Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Phil Gingrey, (R) Marietta, Ga

Phil Gingrey, (R), State Rep. from Marietta writes a love sonnet to the market maniacs in the Marietta Daily Journal.

Phil, a doctor, knows very little about risk and punishment from life as a Georgia doctor. If a Georgia doctor takes too many risks, the patient is punished. The punishment to risk taking doctor is giving a death notice to the next of kin. Then, collecting the medical bills from the estate. That's certainly not any different from the bailouts in Washington and other major capitalistic countries.

And capitalistic is an adjective that modifies a noun. The noun, country, isn't all one thing or all another. It's a spot on a map. With the modification, capitalistic, we can almost surely find the subject countries on a map.

Simply those locations that would favor private wealth. That would be private wealth versus Royal Wealth in the USA, if we look at our heritage prior to 1776.

We didn't choose between communism and capitalism in 1776. Our choice was entirely different from that. We defied a King and the entire system of monarchy. In the absence of Hobbs' Leviathan, we have a representative democracy. And, the dregs of mercantilism.

Gingrey's bastardized fusion of mercantilism and capitalism needs to die a sudden and violent death. But, Gingrey and GOP apologists aren't the only protection for the economic bastard.

People, too many people at least, really believe a "free market system" exists, somewhere. A system where hard work is always rewarded in this world with wealth.

The Wealth of Our Nation has always been in the hard work of the many and not in the gold of King Midas to a few.

King Midas wished for the ability to turn everything he touched into gold.

Ask his daughter how that worked out for his family.

[Yes, there are malpractice law suits. Just remember, Herr Doktor Gingrey voted himself tort reform which limits punishment to a cap of $300,000 for all medical malpractice suits. Well, some will argue that was needed to save insurance companies. Well, Wall Street didn't get the first government bailout, did they?]

Monday, December 29, 2008


The Cartoons

I have posted a few cartoons from other countries.

As you look at them, try to remember how the rest of the world sees us and how we see them.

Then, compare the approaches being used to handle the global crisis.

Art imitating life?

Or, just life.

More Cartoons

More Cartoons

More cartoons

How others see us.


Just a few cartoons from overseas. Mostly Australia. Interesting to see ourselves the way our friends see us.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Gainesville Times and the story of the year

Ah yes, the news stories of the Year!

The Gainesville Times announced their personal list today. No, the story about James Mills and the illegal driveway on Thurman Tanner didn't make the list. Nor, did the story about Gainesville City manager getting paid to be a pervert.

The financial problems at the Gainesville School System got blamed on Ballowe again. Funny. The $10.6 trillion dollar debt gets blamed on the tax and spend Democrats who allegedly keep blacks in poverty. But, let a school system demonstrate that blacks and other minorities can learn to read, write, and do 'rithmetic, we'll fire the man responsible when an economic downturn starts. "Well, after all, the executive is ultimately responsible." Thank you to the School Board of Gainesville. You'all should remember this day. The city schools were out performing the county schools and were also above the state averages.

Story number nine amazes me, a positive pat on the back of local Republican, Casey Cagle. The Times has the details on a huge cash shortage tied to Casey Cagle. "Someone" has embezzled over $50,000 from his campaign fund. But, of course, the Times has never run the story. I personally emailed them the files. The money is missing. It has been missing for a long time. Cagle continues to file financial disclosures as if nothing improper has happened. If he's that dumb and has done nothing wrong, then he's unfit for public office. He would be unfit to be the head of a bank, the job he held when the cash went missing. The head of a bank would be fired for covering up a shortage in the vault. Possibly jailed. Certainly expected to pay the money back. Now, Cagle wants to be the head of the state government. Is the Times covering up the cash shortage to help elect Cagle? Do the voters deserve an idiot or a criminal as Governor? Well, at least let them know about "character defects" and "cash shortages" before handing Cagle financial responsibility for the entire $20 billion state budget.

But, the Gainesville Times doesn't hold local Republicans or any Republican to the same standards as the administrative head of a school system. If the mere appearance of financial incompetence was grounds for firing Ballowe, then Cagle's incompetence or embezzlement is worth at least one headline in the Gainesville Times.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Jim Crow lives on in the GOP

Once, the GOP called it The Southern Strategy. Nixon pushed the Southern Strategy and Reagan made it Republican mantra:

The black man is the number one enemy of America.

