Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pictures from Iran

Nope. I haven't been to Iran. Just to the New York Times webpages.

These pictures and a video allegedly show the nuclear weapons site. I say allegedly only to be nice. I'd bet the family farm on it being capable of making a really big BANG!

I've always been in favor of giving Iran all the nuclear missiles it could ever want. Everyone of them set to explode upon launch. Not that I want to create death and destruction, just more martyrs among the horrible fanatics.

Iran is not full of fanatics, just a few. It only takes a few, armed with the BIG BANG BOMB to kill millions.

Being the village idiot, I'd give the Iranian people as many nuclear power plants as they want, too. Run by Israeli scientists and technicians.

Only the best for my Iranian friends.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Scream, "You Lie!" at the Republican Party.

Monday, the GOP sent an Obama survey out in the 9th District. Local Republicans are now required to stand up and shout, “You LIE!” at Michael Steal.

“In order for our sampling of Republican opinion from your area to be as exact as possible, you must return your survey – Even if you leave some of the questions blank.” Or, just attach your “Contribution Reply” and personal check and stuff the postage free envelope …

“Do you agree with Barack Obama’s budget plan that will lead to a $23.1 trillion deficit over the next ten years?”

The Republican National Committee might want to ask the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) a few questions. Like why doesn’t the budget projection for 2019 agree with our numbers? Ten years from now, 2019, the projects a deficit accumulation of only $7,137 trillion. OPS! The GOP has raised the deficit exactly $20 trillion over ten years. For local Joe Wilsons, that is increasing the budget $2 trillion a year.

Now shout, “You LIE!” and be a real American Hero.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Gainesville Times, Letter to the Editor

Lorraine Watkins gave a some history lessons to Obamahaters in a letter to the Gainesville Times. I agree with her. The insurance companies are the only ones with someone to lose in healthcare reform. Somehow, in the mind of Michael J. Riemann, Bible history supports insurance companies but not us sinners. But, of course, Riemann thinks biblical stories are secular in nature. No wonder he confuses Pharaoh and fascism. Here's Lorraine's well measured, historically accurate response.

The letter by Michael J. Riemann of Sept. 2 is beautifully written, worthy of any first class PR advertising firm. His concern for Wall Street and the insurance industry is touching. The geniuses of free market capitalism, failed profoundly. They pleaded with the people to “take them over.” They are already back and flourishing while many ordinary people still can’t find work.

Medical care is not a luxury to be foregone, nor a commodity with competitive styles and versions. Priest or pauper, care is good enough or it is not. The health insurance industry has been an abject failure. A model demanding big profit is simply too expensive.

Mr. Riemann cites Pharaoh as a metaphor for the cruel and enduring consequences of concentration of resources in the few. Pharaoh was not elected by the people. He was placed and sustained in power by class and religion. Pharaoh was not a democrat and he certainly was not a socialist.

He more nearly resembles business doing what business does: exploiting desperate people’s needs and extracting maximum treasure. It always works until the treasure runs out. The appetite for wealth never seems to run out.

I am also intrigued with Mr. Reimann’s rhetoric of the ’50s. I wonder why we are seeing language reconstructing Third Reich history again. It has for years been familiar only to those alive during the McCarthy era.

Almost immediately following the end of World War II, American supporters of fascism began to rewrite history by conflating the Nazi movement with the Marxist Bolshevik revolution. Mr. Riemann’s letter repeats the misrepresentation.

Hitler was not a Marxist socialist of any stripe. The Nazis early on dropped “workers” from their name while retaining the word “socialist.” They never delivered on the promise its use suggests. It was set up with the collaboration of German and not a few admiring American industrialists.

Among the American enablers were John D. Rockefeller, Henry Ford, the Mellons and the Carnegies. It was Rockefeller that almost single-handedly exported the racialist philosophy, eugenics, to the medical establishment of Hitler’s Germany. Eugenics, of course, provided half the rhetoric fueling the holocaust. Violently anti-Marxist, the Nazi movement provided the other with propaganda inflaming fears of Red Menace. Sound familiar?

Well-read and educated scholars universally accept the term fascism as most descriptive of the managed economic system of Hitler.

Wealthy and ideological entrenched powerful men fear democracy. They fear a democratic government which empowers the people to share in the resources of the nation. It’s not democracy we should fear, and the Bolsheviks are buried in Red Square.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

What's Wrong with Jimmy Carter?

Nothing is wrong with Jimmy Carter. He just speaks truth to power. Power, in a democracy like ours, still remains with the people.

