Sunday, April 19, 2009

Casey Cagle out of the Race. Why?

Bad back? Could be.

Doesn't want to answer questions about his days as a 'business consultant' and President of Strateia Group of Atlanta?

Well, claiming a bad back has gotten a lot of people out of work, hasn't it?

Aren't we just a tad suspicious when the front runner and top fundraiser drops out of a race for a diagnosis made by an unnamed doctor of an unnamed disease?

Do you remember the Reagan colon polyps? Did Reagan drop out of office or hide his medical conditions from the public? Nope. We were dragged through his colon one polyp at a time.

Do you remember the 2006 Carol Jackson Campaign for the 49th Senate? Carol Jackson was diagnosed and treated for breast cancer but never stopped her race. Seems like if a widow can survive breast cancer surgery and chemotherapy in the middle of a election campaign, a 43 year old man could endure routine back surgery 20 months out from Election Day.

Anyone remember San Fransisco quarterback Joe Montana having back surgery during the football season, then returning to lead his team to the SuperBowl?

Let's remember that I proved Casey Cagle not only lied about being a 'business consultant' and President of Strateia Group of Atlanta, that lie was a crime. False swearing is a crime in Georgia. Sort of like Clinton lying under Oath, perjury.

Casey Cagle for years filed legal documents with the Security and Exchange Commission that clearly prove he was President of Strateia Group but never ever has Cagle added that glorious job to his public resume'.

Maybe being trapped in a lie was the straw that broke Cagle's back.