Saturday, November 29, 2008

Racism alive and well in the Gainesville Times

A letter to the Editor, published in the Gainesville Times, revived racism as a fact in Georgia. Georgia, to put it kindly, is a segregated society. We could put that to a test by just asking white folks about the number of black folks in their Sunday School classes. Or, we could just visit any number of churches on Sunday morning. Sundays would find a clear racial majority in 97 percent of services, either black or white.

But, back to the letter published in black and white.

Jason Jones, who wants to live in a colorless society, asks, "So what is to become of affirmative action? It seems to me that it is no longer needed, if it ever truly was in the first place. Lest we forget that the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution already mandates equality."

"IF it ever TRULY was" needed in the first place because the 14th Amendment mandated equality? Jason needs to borrow a time machine, some skin dye, and put that to the test. If he could return to 1961 physically as a black male while retaining his present education and attitude, would he choose that 1961 existence instead of his current existence?

Jason said, "
Formally established by President Kennedy via executive order in 1961, the primary goal of affirmative action was to ensure fair hiring and employment practices. It has since become a rallying cry among the leftovers from the Civil Rights era."

Leftovers? As in almost in the garbage leftovers? Leftover.

Jason, can you explain what you mean by leftovers? Would that be just the blacks who haven't died yet? Or, maybe you just meant the "Al Sharptons and Louis Farrakhans"of the world." I guess judging an entire race of people by looking at Louis and Al isn't an example of prejudice. Al Sharpton wasn't even ten years old when Kennedy signed his 1961 executive order. I wonder how many other Civil Rights leaders were eight years old. Oh, I forgot! Al is a leftover from the Civil Rights era.

I could choose a few "leftovers" from the Civil Rights era for 'judgement." But, I'd rather judge the white race by the examples of the Three Stooges than by David Duke. Or, maybe judge the entire United States by the life and times of one Jason Jones, Gainesville, Georgia.

I'd respect him more if he just wore white sheets and stopped pretending to be "colorless."

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Does the Mayflower Compact make us a Christain Nation

There's an ongoing cultural war or an apostate power struggle to label our country as a "Christian Nation," a nation based on the Ten Commandments. Besides the Ten Commandments, the Mayflower Compact gets quoted as one of the best proofs of a new "Christian Nation" being founded by settlers, colonists, and glory seekers.

What do the "Christian Nationists" say about the Mayflower Compact and the Pilgrims? "We all learned in school the story of the Pilgrims’ trip to the New World and their desire to live in a place where religious freedom was a fundamental right."

Someone clarify that story for me. Were the Pilgrims the only people to get off the boat?

What about the "Mayflower Compact" as a 'historical document. Who besides the 'Pilgrims' signed it? What needed to be fixed by a contract?

Why was it signed AFTER arrival?

Where did the Pilgrims come from?

What were the political beliefs of the group?

Were the "Pilgrims" the only ones to get off the boat?

No. Among the many non-Pilgrims, John Billington got off the boat. John becomes the first man executed for murder by the mixed colony. He also insulted Myles Standish, who was not a member of the "Pilgrim" sect. John got sentenced to having his heels tied to his neck for his freely spoken criticisms or insults. Billington is one of those who signed the "compact." Of the 102 passengers on the Mayflower, 28 adults were "Pilgrims," 18 adults were "servants," and 27 adults were not members of the "Pilgrims" sect.

Why was the Compact signed after arrival?

Generally, dissent driven by 'broken promises' to land in Virgina, an established colony. So, the Pilgrims weren't the first to move into the new neighborhood.

Where did the Pilgrims come from?

They first fled England to the Netherlands, illegally. Some of the early leaders of the group were executed for not following British religious laws. Some male members of the group abandoned their families, literally on the beach as they were fleeing the English (Christian) Church. Many of the English parents had Dutch children. The Dutch government let the Pilgrims worship freely in whatever manner the Pilgrims wanted.

However, in jolly ol' England, "under the 1559 Act of Uniformity, it was illegal not to attend official Church of England services, with a fine of 12d (£0.05; 2005 equivalent: about £5)[3] for each missed Sunday and holy day. The penalties for conducting unofficial services included imprisonment and larger fines. Under the policy of this time, Barrowe and Greenwood [two separatist leaders who inspired the "Pilgrim Congregation."] were executed for sedition in 1593." So to be clear, if you didn't worship in the King's church, you were committing sedition.

What were the political beliefs of the Pilgrim group?

They didn't call themselves "Pilgrims" for one thing. That name is applied decades and decades later by others. The group believed in "separatism." Separatists held that their differences with the Church of England were irreconcilable and that their worship should be organized independently of the trappings, traditions and organization of a central state church.

