Saturday, March 28, 2009

Honesty has no expiration date

The State Ethics Commission has rejected the complaint filed against Casey Cagle, apparently because the alleged events happened more than five years ago.

Like Michael Parker was quoted in the Times, "Honesty has no expiration date."

So, Mr. Lt. Governor, why are you Senatorial financial disclosures such a mess? Why are the dates wrong? Why didn't you disclose your fiduciary position with Strateia Group of Atlanta, Inc. when you were so proud of the job? I mean, really, Dude. You bragged about the job to the FDIC and potential investors in your 'bank.'

Why didn't you tell voters you were a major business consultant in Atlanta?

Maybe you should be explaining to every citizen, not just voters, why this corporation was dissolved by the Secretary of State in 2002 for 'administrative procedure?'

Did this corporation ever exist? Did you ever file a tax return for it? How much of the ONE MILLION SHARES OF STOCK did you own? Did you even issue one share of the stock?

The Ethics Commission might think 'bad behavior' has a limited shelf life, but honesty never expires.

Come clean now Lowell S. 'Casey' Cagle. You're running for Governor.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Casey Cagle Ethics Complaint

By USPS delivery, Label/Receipt Number: 0308 0660 0000 2275 0544, delivered at 10:53 AM on March 25, 2009 in Atlanta, GA 30334, an ethics complaint was filed against our Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle. It also looks as if our Lt. Governor may have committed some Securities fraud. When the prospectus and 10KSB were filed, the Strateia Group Atlanta, Inc. was no longer a valid legal entity. Meaning, he did not renew the corporation with the Secretary of State (SOS). The corporation was 'deleted' from SOS records by automatic or administrative action without the million shares of stock ever being issued.


Detailed Statement of Facts:

Former State Senator and current Lt. Governor Lowell S. “Casey” Cagle was listed in Security and Exchange Commission file, 333-47291, filed on 5/8/98, Form 424B3, a prospectus, as “President and co-owner of Strateia Group Atlanta, Inc., a management and business consulting firm, which he co-founded in July, 1996.”

In the filing of a 10KSB, SEC file 333-47291 dated for December 31, 1999 and filed on March 30, 2000, former State Senator and current Lt. Governor Lowell S. “Casey” Cagle, then also Chairman of the Board for Southern Heritage Bancorp, Inc., is listed as “President and co-owner of Strateia Group Atlanta, Inc., a management and business consulting firm, which he co-founded in July, 1996.”

The Secretary of State, Karen Handel, has by certified copy on the 13th day of February 2007, documented the incorporation of Strateia Group Atlanta, Inc., on September 18, 1996, which in its Articles of Incorporation states an authority to issue One Million (1,000,000) shares of common stock.

Under the Ethics in Government Act, § 21-5-50, Paragraph 5(b)1(2) “All fiduciary positions held by the candidate for public office or the public officer, with a statement of the title of each such position, the name and address of the business entity, and the principal activity of the business entity.

As Lowell S. “Casey” Cagle has not filed a Financial Disclosure Statement for the years 1998, 1999, or 2000 as required, he has never reported his fiduciary position as President and co-owner of Strateia Group Atlanta, or the principal activity of the business. He has violated the Ethics in Government Act by not disclosing this significant fiduciary relationship and by not filing annual disclosures.

As in Form C, Revised 1/08, of the State Ethics Commission, Statement of Facts, the following persons may have knowledge of the facts:

The Board of Directors of SunTrust Banks, Inc., as of the merger of GB&T and the formation of advisory boards as of April 10th, 2008 and members of the Advisory Board of Directors for SunTrust Bank, Gainesville

Donald Bloom
311 Green Street, N.W.
Suite 300
Gainesville, GA 30501

R. Thad McCormack
P.O. Box 635
Gainesville, GA 30503

[and others]

The former Board of Directors, GB&T

All subscribers to the stock issue described in the above named prospectus.

The Security and Exchange Commission

Georgia Banking Commission


The Federal Reserve Board of Atlanta

The Internal Revenue Service

Georgia Department of Revenue


Security and Exchange Commission file, 333-47291, form 10KSB, dated for December 31, 1999 and filed on March 30, 2000, pages 10 through 25.

Security and Exchange Commission file, 333-47291, Form 424B3, a prospectus filed on 5/8/98.