Yes, I know the topic of southern racism turns off my readers. But, 75 percent of the Ninth District voted for Bush in 2000 and in 2004. In 2008 the Ninth District again voted 75 percent Republican.


In five national elections, the North Georgia electorate has denied reality. Reality hit the rest of the country in 2006 with the mid-term elections.

Republican policies do not work. That's reality.

With a national debt of $10.6 trillion dollars, North Georgia wasn't voting for a tax cut. The George Bush / GOP tax cuts increased the national debt $5 trillion dollars in eight years. In twenty years, according to OMB, the interest will be more than all taxes combined. Meaning, our taxes won't pay the interest and have anything left. Nothing left. Not even enough to buy a bullet for our troops, where ever they might be.

With the highest reported unemployment in 25 years, North Georgia wasn't voting to cut government work place regulations. Regulations don't cause unemployment. Bad management causes unemployment. Ask anyone that owns a foreign made car. Ask them. "Is GM, Chrysler, or Ford management team better than the team leading Nissan, Toyota, or BMW?"

Who's going to answer that question "Yes!" after the Big Three flew in private, corporate jets into Washington, D.C., where CEO's begged Congress for financial salvation?

No rational person would hire a limo, a driver, and a female escort for a bankruptcy hearing. Beggars can't be choosers.

North Georgia wasn't choosing the GOP to chop down government waste. What could be more wasteful than the Iraq War, a $3.1 trillion dollar budget, and a $700 billion dollar Wall Street bailout?

We fought the Iraq War over WMD that didn't exist. All we got was a dead dictator, over 4,000 American dead, and record profits for oil companies.

Clinton ran the government in 1998 with a budget of $1.7 trillion dollars. Ten years later, Bush and the GOP nearly doubled the budget. If we add back into the budget, the "emergency appropriations" and actual increases in the debt, Bush spends nearly $4 trillion dollars a year.

Here's the math on that.

A $5 trillion dollar increase in the debt in eight years. That's $625 billion a year as an average. This year, the debt increased over $1 trillion dollars in less than a ninety day period, August 15 to October 30. If we add the $1 trillion dollars of debt to the spending of $3.1 trillion, we just used up $4.1 trillion dollars (plus interest of $425 billion).

Compare that to Clinton's final budget of $1.9 trillion and a surplus to pay off debt of over $100 billion dollars.

If you ask me, Clinton took $1.8 trillion out of the private banking system in his last year. In his last year, Bush is taking $4.1 trillion out of the banking system.

So North Georgia wasn't voting for the GOP promises of less government regulation, less taxes, less debt, less spending, a ban on abortion, or an amendment to the Constitution to ban flag burning.

North Georgia was voting for the new theme song of the GOP, "Barack the Magic Negro" by Rush Limbaugh.

Why do I call it the GOP theme song?

Chip Saltsman distributed a CD containing “Barack the Magic Negro” as part of his campaign to be elected chairman of the Republican National Committee next month.

Read the "mainstream media piece" on the CD at this link.

If that song earns votes among the national leaders of the GOP, then racism motivates the average voter in North Georgia.

Quality is Job One

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Earl Ehrhart, Republican, wind bag.

"Look, I am looking forward to cutting 10 percent out of government, unequivocally, unabashedly. I want to do that," said the Georgia State Representative, Earl Ehrhart. "We have the ability to do it, and we need to do it. If it were 20 percent, I wouldn't have a problem."

Earl Blowhart is more like it. Even as Blowhart takes pride in cutting government jobs like State Troopers, Fire Fighters, and Crime Lab Technicians, what else does he look forward to in the next year?

Well, Blowhart wants the state to spend some money in Cobb County, his district. Just ask him. First on his list is funding to allow high school students to have duel enrollment in technical schools. Okay. Fine. That isn't cutting 20 percent or 10 percent out of the budget. And, I have to ask why taxpayers have to fund high school students going to technical college when those same students will get Lottery Funds for tech schools. AKA the HOPE Scholarship.

