Thursday, November 19, 2009

Nathan Deal and Citizenship

Nathan Deal is silently advocating for U.S. Citizens to give DNA samples to his newly established National Health Registry. This, he said, can be done at birth for all future citizens. Current citizens will not be able to register their DNA without a Federally issued photo ID card. These ID cards will be available in every state except Hawaii. Hawaii isn’t really a state since no one from Hawaii signed the Declaration of Independence. Deal assured the loyal members of his new Birthers Party that although he supported long form certificates of live birth as possible proof of U.S. citizenship, only a photo ID, a DNA sample, and a proper family lineage should be considered proof.

Also, future natural-born citizens will be issued a proper Christian name at random by Homeland Security computers along with the tamper proof Federal Real-Deal photo ID card. When these future citizens reach the age of 16, a permanent tattoo will be applied to the backs of their necks. This will be a bar code and a graphic representation of the mothers DNA.

Deal says that any reasonable person will agree that the mother’s DNA, not the father’s, determines family lineage. “We can’t have all these Ghetto Grandmothers claiming Thomas Jefferson as an ancestor.” Deal went on to say that promiscuity and abortion will decline under the new laws and agencies.

“We will not have any more anchor babies popping out of illegal mothers on street corners and public restrooms.”

When confronted by a Jewish reporter, Annie Frank, ReaL Deal denied being a Nazi. “My DNA is very pure and I designed my program to be exactly the opposite of Nazism. Nazism used a number tattoo. I’m using graphics. Nazism put the tattoos on the fronts of undesirable people. My tattoos will be on the backs of desirable people. These two tattoo programs could not be more different.”

His National Health Registry will be a private owned corporation with its headquarters in Gainesville.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Glenn Richardson, GOP Speaker of the House attempted suicide

Glenn Richardson is the GOP Speaker of the House for the Georgia Legislature. He’s rather infamous for his sexual liaisons with a certain blonde lobbyist. His public affair led to a divorce. That’s no big surprise for a perennial family values candidate. Then the divorce was illegally sealed from public review. And a former law partner of Richardson personally handled the divorce case. As if that wasn’t enough ethical corruption, the case wasn’t assigned to Richardson’s friend.

So now the Gainesville Times has a story on the 911 call made by Richardson’s mother on November 8th. Richardson or his staff drafted a press release. In the press statement, Richardson confessed to having depression and getting medical treatment.

While I pity the man, who’s to blame? He wasn’t recalled to active duty in his guard or reserve unit and shipped to Afghanistan or Iraq. The man destroyed his life just for a little sex. Did he expect to get away with f–cking around with another woman, especially a woman paid to influence law makers?

Does he now remember supporting the wacko Nancy Schaefer? Nancy the Nut got campaign donations from him. She doesn’t believe in mental illness. Her reasoning? Mental illness doesn’t show up on an X-ray! Does he regret the harm his party caused thousands by supporting the Scientologist Schaefer?

Does his Party care? No. His GOP cronies re-elected Richardson as Speaker when reasonable leaders challenged Richardson.

So how about it Representative Mills and Rogers. Willing to go on the record to defend putting Nancy Schaefer in the Legislature with GOP money? Willing to go on the record about your support of sex for pay also called “aggressive issue negotiation?”

Your entire party is filled with scum. Your judgment of personal character sucks. Your silence convicts you of guilt by association.

Richardson should resign. Not because of his mental illness but because of the road he took that could have only self destruction as the destination.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Cartoon from the AJC

I think that is advice being given to Obama, not Obama being quoted. At first, I thought Obama was giving a speech on his side of the image. He's not. He's reading a report of some sort, maybe from the 'generals.'

"The Generals." Wasn't that part of some phrase used under Bush? "I'm going to listen to 'The Generals" about Iraq/Afghanistan." Ain't that a great way to avoid making a decision or being held responsible if the decision doesn't work.

Obama, want ever he does, should take full credit for being 'The Decider.' That would be some more of that change we all need. Every President is the final 'Decider' at least in the White House. Unless Alexander Haig is in charge.

I have no respect for the scapegoating of field commanders. Oh heck, maybe Field Marshall Montgomery. But he was English. But, there's been a little bit of history since ol' Monty commanded anything. Afghanistan isn't Africa or Europe of the 1940's. Our commanders in Afghanistan have been using the tools inherited from the last wars against insurgencies. After eight years of using those tools, even our newest technology hasn't changed the 'Vietnam outcome.'

We're going to leave. We'll bring home empty boots and broken bodies. We'll show pride but only in the personal sacrifices of others. Then, we'll go back to bickering about who lost the war.

Some already see war as being the last tool of diplomacy. Or a tool of governments in dispute.

When will we see it as final defensive step in the face of attack? A choice between capitulation and destruction.

There are no un-wounded ... in a war.

Friday, November 6, 2009

9th Distict Congressional race in Georgia

I'm starting a rumor about this race.

I'm the Democratic Candidate. Nathan Deal's chief of staff has convinced me to run by raising $4,000 to kick start my fund raising. Congressman Deal will soon come out with a stinging endorsement of my character and qualifications. I am working closely with secret Republican operatives to use Deal's resources to bolster my name recognition in the district. I've been using back door sources to get a lucrative contract with the State of Georgia. But I've been unable to find K.C. Cagle in a dark alley to finalized the deal.

Carl Rogers called me last night to welcome me into the Brotherhood of Scum. He's working with James Mills. Mr. Mills doubts my sincerity. To appease James, I will be hanging out at Wal-Mart late at night stalking women. The former GOP Chair in Hall County, Big Pair, is starting a blog for me. With his coaching, I will not be blogging until after the election next year.

I can see myself soon going hunting with Dick Cheney. Dick already has called Nathan. Nathan says I should take up drinking while shooting. Or was that shooters for drinking? Always, I've heard it bird shot from a sissy 28 gauge gun doesn't hurt much if you're drunk when shot.

I look forward to defending my use of the internet to research birth marks on underage FEMALE porn stars throughout the 13 counties of the 9th District.

Instead of contributions to my political funeral, please send your cash to my Swiss Banking account. And I thank Sonny Perdue to helping me get that account set up.


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I need some Good News

Top ten reasons Kasim Reed will be the next President of Atlanta.

10. Mary Norwood.
9. Mrs. Reed, a real hotty.
8. The city loses the memory cards from a dozen voting machines.
7. Kasim Reed's Fantasy Football team is beating Norwoods.
6. Reed never attended a GOP convention that he liked.
5. The Democratic Party of Georgia's State Committee Members unite to back Norwood. That ought to be reasons 5 - 1 all by itself. Judging by the Atlanta lefty blogs, the Committee members have never picked a winner in a state party election.
4. Did I mention Kasim Reeds wife is a hotty?
3. Norwood drops out of the race and throws her support to Newt. Just to be nice to Norwood, I capitalized newt.
2. Pro-Life supporters send out a mailer supporting Mary Norwood as the candidate most likely to understand women's reproductive needs.
1. Kasim Reed's wife is a hottie.