Strateia Group Atlanta, Inc., Articles of Incorporation, and related file from Secretary of State, Karen Handel, as certified.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Obama Rejected!

Hardly current news by now. Not surprising at the time it happened. The White Guys, or should I say Old Guys under the Gold Dome rejected a resolution honoring President Obama put forward by the "Blacks" under the Dome.

The Old Domers can make all the partisan claims and can deny racism was a motivational factor.

As long as I still have the right of free speech, and even when it is taken from me, I'll still call it like I see it. No matter the penalty.

Only the Racists don't see Obama as a man of honor.

The Georgia Budget


For the first time in recent memory, 49 members of the Georgia House of Representatives voted against the budget. There have always been protest votes of four or five contrarians who were trying to make a point or two. Even Hall County's golden child James Mills voted against every Democratic budget presented to him, but never did he persuade 48 others to join with him. Why?

Because it is dangerous to vote against the budget. Rep. Tommy Benton told me during the campaign, "You can't vote against the budget." If you vote against the budget you will get slammed during reelection for voting against teacher pay raises, tax cuts, and local projects. This budget was no less problematic for those ne'er do wells. I am sure each will take criticism for voting against school nurses, graduation coaches, and medical research. What you will not hear is the courage of these representatives for voting against 197 million in education cuts, inadequate funding of Medicare, and the largest property tax in the history of the state of Georgia.

Hall County Democrats stand with these brave men and women who understand that you cannot balance the budget on the backs of hard working folks. True fiscal leadership begins with establishing spending priorities and with zero based budgeting. We suggest that our state senate reject this budget and demand the Governor resubmit a zero based budget with spending priorities for education and healthcare. There is still time if our leaders act now.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Gary Gambrall and the Gainesville Slimes aka Gainesville Times

Should we let Gary Gambrall get another night of peaceful sleep? Never again. Only the innocent sleep peacefully and that guy ain't innocent.

His latest set of lies in the Slimes or Gainesville Times is full of out right lies. Does that man have any honor? He doesn't appear to have any at all.

Gary Gambrall claims Nancy Pelosi is "throwing her political weight around because she needs a bigger jet." Nancy hasn't requested a bigger jet. Under federal law, the Speaker of the House must fly on secure transport. Secure transport means non-stop flights ever since 9/11. Gambrall, you do remember September 11th, 2001 ... don't you?

What did the Bush White House say about this vicious lie that only circulates on the internet, until Gambrall started spreading it on the Slimes pages?

"As speaker of the House, she is entitled to military transport and ... the proper arrangement are being made between the Sergeant of Arms Office in the House of Representatives and the U.S. Department of Defense," White House spokesman Tony Snow said.
The previous speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert flew more often than current Speaker Pelosi.

We can't trust the truth to people like Gary Gambrall, a proud Hall Republican. Just what is his agenda in telling such lies?

Monday, March 16, 2009

Lies about the Federal Debt

These lies were flying like the Monkeys in the Wizard of Oz. No way the Tin Man, the Scarecrow, the Lion, or Toto could stop them.

China is thinking about selling our debt. Or, China is going to stop buying our debt. Or, China holds 25% of our debt.

At any rate, the liars say China is our main banker and can call in our loans, bankrupting our country.


We are $10.9 trillion dollars in debt. Our debt is in the form of Treasury securities like T-bills and bonds. China only owns $686 billion in U.S. Treasuries.


SIX PERCENT. Exactly 6.29 percent of all Federal Debt is owned by China.

Why do the fricken Republicans lie about this?

9000 Earmarks!

IT'S A LIE! The Omnibus Spending Bill does not contain 9000 earmarks!

I just completed a count of the earmarks and the amounts.

Yes, there are too many. Yes, it's a lot of money.

Would you believe 1546 earmarks? Too many but not nearly 9000.

Would you believe $700 million dollars? Too much but nowhere near the $400 billion being talked about by Ann Coulter.

Do you wanna check my facts? Not a problem. The Library of Congress has the complete listing of earmarks, who requested each one, the amount, the department and purpose.

The service is known as Thomas.

Just for those who want to know the truth. All others need not seek an education.

The educated already know this is not a President Obama requested stimulus bill. It's a budget bill for 2009, a Bush budget submitted in 2008. It's old business not new business. Without the bill, the Federal Government would have to close all its doors for lack of budget money.

