Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Don't Salute the American Flag?

I just saw this up on the Left on Lanier blog. I thought it was funny as ____!

A ‘Republican candidate for Governor’ has refused to salute the “federal flag” and pledged to fight for “the Cause.”

as a Georgian who cherishes the constitutional Republic given to us by our Founding Fathers and wishes to see it restored, I choose to salute the Georgia flag and the original Betsy Ross American flag instead of the current federal flag And remain your servant in the Cause.

There’s a emergency. Another politician swallowed his foot. Unless the South is rising again against federalism. Wasn’t and isn’t that the general meaning of the Cause in historical and Southern political terms? The Southern Cause a just uprising against a strong central government and a just cause fighting for State’s Rights?


Monday, March 15, 2010

Mike Parker is running for office


Democrats don't want me.

Republicans don't want me.

I must be perfect for the job!

I won't have to worry about pleasing a support base, opinion polls, or winning.

Ought to be easy enough. I'll just speak my mind. So when is the qualifying for Dog Catcher?

Representative James Mills, a walk down memory lane

From the email this morning, a personal memory from the 1980's when James Mills was a high school student and loved by his equals.

I recently ran across the fact that James Mills has been a state representative to the GA Assembly for more than twenty years. As someone who knew him well at Johnson High School, I can only say "poor Gainesville". Even in the early 80s, his ambition was so naked that he would say and do anything to make himself popular - especially by using his "bully" pulpit (ha ha, a not so veiled reference to his extraordinary, high profile Christianity) to sway the weak minded. Oh woe unto those who have constantly re-elected him for all I can say is do as I did: leave Gainesville at your earliest oppurtunity because it is clear that nothing has changed since the 80s.
The sane do get out.

Friday, March 12, 2010

State schools Superintendent Kathy Cox has 3 billion reasons to hate Perdue

Cox wants the state to raise ... prices for Lottery Tickets. Just 50 cents would generate $350 million.

$350 MILLION. That's just about equal to what Perdue 'borrowed' from next year to plug this years stream of red ink.

How about cutting Perdue's Horse Barn project costing $9 million, to be built, you guessed it, in Perdue's back yard. Houston County.

Or cutting Perdue's $10 million to help pay for the College Football Hall of Fame in Atlanta.

Or as funny as it is, paying off some debt? Georgia pays a cool billion in interest every year. That's over 5 percent of the budget. How did we get so far in debt with 'fiscal conservatives' like Perdue and Cagle running the government?

Nope. Obama borrowed and spent all that money.

Plus things like $47 million in new spending for OneGeorgia. OneGeorgia has one Sonny Perdue on its board. Maybe we should question the number of jobs being created by OneGeorgia. They claim to be creating 5 new jobs. Just beyond Perdue's backyard.

Perdue says we must cut things in hard times that we buy in good times. Perdue is living in good times while teachers are living in hard times. Hard Times with capital letters.

Meanwhile, Cox thinks schools would benefit from more gambling or at least more expensive gambling.

We need to gamble on new leadership in November. Oh Hell! Let's cheat and get new leadership. Cheating has become the American Way.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Oliver going to resign before Commission Meeting.

The County Commission is meeting at 5 pm today. Four Commissioners are going to take up the corruption charges against Tom Oliver. Olivers illegal contract with consultant Omega will be terminated, ending a stream of cash. So far, $75,900 is missing. Missing in that no one got a good or a service for the money.

Here's what is being posted on Left on Lanier.

Rumor has it that County Commission Chair, Tom Oliver, will resign today.

According to the Times, Oliver has paid $75,900 to a consultant who only provides verbal reports and reported only to Oliver. Oliver is facing a recall petition, probable GBI investigation, and possible FBI investigations.

An open records request from The Times for all communications and documents between the county and Cox produced only the monthly invoices since February 2006 from Cox’s Omega Consulting — no contract, no reports, no correspondence.

Maybe Oliver will pull the Real Deal resignation trick. Remember how Nathan Deal handled the federal ethics investigation? Deal announced a resignation from Congress, which ended the ethics investigation. Once that went away, Deal de-announced his resignation.

So watch the meeting tonight, either in person or live on cable. Will Oliver spare our government a lengthy criminal investigation? Has he already cut a behind the scenes immunity deal for a resignation?

Stay tuned to the Reality Show, Tom Olivers House.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Left on Lanier gets national notice

I just heard via email that Left on Lanier, a north Georgia Progressive Blog has gotten some national attention.

The Daily Kos, a national blog, listed Left on Lanier as a local Georgia blog. I guess that's a good thing.

It's not a personal endorsement from Liz Cheney ... but, Dang!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

A New Candidate for Office?