Clearly not a honest example of a desire to form a "Christian nation" or a country. It's the story of a single congregation that was in three countries. The first, England, had a state church. That government executed men for having separatist beliefs. The separatist congregation was stable and secure in Amsterdam. But, the original members were aging, had never fully fit in with the Dutch, and were upset with how well their children were adapting to the languages and traditions of the Dutch. When the congregation left their Dutch city, they weren't fleeing religious persecution or seeking a safe place to worship freely.

How did that get turned into, "We all learned in school the story of the Pilgrims’ trip to the New World and their desire to live in a place where religious freedom was a fundamental right." Or, twisted into a proof the Pilgrims were seeking to found a new, Christian Nation by leaving Amsterdam.

Not a story the apostate Christian politicians want repeated.

Just as a footnote. Myles Standish wasn't a captain, more like a mercenary soldier hired by the investors in the adventure. I wonder how come no one mentions the investors when trying to use the Pilgrims as founding a Christian Nation?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

How to handle Domestic Terrorists ... aka Democrats.

Since this is the third post on violent threats, some by children and some by the childish, I thought we should look at how Democratic activists have been treated by the police.

In Maryland:

An independent report by former Maryland Attorney General Stephen Sachs found that state police violated federal regulations and intruded on the First Amendment rights of residents by spying on the groups. He also found that police did not have reasonable suspicion to conduct the surveillance.

It's unclear whether the activists ended up on a national terror watch list as a result of being labeled terrorists. Maryland's senators, Barbara Mikulski and Ben Cardin, have asked federal agencies to look into whether any information about the activists was passed on to them.

What were the activists doing? Typical Democratic themes like the environment, Peace, and animal rights.

How were they treated? Well, we don't know everything yet in this case. In this case, 53 tree huggers, and their peace loving friends were labeled terrorists by police investigators.

"Other files reveal that an undercover trooper attended a meeting of a socialist student organization at the University of Maryland. The founder of that organization, Shane Dillingham, and its faculty adviser, Laura Lising, were among the so-called terrorists. Such infiltration "has a chilling effect" on the formation of student groups, Dillingham said.

The files were also riddled with errors, Rocah said. Nadine Bloch's file identifies her as a participant in an animal rights conference in Washington in July 2005. Bloch said Wednesday that she is not an animal rights activist, and she was in Hawaii at the time of the conference."

So what could happen to someone labeled a "terrorist" by the State Police. Lose your job when a background check is done? Not get a job because your background check labels you a terrorists.

A lot of things can be done before sending someone to GitMo.

Now, how does that match up to the comments being made about Obama? Should those folks be put on a terrorist list until proven innocent?

Don't ask me. I have an opinion and I will share it!

Kill Obama NOW! Says the GOP base.

No, that's not what I want, but like the letter in the Gainesville Times, some people want Obama dead and as soon as possible.

How do I know?

Let's start slowly with events that don't make our local North Georgia newspapers. That would exclude nationally publicized assassination plots.

But what about the gun shop in Hull, Georgia that advertised an Obama Gun Sale within hours of the election results? A call to murder?

Here's the full text of the story in the Savannah papers.

HULL, Ga. - An east Georgia gun shop has stopped using President-elect Barack Obama's name to sell weapons after some passers-by interpreted it as a call to violence against the country's first black leader.

The Georgia Outdoor Sports shop in Hull used an outdoor sign to advertise an "Obama Sale" on guns and ammo Wednesday morning just hours after his victory was announced.

Shop owner Carrie Mentel said she was trying to capitalize on gun owners' concerns that their right to bear arms will be limited under a Democratic administration. On Thursday, she changed the message on the outdoor sign to "Support the 2nd Amendment Sale."

Hull is about 80 miles east of Atlanta.

The link is here for as long as the paper keeps the link open.

Now, was that just too stupid for words? Or, did the gun shop owner really think President Obama could change the Constitution with his magic marker? Just in case, I don't believe Obama uses a magic marker. Some gun shop owners do use magic markers, I'm sure.

What did the hard line GOP supporters have to say about the sign?

"Every gun owner knew the meaning of that sign." I'm a gun owner. There are so many possible meanings of that sign that I wouldn't try to guess the intent. That includes the intent of the human heart versus the intent of the human mind.

"Obama’s view on gun ownership should worry everone." But, what are those views and if you're worried about that view, what can you change with a gun? Regime change? Isn't that assassination by another name? And, the 2nd Amendment Sale, was that a call to form a militia and then cause regime change? To win with violence what couldn't be won by a vote?

"I think I am going to join 'the resistance.'" Ouch! There's an organized resistance? To what? Why?

"For all the gunowners out there - political signs make great targets." Is that especially true if the sign has a picture of Obama?