But, I'm just being mean to kids in Cobb County who don't want to follow the rules in public schools.

Next on the list for Blowhart? A $19 million dollar science lab for Kennesaw State. Wow! There's another surprise cut of 10 to 20 percent.

Who's going to pay for it? People outside of Cobb County.

What does Blowhart say when his District is forced to pay for projects outside of Cobb County? "Pound sand!" Ehrhart said.

The next big ticket item on Blowharts list is $8 million dollars for a charter school at the Aviation Museum in Marietta. Wow! Who ever thought of having a school inside a museum and tourist attraction. Not someone wanting to cut up to 20 percent out of government.

Is there anything else that Blowhart has put on his list? He wants $500,000 in taxpayer dollars that was cut by Perdue. Let me say that more simply. Perdue cut out $250,000 in Ehrhart pork for a Cobb County law enforcement academy in 2007 and 2008. Ehrhart thinks Perdue owes him that money plus another $250,000 this year.

So Ehrhart wants his pork and his cake and he wants to eat it all with no weight gain in the government. And, he wants the State taxpayer to fund it all while in the middle of the greatest economic crisis in a fifty years.

Yup! Another Republican with one of his hands in the cookie jar and his other hand on a bullhorn.

What does the Blowhart want? He wants your tax dollars spent in Cobb County. And, he wants to cut your school budget, your road building, bridge repairs, your fire protection, your law enforcement by as much as it takes to get HIS money NOW.

Like Earl Blowhart said, "It's a spending issue."

Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday, Sis.

The Duty of a Newspaper

Here's how the Atlanta Journal Constitution treats local politicians, Democrats, I believe.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Through an unusual financial arrangement, three Atlanta City Council members have showered thousands of dollars' worth of prizes, parties and food on their constituents with donations from dozens of local businesses, city records show.

The council members solicited the donations from the companies, some of which have had business before the council. And the contributions have come in the form of checks written to, and held by, the city in special "trust fund" accounts. Expense records and interviews with the council members suggest that they spend the money as they see fit with little oversight from the city.

Councilman Ivory Lee Young Jr., for example, has spent the money to bus hundreds of his 3rd District constituents to his annual Sun 'N' Fun Senior Citizen Beach Extravaganza at a Clayton County park, according to documents obtained under Georgia's Open Records Act. The parties featured a reggae band and donated prizes such as free round-trip airplane tickets to anywhere in the United States.

Young also bought toys and thousands of Thanksgiving turkeys he handed out to his constituents around the holidays.

"I played Santa at a couple of sites," Young said.

In recent years, Young spent more than $50,000 from trust fund accounts, city records show.

Councilwoman Joyce Sheperd has spent more than $5,000 on holiday parties for her 12th District constituents while supplementing money from her trust fund with money from her campaign account.

Mayoral candidate and at-large Councilman Ceasar Mitchell spent at least $2,200 from his trust fund to take constituents to the Georgia Aquarium and feed them lunch.

The council members say they are trying to help needy children and elderly and poor residents. "This is just an opportunity to reach out to them and give them a day of rest," Young said of the Sun 'N' Fun parties for his elderly constituents. "We rely heavily on their involvement in our council office to help us be our eyes and ears on the streets for crime and other issues."

Critics, however, say these types of events amount to campaigning for re-election.

"They are certainly advancing their own political ambitions by that sort of thing," said Emmet Bondurant, a city resident, trial lawyer and former chairman of Common Cause Georgia, a government watchdog group. "There are a vast number of nonpolitical, charitable organizations that are fully capable of accepting and administering those funds without a council member, in effect setting the stage for the next election by currying favor with members of the district."

A city watchdog panel is investigating the legality of the spending. A report is due by year's end. The council requested the probe Oct. 5 after The Atlanta Journal-Constitution started examining the council's expenditures. The AJC later reported that several council members had spent tens of thousands of dollars from their taxpayer-funded expense accounts over the past two years hiring their relatives for city work and handing out flowers, gifts and food to constituents. Mitchell and Councilwoman Natalyn Mosby Archibong have since announced they would refund taxpayer money they had paid their relatives.

