Thursday, May 21, 2009

Nathan Deal et al

Nathan Deal is running for office, a new one. That in its self is shocking. I didn't know the man had enough ambition to change his socks. I mean come on really! The man can't make up his mind until the "Party" gives him an opinion.

How would he survive as Governor? Well, Perdue did it so I guess anyone could do it.

Maybe I'll run for office, too.

Congressman in the 9th? I might have to run. If I don't, I might be the only voter left in the 9th who isn't running.

Maybe I'll run for a vacant seat in the Georgia House. There are several that have been vacant for years and years.

James Mills comes to mind first. Of course he's another one of the legislative midwives in the Republican Party. Always present when real labor is being done to run the state but never does any laboring.

"I don't know nuttin about birthing no nation!"

Maybe his wife should put a knife under the bed to cut out our pain.

Friday, May 15, 2009


There are some management jobs posted on the U.S. Census 2010 website at or link.

My source informs me that only experienced managers should apply. Jobs will last up to one year. Pay will range from about $15 per hour to almost $30 per hour.

I don't understand the full application process but candidates must download all the forms from the website and then mail their applications.

Applications are only being taken for a very short period of time and the website explains all of that.

Please don't email your resume' or call me. Please go to the website and go now! I said GO TO THE WEBSITE NOW!

[If you MUST call someone, call 888-586-9439.]

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cagle's campaign ending surgery

It was an elective procedure to possibly reduce pain. From a peer reviewed link. (That means other doctors reviewed the information.)

Spine surgery is typically an “elective” undertaking, meaning that it is considered as a possible approach to enhance a patient’s ability to function and decrease pain. Just because it is elective does not mean it is not covered by insurance. Elective surgery can be medically necessary. It just means that surgery of the spine is rarely an absolute necessity. Only in rare instances, such as for patients who have a progressive neurological loss of function or sudden onset of bowel or bladder incontinence, is spinal surgery actually necessary on an emergency basis.

Cervical spine surgery is generally performed on an elective basis to treat either:
  • Nerve/spinal cord impingement (decompression surgery)

  • Spinal instability (fusion surgery)

How long does it take to recover? "The type of healing that needs to occur after spinal fusion is comparable to recovery from a broken bone." That's the word from the Mayo Clinic. Could take weeks. Could take months.

Just a final though from the Mayo Clinic, "However, 'absent major neurologic deficits, patients with herniated disks, degenerative spondylolisthesis, or spinal stenosis do not need surgery, but the appropriate surgical procedures may provide valuable pain relief.'"

Published on the Mayo Clinic web pages and drawn from recent medical studies into the expanding use of this elective surgery.

Casey Cagle, sleaze bag politician

Remember Cagle running against Ralph Reed in 2006? Cagle had no problem calling Mr. Reed dishonorable. However, when Reed challenged Cagle's honor, Cagle did the cut and run.

Reed knew in 2006 that Cagle lied on his resume' to voters, lied to the State Ethics Commission, and lied to investors, regulators, and bankers. Pretty much a man with no personal honor.

As I've said on other blogs, Cagle has committed no less than 6 state misdemeanors and 6 or more federal crimes. Those facts are not in dispute. The facts are in the prospectus offered by Cagle et al in the start up of Southern Heritage Bank of Oakwood. His co-founders of that bank know the real facts and have chosen to remain silent. Of course, they as a group are as guilty as Cagle. If Cagle lied about being a huge business consultant, and he did lie, then the bank's founders should have caught him.

Come on folks. Cagle was the manager of a bridal shop when the bank was started up. A bridal shop and tuxedo rental store. He was buying the store on contract. WOW! The future board of Directors, founders of a bank, didn't check Cagle's resume'?

WOW! That strains credibility.

What about Cagle's CPA who 'also' was an officer of Strateia Group of Atlanta, Inc. ? Has that CPA ever come clean with his part in the crimes?

What did Reed ask Cagle in the televised debate of 2006? "If you have nothing to hide, then you'll have no problem releasing your tax records."

Cagle lies like a Clinton, gets votes like Marion Barry, and is as innocent as O.J. Simpson.

Ask Ralph Reed.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I'll be back

I've been busy with a few other things lately. I might start blogging again but not as often.

Today, I thought I'd revisit the Gainesville Times to see what passes for wisdom on the Letters to the Editor page. I have gotten a lot of material from the higher quality idiots that visit that forum.

Let's start with "The president and Congress are abdicating their leadership role and No. 1 responsibility to get this country back on tract and prevent a further depression."

Okay, this writer,
Darrell D. Newton, says we are in a depression. Ignore the 'war on terror.' Yeah, yeah. Sure, sure. But, Darrell immediately abandons the economy after that one sentence. What does Mr. Newton really want? Torture here. Torture now. Torture forever.

Darrell is certain that
"The evidence is indisputable that ... [torture] ... succeeded."

Can Mr. Newton tell us the one item of major intelligence gathered by torture and how that information ended the war? Yes, I said ended the war. That comes from Darrell's wonderful sentence on the economy as Job One.

So the war is over and we must have won. And, we could not have won without repeatedly drowning and reviving a few people.

All I'm saying is where is the proof?

Waterboarding ... is not such a dastardly thing as the jihadist liberals want to make it out to be.

Let me try it on you Darrell right after I violently kidnap you from your own bed, bind you in chains with a bag over your head, never letting you know what happened to the rest of your family, holding you in a foreign country in isolation from all other prisoners, beating you, putting some electric wires on your private parts, letting attack dogs bark at you for hours.

After all that, I'll fly to to another country where you don't speak the language of your captors. Then, with the bag still over your head, I'll tie you to a chair, tell you that I'm going to kill you, and tip your chair over backwards into a pool of ice cold water. I'll hold you upside down in the water for up to three minutes. Then, revive you.

And, I will keep doing that until you proclaim yourself to be a "jihadist liberal."

Darrell, just let me know when you'd like to start. That is ... if you have the nerve to put your life where your mouth is...