How much of the USA does China own?

I watched several Sunday morning talk shows with conservative guests. Those guests let crap roll off their tongues like ball bearing rolling down a razor's edge. In other words, huge compared to their mouths.

One of my favorite crap pies was from Brit Hume. Something about cyclical recovery now that people have to replace their worn out things. Yeah, I didn't make that up. Good ol' Brit says the 'recession' is so old, since late 2007, that people have to start buying things again.

Hmmm. Did your house wear out since December of 2007? Are you buying a new refrigerator? Washer/dryer? How about your concrete driveway? Mail box? Stainless steel sink? Bath tub? I don't know about any body else, but my Stanley toolbox isn't getting much use. I'm going to keep it a while longer.

I am in the market for some new underwear, socks, shoes, pants, shirts, and a handful of other things being made in China.

But, I'm not buying a new house no matter how much prices fall. If my roof falls off, I'll get a new one installed by the Home Depot or some local guy who needs some work. Which ever I happen to trust.

My 1993 Buick had 85,000 miles on it, last time I checked. My 1999 Mitsubishi has over 153,000 miles on it. Neither one is worn out YET!

Brit Hume might be replacing his credibility soon. That does seem worn out.

Why Democrats lose!

No, the title should be government loses credibility and how Republicans are going to blame Democrats.

So here's the details on how a Democrat with years of public service just screwed every Democratic activist and Democratic Candidate and elected Democrat. And, the reason was money.

Ex-Pa. senator convicted of 137 corruption counts

PHILADELPHIA – Vincent Fumo, once one of the most powerful figures in Pennsylvania politics, was convicted Monday of more than 130 counts of corruption for schemes that defrauded the state Senate and others of more than $3.5 million and helped pay for his lavish lifestyle.

The 65-year-old former state senator was found guilty of all 137 counts against him, which also included obstruction of justice for destroying e-mail evidence.

The jury deliberated about the Philadelphia Democrat's fate for about six days after a five-month trial that was nearly derailed at the last minute by a juror who made postings about the case to Twitter and Facebook.

Prosecutors are expected to seek a sentence of more than 10 years under federal guidelines, based on the size of the fraud, the obstruction conviction and other factors.

After the verdict was read, Fumo hugged his distraught college-age daughter and his girlfriend before leaving the courtroom.

"Just heartbroken," Fumo said when asked about the verdict as he left the courthouse. His lawyer, Dennis Cogan, said he was disappointed but would appeal.

U.S. District Judge Ronald L. Buckwalter denied a government request to revoke Fumo's bail but planned to hear arguments about possible conditions such as electronic monitoring at a hearing Monday afternoon.

Former Fumo aide Ruth Arnao was found guilty of all 45 counts against her, including defrauding Citizens' Alliance, a nonprofit.

Fumo testified in his defense for six days, comparing some of his excesses to spitting on the sidewalk.

The showdown with prosecutors capped a long trial that detailed the enviable lifestyle Fumo lived, owning a $5.5 million mansion in downtown Philadelphia, a farm near Harrisburg, and vacation homes at the New Jersey shore and Florida waterfront.

Prosecutors charged that the already wealthy Fumo misspent more than $2 million of senate resources and another $1.5 million from the Citizens' Alliance for Better Neighborhoods and the Independence Seaport Museum.

Arnao, a former aide who ran Citizens' Alliance, is married to Fumo's friend, and with her husband enjoyed free yacht trips with Fumo on a museum-owned vessel.

A string of Senate employees testified during the trial that they ran Fumo's farm, handled his finances, oversaw renovations at his mansion, prepared campaign material and even spied on an ex-lover, often during work days.

Fumo argued that no Senate rules defined a work day as daytime hours. He repeated the central defense argument that his employees toiled day and night for the government — and did other work for him on their own time.

Prosecutors said Fumo plundered the resources of Citizens' Alliance after persuading Peco Energy, a utility regulated by the state, to give the group $17 million. Fumo admitted only that he "borrowed" tools and equipment worth a fraction of that amount, or accepted a modest of perks in exchange for his time. He had started the nonprofit and called it "my nonprofit, my entity, my baby."

They say he also systematically destroyed e-mail evidence during the long FBI probe, the basis for obstruction charges.

