to the local level by freezing $429 million worth of homeowner tax relief grants. Another $178 million in the form of a “No Child Left Behind” mandate on local school boards, additional Medicaid cuts and planned cuts to public safety funding will, as usual, be absorbed by the tax bills of local property owners.

Clearly, it is time for the liberal, big-government thinking behind Georgia’s present tax-shift-and-spend system to end. After six long years, it is time for our state to stop trying to mimic Washington, D.C., and begin to stand up for the taxpayer once again. It is time for our budget priorities to focus on core services like public education, health care, transportation and public safety. It’s time for government to live within its means.

Will our administration set aside the smoke-and-mirrors approach that shortchanges our citizens? Will we finally reverse the colossal growth in state spending? Will we consider a broader base of revenue sources that takes some of the burden off the local taxpayer?

Will we at least get a chance to ask these questions?

Alan Powell

Senator Saxby Chambliss and his Bailout

I have many beefs with government and the individuals elected, as trustees, to hold our Constitution, our social values, and our best interests ahead of any other issues.

Saxby Chambliss isn’t cutting it as a trustee.

He allegedly voted down federal debt in March of 2007. But, he just helped increase federal debt $850 billion dollars or more with the bailout plan and earmarks.

He allegedly cut federal spending $40 billion dollars in December of 2005. But, he just helped increase federal debt $850 billion dollars or more with the bailout plan and earmarks.

He allegedly works for a balanced budget amendment and line item vetoes. But, he just helped increase federal debt $850 billion dollars or more with the bailout plan and earmarks.

As a Senator, from January 3, 2003 through October 2, 2008, Chambliss has already spent $3.766 trillion in borrowed taxpayer dollars.

As a Senator and as a Representative combined, Chambliss has spent $5.359 trillion in borrowed taxpayer dollars.

Senator Chambliss owns more than $100,000 in SWGA Financial Group Bank Holding Company stock and investments with Gateway Capital.

Bo Chambliss, the Senator son, is a very well paid lobbyist for the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

So, who exactly got the bailout? The financial industry, speculators, and investors like Senator Chambliss or the economy?

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Nathan Deal votes against Education

Yeah, it ain't news. Our over educated lawyer turned against higher education for your sons and daughters a long, long time ago.

But, I thought it would be a good break from the confidence crisis in Washington and Wall Street.

So Nathan Deal, who calls Nancy "His Nanny" Pelosi the Devil at every campaign stop, who can't make up his mind how to vote unless he can poll the will of the people, and who thinks the ANWR is a frozen block of ice, voted on February 7, 2008 against H.R. 4137.

H.R. 4137 became law by a huge margin in a bi-partisan vote in the House and the Senate.

What was the first item in the bill? Title 1, (1) admit students whose secondary education was conducted in a home school setting.

So Home Schoolers, Nathan Deal voted to exclude your children from attending college. Nice, eh?

The bill did many very good things besides give every kid a chance at a college education. It required the Secretary of Education to provide a "net price calculator and, within three years of this Act's enactment, HEA-funded IHEs to adopt and make available for use on their websites such net price calculator to help students, families, and consumers determine the net price (tuition minus grants and discounts) of IHEs."


Who wouldn't want to know how to compare the full cost of a college education between two or more schools? Yes, I want the best education for my children. I'm going to send my children anyway but why can't I shop a little on price? Why must I get the bill after my child gets the education?

Ask Nathan Deal. And ask the little man with the cold heart why Institutes of Higher Education, IHE, shouldn't "provide concise, easily accessible, on-line consumer information to prospective students and their families."

I want to see him blame that on his Nanny Pelosi.

By the way, the law passed the House, 380 to 49. Deal being one of the 49 white male Republican firmly against this bipartisan law.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Heat is On!

"If you can't stand the heat in the kitchen, get out."

That's my advice to Representative James Mills. Mills is being challenged by school teacher Chris Strickland in the race for State Representative.

Allegedly, Rep. Mills says he has debated Strickland three times and will debate Strickland again on WDUN. Strickland says Mills has refused to have a debate.

I haven't seen any email or public announcements for a single debate from Mills. I've challenged him to prove that he has debated, in the public eye, at a neutral location, with a proper moderator.

I've reminded him that the WDUN/Brennau forum specifically denied candidates the opportunity to debate.

Here are the Brenau rules:


1. Introduce one segment/race at a time.
2. Presidential surrogates arrive promptly at 8:30 AM.
a. Candidates will wear name tags.
b. Water, pens and paper will be provided for candidates.
c. Doughnuts and coffee will be provided for candidates and audience.
3. All other candidates should arrive thirty minutes before their scheduled times. Please see attached agenda for details.
4. Candidates for each race will sit at a table together. Introductions will be done individually, allowing each candidate up to three minutes for an opening statement.
5. The moderator, Martha Zoller, will pose questions for ten to fifteen minutes in each segment. Each candidate will step up to the podium to answer the same question, and then return to his seat. No debating will be allowed.
6. Each candidate will be allowed two-to-three minutes for wrap-up.
7. A break will be provided around the 11:00 hour.

Are your supporters listening Representative Mills? I hope they are.