Since 2004, Mitchell, Young and Sheperd have sponsored measures to establish their trust funds. The council approved unanimously.

Though state law limits how much money donors can give to election campaigns for council candidates, the council didn't limit contributions to the trust fund accounts.

A spokeswoman for the Georgia Municipal Association said her organization is not aware of any other cities that have such trust funds. Officials in Cobb, DeKalb, Fulton and Gwinnett counties say they do not have such trust fund accounts.

Young is chairman of the council's Zoning Committee, which makes recommendations to the council on rezonings and other development matters. Among the donors to his Sun 'N' Fun event in past years are real estate investors, developers and builders.

H.J. Russell & Co. and its development arm, Russell New Urban Development LLC, each gave $500 for the event last year. Wayne Mason, a Gwinnett County real estate investor, gave $3,000 for the event in 2006.

"There is absolutely no connection between Mr. Mason's contribution to help seniors and Councilman Young's activities in City Hall," said Mason's spokeswoman, Jane Langley.

Some of Young's donors also gave political donations to his City Council campaign. For example, the Sembler Co., a commercial real estate company with offices in Atlanta, gave Young $500 for his Sun 'N' Fun event in July 2005 and then gave his political campaign the maximum allowed under state law — $2,000 — in September of that same year.

Donors to the council's trust funds say they contributed to support community events and received nothing more than recognition in return.

"They don't receive favors. They don't receive any personal treatment or anything," Young said. "It doesn't get them any brownie points when it comes to going through the legislative processes that are required for a rezoning."

Donors to Sheperd's holiday party have included Georgia Power, an Atlanta-based electric utility, which gave $1,500; Brock Built, an Atlanta-area home builder, which gave $300; and NorSouth Housing Partners, a developer that has offices in Atlanta, which donated $300.

City records show $2,500 in donations went to Mitchell's trust fund for a "senior day at the aquarium," with $1,000 coming from Georgia Power.

When council members want to spend money from their trust funds, they submit requests to the city's Finance Department, which cuts the checks. City records do not indicate that the spending requires further approval. The city's newly hired chief financial officer, Jim Glass, did not respond to repeated requests for comment about the trust funds.

State law requires elected officials to list on their annual financial disclosures all fiduciary positions they hold with trusts. Mitchell, Sheperd and Young failed to mention the trust funds on their 2008 disclosures.

After the AJC questioned them, all three indicated they would amend their state forms to reflect the trust funds.

Also, earlier this month, no city gift disclosure forms were on file for the donations to the council members' trust funds, as is required. Sheperd and Young filed city disclosure forms Dec. 10 and Dec. 11, respectively. Mitchell said he would file his forms.

In one case, Mitchell paid a relative out of his trust fund.

Mitchell said he hired Pendulum Consulting to buy the aquarium tickets and boxed lunches from a Subway restaurant for his constituents. Pendulum is owned and operated by his brother and former council campaign manager, David Mitchell. City records show Pendulum was paid $2,263 from Ceasar Mitchell's city trust fund.

City law prohibits council members from participating in city contracts in which they or their immediate family members — including siblings — have a "financial or personal interest." Mitchell said his brother's company did not profit on the goods he provided but merely expedited purchases and was later reimbursed by the trust fund. The councilman provided the AJC with copies of invoices from Pendulum that appear to back up his claim.

City records indicate that only three of the council's 16 members have their own trust funds.

"I don't need a trust fund, and I keep my campaign funds totally separate from city expenses," said Councilwoman Anne Fauver, who voted to create the trust funds for her colleagues.

Mayor Shirley Franklin said the city has accounts set up for various activities connected to her office, but she does not personally direct spending from them.

"I think the council very rightly has asked the ethics officer to look at the ethical question," Franklin said.

About the council's trust funds, Franklin said: "I don't operate that way. But just because I don't operate that way doesn't mean there is not a way to do this that meets all the ethics standards and the transparency standards."

Democracy won't work if the media is in bed with local politicians.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Gainesville Times

The Times advertises its web pages as being "# 1 Again! Best News Site in the South"

But, the "execs" kicked me off the blog on that "News Site" for doing nothing more than reporting stories of criminal behavior.