A multimillionaire banker and lawyer, Fumo was the longtime ranking Democrat on the Senate Appropriations Committee. He left the Senate last year after 30 years in office to defend the criminal case. He beat two previous indictments early in his 30-year political career.

Monday's verdict came shortly after the judge ruled that a juror could remain on the panel despite his posts about the case on Facebook and Twitter.

The juror told the judge in a closed-door hearing early in the day that none of his online "friends" had commented back to him about the Fumo case. The juror said the posts were his way of talking to himself and expressing his emotions, and were not intended to communicate anything to others, according to defense lawyer Peter Goldberger, who attended the session.

The defense believes the posts "tainted" the jury and said it plans to raise the issue on appeal.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Idiots at the Gainesville Times, George J. Roshau

Not the executives, this time. From a letter to the Editor.

President can't make deals with our enemies

Saturday, I heard on one of the news channels that President Barack Obama stated that we are losing the war in Afghanistan. The reporter also reported that the president said that we need to be talking to the Taliban.

I cannot believe that a U.S. president, the commander in chief of our armed forces, would make those kind of statements. If the United States had a president like Obama during World War II, we would have lost that war in Europe and the Pacific. Those kind of statements alleged to have been made by Obama shows me he is not a leader or president, least of all a commander in chief.

The other people we have in Washington, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, are no better. Between our Washington leaders who have no backbone whatsoever and the ACLU, our nation is in bad trouble. Unless we have some real leaders step forward, our nation will not get out of the trouble we are in.

I had relatives serve in Europe, the Pacific, Vietnam, Korea, Iraq and currently in Afghanistan. I hope their service and the service of so many other brave soldiers was not wasted. I don't need to be reminded who I am as an American, but I think many of our national leaders do.

George J. Roshau

Well, George, didn't you hear about the Great Russian Grain Robberies under Nixon and Ford?

Would that be an Ops?

What about Reagan trading guns for hostages? Ops.

Reagan sending Rumsfeld to meet Saddam Hussein as his personal envoy, ... shortly before Iraq got chemical and biological weapons? Ops.

What about Reagan's little drug deals aka Iran/contra? Ops?

Selective memory problems, George?

How about a White House controlled by Bush for the past eight years? Ops. Unless you think THAT was leadership.

If you hate Obama, be a man and say, "I hate Obama!" Don't lie about the history of your country. Or, I'll borrow from your personal attack methods and say that "statements alleged to have been made by" you were racist in motivation.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

More news on the job front

My son works at a Boston hospital. I won't name which hospital but here's a sample blog.

The hospital has decided to cut $20 million dollars in personnel expenditures this year.


Staff is being told to work overtime without being paid time and a half. That's right. Work 50 hours or leave. No overtime pay. Just your regular rate of pay.

So, it has come to this in the Great Recession. Workers will lose retirement, health care benefits, any sort of tenure like seniority, accrued sick days and vacations, and a regular work week.

Look carefully at the past few years. We've already lost any promised retirement beyond our own savings and whatever might be left of Social Security.

Social Security funds have been 'borrowed' by every President since Reagan. No President will ever be able to repay that money.

Employers have been eliminating insurance for the average worker but giving away benefits to CEO's.

There are no unions left. Unions provided our last century with safe working conditions, overtime pay, insurance, retirement ... all gone now.

Some of us used to be able to accrue unused sick days. That's gone. We will not have paid sick days anymore. Get sick and you might not have a job when you get well.

Vacations? If you can afford one, you won't dare take one. I doubt any employer will offer a paid week off each year.

Things are that bad.

Time to march in the streets

From a blog on the Times.

Okay Times - I'll help you get started.

Schools finally let the ax fall last Thursday and Friday, (after the Gwinnett County Teacher job fair, by the way). Employees whose contracts are not being renewed are being encouraged to resign or else they will be fired (as opposed to simply not having their contracts renewed). They have until Monday to make this decision. These employees are being told that they might be rehired in the fall, but any teacher NOT resigning will never be rehired in Hall County.

I am told, but don't know for certain that this will prevent these employees from being able to get unemployment.

On Friday, Hall County teachers received a memo describing how the Central Office wants to provide emotional support to its "extended family."

Among the ideas they are "thinking of" suggesting:

#3 "Turn off the news!" Knowing what's going on is bad for your health.