Carter tells the truth when he says humans have racist tendencies. We do.

We prefer to be with 'our kind.' Our kind of Christians. Our kind of family. Our kind of peers.

Whites move within white culture more often than within Korean culture. Short people don't seek out NBA players for friends. Those tendencies include the color of skin, not just geographic borders or traditional heritages.

To defeat the emotional urges left over from primitive life, just stop being a savage living in a concrete jungle where every stranger is an enemy first. And a friend only for mutual defense.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Gainesville School Board. It's Time!

It's time to explain the entire shortage of funds scandal, if there ever was a shortage of funds.

The public will no longer accept a simple press release or another weak article in the Gainesville Times.

First, we need a clear time line of events. Who knew what when. The current set of dates contradict themselves. One report says the accounting errors were in 2004 - 2005. Another statement says 2007-2008.

We need and we want a first date. When was the shortage first suspected. An exact date. Documents showing who discovered the anomaly. Who did they contact.

What was the first projection, when it was found, in dollars? How much money was alleged to be 'missing' at the first projection of a 'loss.'

How many times did this loss projection figure get changed? Who changed it. When was it changed. An exact dollar amount each time the estimate changed.

We need to know what adjustments to the budget were made, when those were made, and how much were those adjustments.

How much did our state legislatures give away in tax cuts? When did those exemptions take place.

How much money was taken back from the city school budget by state mandated cuts in school funds.

How much did expenses increase, since so many people say it was a problem of 'over spending.'

How much did the economy change the budget? Things like $4 per gallon price for gas and fuel. The surcharges from Georgia Power and the rapid increase in fuel cost were unforseen by everyone. Unless Carl Rogers wants to take credit for seeing into the future, again.

It is not too much to ask that those questions get answered in a final report to the citizens, teachers, administrators, and students.

Wait too long, and someone will file an Open Records Act (ORA) request. It's cheaper to fess up without the legal pressures of ORA deadlines.

Friday, September 11, 2009

9/11 remembered

There will be other tributes to 9/11. This isn't an emotional statement. It's cold and rational.

President George Bush was sitting in a classroom full of children.

His first public comments were made in that atmosphere, in front of school children.

Anyone complaining that President Bush used or abused school children?

Anyone complaining that Bush programmed school kids to be religious warriors for revenge?

Ask the Obama school critics, "Where were you on 9/11?"

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Man in the Mirror

Michael Jackson wrote the song. The lyrics are lost to this blogger but the idea hangs with me.

Last night a Congressman screamed at the President during a national TV address to a joint session of Congress.

We're screaming and fighting on national TV, biting fingers off in street protests. This is democracy at its best and its worst. Or, at least people at their worst, barely more than a mob.

Democracy must have passion and participation. It need not be all Southern cordial manners to be civil.

I am not well mannered nor cordial towards liars, especially an Ann Coulter. But, even in my passion, I do not call her a liar without presenting facts.

Perhaps, last nights passion will be reflected in a mirror this morning. I know it will be an ugly image, UnAmerican, unpatriotic, selfish, ...

Is it the final image of American Democracy? God forbid.

And, please God, in my passion and praticipation, never let that image face me in my mirror.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Horse Faced Queen of Lies, Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter is flooding email boxes with lies again.

She says she just “learned GM had just been kicked off the Dow Jones Industrial Index. Yikes! Picture the New York Yankees playing so badly they were demoted to Little League status. That doesn’t sound so good. Also, I discovered GM’s share price was listed as N/A. Not applicable. Sounds to me like — “price so low it can’t be measured.”

Please, Ann. Tell the truth. GM was delisted when it entered bankruptcy proceeding. Every three piece vest Suit knows that. Even a witch like you knows it. That didn’t just happen. It happened about 8 am on June 1st, 2009.

On July 10th, a new company with all of GM’s assets emerged from bankruptcy proceedings. It’s a privately held company. Not a public company owned by stock holders. You knew that, too.

If you don’t know the facts, Ann, just shut your face. You’re so old news.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Representative Carl Rogers, a blogger extraordinary!

State Representative Carl Rogers doesn't like the public light.

He's offered to meet me in a "dark place" to answer questions I've asked on public blogs.

The exchanged started on LeftonLanier.

I'm looking for someone to post the exchange on the Gainesville Times.

Let's move politics out of the dark rooms and secret meetings of Cagle, Deal, and Rogers.

Answer the public questions, State Representative Carl Rogers. Or crawl back under your rock forever.