Has anyone looked at the blogs on the Times since I was kicked off?

No one is blogging. And, I expect soon there will be no more blogging there. Bloggers aren't welcome. Their opinions aren't welcome. Their news stories aren't welcome.

Why aren't the bloggers welcome? The "execs" at the Times can't control them. Oh My God! What if one of those bloggers burns our advertising base? What if all of them start digging up shameful truths about "the pillars of our Community?"

The bottom line seems to be, What if bloggers were better than editors and faceless "execs" at informing the Community?

Blogger. That starts with B and it rhymes with P and that stands for Pool.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I wanna borrow money at a rate between 0% and .25%

In a historic move, the Federal Reserve is lowering a very important interest rate to nothing. When banks can borrow money at a rate between 0% and .25%, that is an interest rate of nothing.

How does your credit card interest rate compare?

Or, your next car note?

Wanna buy a house?

Bank of America would gladly take your house as security and require you to pay 6.25 percent [6.346 APR] and $1,400 in fees and ONE point so you can buy a house.

Wachovia, recently saved from the trash pile, will help you buy a car for 9.84% and up. Branch Banking could save you some money at 9.14% and a nominal fee of $100. SunTrust quotes a range of rates from 6.29% to 13.50%.

For that Christmas Credit Card, Bank of America quotes a rate between 9.99% to 19.99% for a GOOD Credit rating.

Have a little nest egg that you don't want to invest in the stock market?

Dance on down to the Regions Bank branch offices. Regions is willing to pay .20% on a Money Market Account of $10,000 with a monthly fee of $15.

Branch Banking and Trust can be trusted to pay a whopping ONE percent with a monthly fee of $15 on a deposit of $10,000 cash.

Wachovia and SunTrust will fight for that cash infusion of $10,000 with a very inviting rate of 0.50 or 0.54 percent.

Capitalism doesn't work for those with very strong backs and good hearts.

It does work very, very well for bankers, Wall Street, and the Paris Hiltons of the World.

Gainesville Times

In my opinion, the Gainesville Times has a bunch of gutless reporters and editors.

I've handled them full blown background investigations on corruption by Casey Cagle.

The Times wouldn't even acknowledge the email.

I've emailed Michael Beard and questioned why bloggers are held to a higher standard than public officials. I didn't get a heart warming response.

So, I blogged directly accusing Republican James Mills of having illegal access to Thurman Tanner for the Mills property on Robinson Drive.

The Gainesville Times removed that blog entry and all of my blog entries from the Gainesville Times website.

Proving once again, "You can't fight City Hall." Especially a Republican City Hall protected by the local newspaper.


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Gainesville Times

I see the Gainesville Times jerked my blog off their website.

I merely posted the truth.

The James Mills Family has illegal access to Thurman Tanner. The Times knew this and refused to run the story BEFORE the election.

Drive up Thurman Tanner from Mundy Mill. There's a huge driveway built into Thurman Tanner from a backyard.

Legally, that does not exist. In fact is does exist and the Times should be asking why our tax dollars were spent to give a business advantage to the family of Repuglican James Mills.

If I owned a business along Thurman Tanner, I'd be suing some folks in local government.

Oh, that's right. In Georgia, we can't sue the government or government officials for stealing taxpayer money.

Nor, can we force a newspaper to fight local political corruption.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Gainesville Times

Still no interest from the Gainesville Times in the stories about corrupt local Republicans.

Let me name the Republicans and make it just a little more clear.

James Mills.

The Times knew before the election that the family of Republican Representative James Mills illegally accesses Thurman Tanner drive from a property on Robinson Drive.

Those large tractor trailers blocking traffic on Thurman Tanner are owned by ... JTM Distributions. The Robinson Drive property is owned by ... etc etc etc.

The Georgia Department of Transportation says it did not build the concrete driveway from Thurman Tanner onto the Mills property.

I reviewed the Hall County records for the property. The property is not being taxed for two addresses (access to two streets). There is no record of permits to make the improvements required for a second driveway and legal access to Thurman Tanner.

Looking at the property, the concrete for the driveway was poured AT THE SAME TIME as all the other concrete.