#12 "Get historical perspective" Things were way worse in the Great Depression and during the Mongol Invasions - so suck it up.

#9 "Pursuing healthy and appropriate escapist activities. Consider the many classic ‘screwball’ comedy films of the 1930’s and similar diversions."

I swear, I did NOT make that up.

Maybe the Central Office is being aboveboard and dealing with these educators in an ethical way. If they are, I can forgive this memo as a sincere, if extremely lame, attempt at being helpful.

But, if our public servants are being being unethical, the public has a right to know. If they are getting their chuckles by suggesting that fired employees ought watch "screwball comedies" then they have no business being in the business of educating children.


Saturday, March 7, 2009

Something Good in the Gainesville Times

Deal is off base in decrying push toward renewable energy

Rep. Nathan Deal should be called out on his observations to the gathering at the 2009 Regional Environmental and Safety Assembly, reported in The Times, Saturday ("Deal: Energy bills bad news for Southeast").

He whined, "The issue of renewable electricity standards will put the Southeast at a disadvantage because we don't have many renewables."

Unfortunately, they don't consider nuclear in the mix, even though it is noncarbon polluting. The fact is nuclear power plants produce profoundly polluting radioactive waste and are inherently dangerous because of the potential widespread lasting devastation that results from inevitable hardware and human failures.

Deal should apologize for his and his party's chronic dereliction of responsibility to advocate for the welfare of their constituents. The Sun Belt should surely be a major source for solar power generation. Furthermore, the design and manufacturing of other alternative energy hardware does not require a close-by source.

The explanation does not lie in discrimination against the South, but rather in government officials pandering to their nuclear industry patrons, thereby excluding development of other energy sources. Georgia government officials and businesses should years ago have been forward-thinking in encouraging and supporting job producing industries to develop safe and independent sources of energy.

Instead, just last Friday, the Georgia House followed the lead of the Senate and passed a measure allowing Georgia Power to raise electricity rates on its customers in order to finance two new reactors at Plant Vogtle near Augusta. Consumers will have no alternative but to fund the expensive and risky development. (Kudos to Rep. Carl Rogers, R-Gainesville, for opposing the bill.)

Also, especially provoking locally is the failure of the Georgia delegation to Congress to protect Lake Lanier in the service of providing water to down river nuclear plants.

W. Lorraine Watkins

It's way past time for Nathan "Let's Make a" Deal to be retired.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Blogs at the Gainesville Times

I've been following the drama at the Times for months. Seems the people who run the place have quite a few control issues.

They pulled a post because it "connected" Tom Nichols to Adolf Hitler. The wording was very clear. Tom connected Obama to Adolf Hitler. Hitler, once Tom's facts were checked had nothing to do with Obama. I guess any suggestion that Tom might be as racist as Hitler was too much to handle.

There was a post by Roger Godberg about fact checking that needed to be done by other bloggers. Coppermine, one of the bloggers, said "the stimulus" had 9000 earmarks in it. Roger called him on that. That post got pulled down.

However, the staff blog by a sweet young thing trying to follow American Idol has two redundant posts. When that was commented upon by Bob as not following guidelines for blogging, his comment was deleted. Hmmmm. Repetition isn't allowed by other bloggers. So why not delete the staffers repetitive blog?

And why not remove the staff blog for negative, personal comments about Idol Contestants? "I could do without them." What could be more personal than a complete dismissal of a person? I'd not mention that if the complaint was, "I don't like" their style. Funny standards.

There is indeed a standard at the Times for blogging. Only the management knows how or when it will be enforced.

Mike Parker

Monday, March 2, 2009

Gainesville Times blog

The Gainesville Times pulled a post by one of our contributors.

Allegedly, comparing Tom Nichols to Hitler isn't within the bounds of blogging.

Yet, comparing Obama to Hitler is within proper editorial writing.


I reposted the blog which also appears here.

Does it say Tom Nichols looks like Hitler?

Hello Roger,

Your posting with a headline that connects Tom Nichols' appearance to Adolf Hitler is not in line with the guidelines we have established for decorum on the site. We have therefore removed it.

Your posting may very well have valuable points and information pertinent to matters Nichols opined about, but the approach of your posting instead puts things on a personal level instead of an issues level.

The title was Tom Nichols, a mustached corporal?

Tom looks far more Aryan than Hitler ever did.