"It’s OBAMA BInlaDEN!" So when Obama and Biden are combined, they're wanted Dead or Alive, just like bin Laden?

"Eff the stupid, pansy Dems who want a disarmed America so that their candle-light vigiled heroes can roam the streets without fear of someone killing them if they attack someone." That statement is confusing. Or, just stupid and ignorant. Or, irrational. Murder is an irrational act, isn't it? Eff you, too, buddy. Whatever that really means.

So, am I wrong to quote these few comments, made on a prominent right wing Georgia blog? None of the comments directly say, "It's time to kill us a ________."

But, what kind of people would do that? People who shoot political signs? White resistance fighters? People who equate Obama with Osama? People who shoot political signs?

Should we judge potential domestic terrorists in the same way as potential Islamic Terrorists? Send them to GitMo for six years of interrogation?

I'm going to ignore the threats for now. I think the threats are as hollow as the heads making the threats. I'm going to have a George Bush pretzel sale. It will be open to George Bush and anyone who wants to come have fun. An Obama gun sale doesn't sound like fun or like an event open to Obama's attendance.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Letter in Gainesville Times

A voice of reason in the Gainesville Times.

As a nation, we have overcome great adversity by pulling together in times of crisis to make our nation stronger. The adversity that we now face -- including two wars, economic turmoil, lingering threats of terrorism and declining civility -- appears to be intensified by another monster that has been asleep for some time: open racial strife.

Although Barack Obama's election made a powerful statement around the world that reinforces our standing as the world's last best hope, an ugly underside is being revealed in our local community that does not bode well for our future. I was not surprised when both of my high school-aged children came home saying that many of their classmates were unhappy regarding Obama's election. However, I was shocked to hear that young people are spewing venom of ages past.

On at least eight separate occasions their classmates said that our president-elect should be assassinated, or expressed casual expectations that he would be assassinated within coming months. One young "lady" who comes from an apparently respectable family in our neighborhood said she would be willing to carry out the act herself!

Do we have to wonder what these young people are learning from mom and dad?

I have also heard unreasonable fears expressed by adults in our community following Obama's election, even from some who are pillars in our community. You have probably heard the same. Like hatred, such fear drives hysteria, strife and unrest. For all those who are worked up, relax! If our federal government is your primary source of security, you have been in trouble a long time anyway.

On the other hand, I have heard others in our community express a patriotic and godly desire to support and pray for our president-elect in spite of the fact that they do not agree with all of his policies. These are our true patriots and these will be the true winners regardless of who occupies the Oval Office.

I encourage all people of good will to refuse to stand by in passive agreement with those that would tear us apart. As we have heard repeatedly, all evil needs to prevail is to have good men stand by and do nothing.

Jonathan Rucker
Flowery Branch

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mr. Doss and the $2.4 BILLION dollars lost by the GDOT

An update on budget shortages in Georgia Government:

"A sweeping audit of the Georgia Department of Transportation found the agency overstated its federal funding by nearly $2.4 billion before the past fiscal year, leading to a massive deficit that has shut down local road construction aid and threatens the jobs of hundreds of state employees.

Officials with the department said the audit supports their contention that some of the previous transportation commissioner's funding methods were unconstitutional and are ultimately responsible for the deficit now rocking the agency. "

$2.4 BILLION! And, what's the defense for this? It's just an accounting change.

What's the reality?

"The deficit already has prompted the department to cut off millions of dollars in state aid for local road projects, angering lawmakers who say the agency should instead lay off hundreds of employees as part of any plan to right the financial ship.

"The tragedy here is that we have basically shut down road and bridge projects in this state for the past 11 months. ... And the result is we have put thousands of Georgians out of work as a result in the private sector, and of course, there are calls for us to lay off hundreds of GDOT employees at a time when the state of Georgia has the second-highest unemployment rate in the United States," Mr. Doss said."

Well, Mr. Doss, do you have the money or not? In my humble opinion, you don't have the money and you know you don't have the money. Stop lying about some mysterious accounting change.

If you really had the $2.4 BILLION, then you wouldn't be stopping "road and bridge projects in this state for the past 11 months."

Mr. Doss must be a Paul Stanley/George Bush Republican.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

A job for the GOP and a epitaph for Bush

I haven't seen the on the street reaction to the national beating the GOP just took. The GOP in the media talked about regrouping, redefining, rebuilding, finding new leaders, etc etc etc.

I was a college student studying business and political science in 2004 when Bush won a second term in office.

Boy o Boy was there rude and crude comments towards Kerry! And, Kerry supporters. Comments like the Democratic Party is finished. And, some others that we just don't need to visit now that the rest of the country has spoken on race in politics.