So how did Representatve Mills get this driveway built with out any legal evidence of its existence and why can't any other "business" on Robinson Drive have the same free "enhancement?"

And, why did the Times bury the story during an election cycle?

I have a legal right to know these answers. So do all the voters in Hall County. And, all the taxpayers in Georgia who furnished the concrete for FREE.

What about it, Gainesville Times' "execs?" Are you manipulating the voters? Are you complicit in the crimes of local Republicans and the Georgia Department of Labor?

I think you are.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Racism in Hall County

Let's get back to this subject, too.

You're blinded by your own racism. My point in mentioning the 14th Amendment was to say that the Civil Rights Act was redundant and wouldn't have been necessary if the 14th A. [sic] had just been enforced better. I recognize that blacks weren't treated equally then, but they no longer need affirmative action, which is just legalized discrimination now. Jason Jones
Perhaps Mr. Jason Jones, legal scholar, can give us all an example of any enforcement of the 14th Amendment in the absence of other legal mechanisms.

In simple terms, Jones, "affirmative action" is enforcement.

Would you like to revise your comments again?

Jeff Pierce in the Gainesville Times

‘Appropriate' city severance pay is zero

Some decisions are easy for elected officials; some are more difficult. In the case of the recent resignation of our city manager, Bryan Shuler, I am a bit surprised at the seemingly difficult time that our leaders are having simply saying what will be done in the case of the "appropriate" severance package to be awarded to the former city employee.

Let me make a suggestion: Be gracious. Award him the same package a city school teacher receives when they voluntarily leave their post after 11 years. Or maybe the same as a city policeman or fireman when they leave for personal reasons. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

Not one citizen of Gainesville works to toss their hard-earned money down a bottomless hole, especially in economic times such as we are now experiencing. In his own words, Mr. Shuler, stated that he was voluntarily vacating the post as city manager to care for his elderly parents. We wish him and his family all the best.

But let's not forget, his contract states that if he voluntarily resigns, he is entitled to no severance package. Playing on an old joke, "How many lawyers (or city council members) does it take to read a contract?" I would hope that the answer would be five council members, one attorney and a time span of about 30 seconds.

Don't make this harder than it is. Do the right thing for your citizens. Just say, "no."

Jeff Pierce

Friday, December 12, 2008

Gainesville Times

Do newspapers give in to political pressure?

Well, ... yes.

On October 18, 2006, CNN aired a small portion of a videotape sent to them which showed snipers shooting at and apparently killing American troops. After the news report was shown, Press Secretary Tony Snow accused CNN of "propagandizing" the American public. Representative David Hunter, then-chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, asked Donald Rumsfeld to remove CNN embedded reporters following the airing of the news report,claiming that "C-N-N has now served as the publicist for an enemy propaganda film featuring the killing of an American soldier."

Kind of a heavy handed use of persuasion, used in public.

What about something more subtle?

The Bush White House paid public funds t0 right wing media commentators by several U.S. Executive Departments under Cabinet officials to promote various policies of U.S. President George W. Bush's administration. Thousands of dollars were paid to at least three commentators to promote Bush administration policies. This included Armstrong Williams, Maggie Gallagher, and Michael McManus.

An example of how a little public funds can go a long way in the press.

And, how about something more to my personal taste? A newspaper having a story about a crime and not printing it? What was the story about? Well, a politician accused of statutory rape. The reporter, who did have the courage and courageous editors to confront crime and politicians, won a Pulitzer. How long did the newspaper sit on the allegations? Years and years.

The integrity of The Oregonian took a blow after it was revealed that the paper failed to act on evidence that former Democratic governor Neil Goldschmidt committed statutory rape. Willamette Week, another Portland newspaper, ran a story that alleged that Goldschmidt engaged in sex acts with his 14-year-old baby sitter.
As with the Bob Packwood scandal in 1992, The Oregonian had information which it failed to seriously investigate. The Oregonian was further criticized for its follow-up coverage, which called Goldschmidt's statutory rape an "affair." Willamette Week writer Nigel Jaquiss won the Pulitzer Prize for his coverage. [30]

Do I think newspapers are free to print the facts? No. Not always. Not nearly enough. Newspapers stories can be bought and sold. News reporters can be bought and sold. Local merchants can threaten "execs" and back up those threats by pulling advertisements. Elected government officials can threaten and belittle reporting by newspapers. Those threats can be backed up and enforced by banning reporters and them denying access given to other "friendly" reporters and newspapers.

And, what have the courts said? "The public interest in being fully informed about controversies that often rage around sensitive issues demands that the press be afforded the freedom to report such charges without assuming responsibility for them."

BTW, still no interest from the Gainesville Times in seeing my video.

"Fully informed?"

Gainesville Times

A third day of silence from the legal organ of Hall County.

Not even crickets making noises.

No desire to uncover corruption by Republicans from Hall County?

I guess I better start posting a few stories on how Republicans have manipulated or attempted to manipulate the media and press under George Bush.

That is before I make some allegation that the "execs" at the Gainesville Times are afraid to report the facts.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Gainesville Times

Not even a "thank you but no thank you" from the "execs" of the Gainesville Times.

You would think a local newspaper would jump at the chance to uncover a news story about corruption in the Georgia Department of Transportation.

Especially since I have video tape.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Gainesville Times Executives

I have this morning offered to meet with the 'execs' of the Gainesville Times to provide them with some information.

My information would prove "criminal conduct" by certain "local" Republicans.

I'll let you know if Hell doesn't freeze over first.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Gainesville Times

This morning, I got a message from the Gainesville Times about some of my very recent blog posts.

This is the first contact to notify me of actions taken by the Times and the reasons why.

Allegedly, I have been ignoring them. Until this morning, I had no contact at all from the Times.

The Times has been in contact with me before this subject of the Gainesville City Council.

I do not understand their actions or the recent message.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sexual Pervert Given $76,000 by Gainesville City Council

I made that up. Or, did I?

The Gainesville City Manager quit, giving no notice. His resignation, according to the City Council, would allow Bryan Shuler to help with his ailing parents.

So the City Council blessed his sudden departure with a $76,000 lump sum of taxpayer money.

Those facts are not in dispute. He quit. The City Council approved his severance package and discussed the sick parents.

I can believe the part about his parents being sick. They're sick about their son being caught in some sort of a sexual perversion at work. While at work, Mr. Shuler allegedly sexually harassed a co-worker. That co-worker might be male. We don't know because the City Attorney refuses to properly respond to taxpayers about the situation.

The Gainesville Times uncovered the situation and filed a legal request for all the public documents which has been denied. The information is private.

I understand the City Council wants to keep the information private! All of it. Except for the part about how Mr. Shuler has resigned to help his sick parents. And, needs an early Christmas Present, $76,000 in taxpayer money.

Will we ever learn the truth? Not in Republican Hall County. So what about it Republican Party members.

Why did you give an alleged sexual pervert $76,000? Did he give the City Council a Monica Lewinski type of deal?

"I get to keep my dress with the stains on it. And, I'll promise to never tell your dirty little secrets. All for the bargain basement price of $76,000."

Clinton at least acted alone and in private. The Gainesville City Council had an public orgy.

Story in the Gainesville Times.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Saxby Chambliss, brain dead and on life support

We are still uncovering the truth behind the lies spewed by the Republicans. Republicans told us, "Saddam has WMD that can be deployed in 45 minutes." Republicans told us that, "No one knew they would use an airplane as a human guided missile." Republicans told us the Iraq War would "cost about $80 to $100 billion dollars for a two year war."

People believed these lies. Lies are much easier to believe than a harsh truth.

In truth, when the polls close tomorrow, I expect a liar to win. He won by lying six years ago. He lied to avoid serving his country in Viet Nam. If his lips are moving, he's lying.

He's been a part of the most corrupt and dishonest Senate ever. He's been a fan of every special interest spending program. He's lied to support George Bush and every other Republican liar.

He's lied in his press releases. His worst lie, in a press release, was that the Patriot Act stopped the notorious Shoe Bomber from killing innocent people on an airplace.

Saxby, the shoe bomb was a dud, just like you. The only difference between you and that dud? Stupidity prevented it from working. You're counting on stupidity to keep working.

God help the fools that keep a liar employed in the United State Senate.