Do you remember the maps printed in the newspapers? The ones that allegedly showed county level support for the "Bush Mandate?"

In those maps the country was red with very little bluish purple. Losers, kindly remember that map when crying about media bias.

Remember the battle cries from the victors of 2000 and 2004?

The Bush Cabal shoved that 'rebel yell' right back down his supporters throats with $5 trillion dollars of deficit spending and we're still counting.

Yet, we have GOP victors in this state, like Nathan Deal.

What's his victory cry?

"Where will Obama and the Democrats get the revenue to run the government?"

Obama and the Democrats should beat it out of your hide, Nathan Deal. When things were going good, you took all the credit. Now that reality is upon us, you still won't accept responsibility for your "party at taxpayer expense."

Paying the $5 trillion back should be your only job for the next two years.

So what does yesterday mean?

It means the GOP will blame the Democrats, do nothing to help run the country, and just collect their salary/pension.

Just out of curiosity, can anyone tell me about Nathan Deal's 'signature legislation?'

I want to put it on George W. Bush's political tombstone.

Here lies the second Coming of Ronald Reagan.
The Great Decider and 'Uniter,' not divider.
Killed by the signature legislation of one Nathan Deal.
The Deal legislation was called the _________________ Act.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Our country destroyed by GOP borrow and spend policies under Bush

Since August 1, 2008, our government has borrowed over a trillion dollars. Most of that has been spent on the Wall Street bailout. Yet, the bailout isn't done with spending.

I'll be watching to see how much more pours out of the treasury to prop up the final days of the Bush Administration.

On the subject of Bush and his free spending on Wall Street, he's spent half a trillion dollars on just paying the annual interest on the debt.

The exact amount for this fiscal year is $451,154,049,950.63.

What would the house payment be on $10.5 trillion over thirty years?

We would need a house payment of $63,397,000,000 per month. That's $760 billion a year.

That's about half (44%) of the annual budget under Clinton, $1.8 trillion (2000).


Now Bush planned to spend $3.10 trillion this year. That was before the $700 billion Wall Street bailout. Before the off the budget spending in Iraq and Afghanistan. Before the trillion spent between August 1st of this year and November 3rd.

But, the GOP runs the government like a business. Into bankruptcy.

Remains to be seen if we'll ever escape our debt. But, we know who the GOP will be blaming, starting tomorrow night.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

On August 1, 2008, the United States Treasury was $9.5 trillion dollars in debt.

Today, 90 days later, the Treasury is $10.5 trillion dollars in debt.

Your President, Vice President, Congress, and Treasurer borrowed and spent $1 trillion dollars.

Easily the greatest shopping spree in history with $900 billion spent since September 15th.

What did it buy? Higher CEO compensation? Stock options for insiders. Commissions for brokers and dealers in bad mortgage papers.

And, a debt burden for generations of working families.

When the depression hits, Bush won't be in office. Paulson won't be Secretary of the Treasury.

And, the racist GOP can blame the welfare loving "black man."


Racism a GOP Family Value

I got this email from a campaign worker in the Democratic Party. Of course, the signs are not being stolen by the KKK. Just Republicans.

Stolen Obama Signs

Gainesville is not unique, but we are in the "most red area" of Georgia!
Folks have come in the campaign office ever since the first Obama sign was sold, to report their sign stolen and purchase another one...some have put out 5 signs!

Middle of this week someone said that signs were being systematically stolen...well, I wasn't sure that was really true...

Then, Friday, a volunteer came in for another sign (because her's had been stolen) and said the same "systematic theft" story...and said that Joe Diaz (a lawyer in Gainesville - office on historic Green Street - main thoro fare) had his HUGE Obama sign...custom made!...stolen, the frame broken, and he had filed a police report...and the attached picture is Joe's new sign!

Interesting Times!!!

I didn't attach the picture.

The Republican vandals who are racists also like to spray paint an "N" on the larger signs. Just visit Dahlonega and make sure you pass the intersection of 400 and 60. The defaced sign really spells out Republican Family Values, like respect for private property.

Here's a comment from a reader:

I have had 4 Obama signs stolen from the front of my business so far, it’s a joke. Unbelievable how many Republicans say we believe in America's Constitution and Bill of Rights. You can have Freedom of Speech, if we agree with it. They believe in freedom of religion, if it’s their religion. They say they are Christians but don't adhere to the basic tenets of Christ, love they neighbor and feed the poor. Tops on their list are protecting guns and ammo manufactures and the Teflon coated bullets that penetrate police vests. Tax breaks for the companies, even when they export American jobs, that their pad their reelection and slush funds. Many Republicans, born on 3rd base and think they hit a triple.