Left on Lanier is a Hall County blog that does quite well with local, state, and some national issues. I just read of my candidacy for County Commissioner at LoL.

LoL could mean 'Laugh Out Loud' or Left on Lanier. In this case, it could be either.

Yes, I've been saying that any idiot would do a better job that that Chris Lutz guy. Why? Just because he associates with Craig Fetterman* who is a certified true Conservative. That is reason enough.

But do I want to run? Yeah. I have things that need to be said. I don't want the job of County Commissioner or any other 'elected' position. Winning a debate doesn't excite me much either. Winning an election? Only a rat can win a rat race. I'm disqualified at least on DNA.

So why invest enough time and effort to at least not embarrass myself?

I don't see any pay off in being known as 'politician' in our community. Being the third nutcase on the left is a better reputation.

While I'm still thinking about how much better government could be, please remember.

The GOP has been getting elected for 30 years on a platform that says our government is the problem. And our government and our economy has gotten steadily worse for 30 years.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tiger Woods! Always first.

Couldn't help myself once I saw Bill Clinton with his pants down. This might not be politics, but two out of three cheating husbands agree. Tiger Woods is number one in public apologies.

Cartoon Fun

Just a little something on Healthcare and Washington. The GOP has been saying, "Let's Start Over!" on healthcare.

Outside of Washington, heathcare doesn't have playground do-overs. If a patient dies, they stay dead. It doesn't matter if the death was from neglect or departmental turf wars. Dead is dead. There's no starting over.

The GOP killed healthcare reform over the past 14 months by doing nothing. So to the GOP:

"You can't have a do-over if you haven't done something!"

And, to the Democrats: Eavesdrop on the message to the Republicans.

In the greatest country in the world, people are dying because insurance companies won't let doctors save lives. Period.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Flowery Branch Outreach

Much has been made of the efforts by the current Flowery Branch City Council to work with others in the community on annexation and rezoning at Gaines Ferry and McEver.

I've heard stories of over 300 homeowners being mailed.


Less than forty homeowners were contacted by mail according to an ORA response made today by the City Clerk. It might be that the city didn't have to contact the owners of adjacent properties or it might be a requirement in rezonings.

But there is no record of any other mailing besides the less than 40 homeowners living right next door to the future manufacturing plant.

Plant. That is so ironic isn't it? Council Member Craig Lutz already wants Hall County to 'redo' some plants on the other side of the possible manufacturing site. Seems the area doesn't look enough like an industrial corridor to help sell that land for manufacturing.

Let's hope the County Commission tells Craig to go play tennis.

Congressman Nathan Deal has moved his office

Transparency in government resembles muddy water on a cold winters day in Alaska.

Try finding the office of Nathan Deal in Gainesville. Seems it's moved and he didn't tell me about it.

I hope he gave the right address to the MoveOn advocates meeting with him in a parking lot on February 23.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Market Economists blow hot air

Sometimes the news is all bad and nothing can change that.

Economists must change their perspective on the ‘business cycle’ also known as the boom to bust cycle. Especially those nuts, ‘market economists.’

Market economists believe the business world self corrects as needed. Government help isn’t needed nor wanted. Anything done by by ‘outsiders’ can only harm the market. In reality, there is no market and nothing in business ’self corrects.’

Just look at the phrase, self corrects. Correct implies that a rightness and a wrongness exists. Who in God’s little green earth doesn’t believe that? But what fool expects us to believe that the same forces that create wrongness in the ‘market’ also create rightness in the market?

Only a Market Economist.

Market Economists are a lot like the captain of a sailing ship without a rudder. With no rudder the captain and the ship depend on the wind to blow in the ‘right’ direction. When it doesn’t, the captain just tells the crew and the passengers, “Don’t worry! The wind will change directions and blow us the right way. If we wait long enough….”

The bad news? These market believers still exist and continue to claim that the wind always returns and blows all of us the right way.

Hot air never blows the right way. It just blows.

Borrowed from

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

GOP cheers for France in the Olympics

If Obama cheers for the USA team, then who can the GOP cheer for?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Bible and Abortion bin Laden style

Not happy to use bin Laden's name but I needed a B for alliteration. Or was that illiteration?

Monday, February 8, 2010

Georgia Legislature gets an implant

From the AJC

A personal request

Someone asked me to recreate my comments to the Flowery Branch council.

I'm Mike Parker and I live at _____, Flowery Branch, Ga.

I thank you for allowing me the exercise my right of free speech in your spacious City Hall. (Laughter)

I'm here to represent all the people not seated in a leather swivel chair, sipping on Coca-Colas from Chick-fil-a. (Laughter)

(Looking at the city planner, James Riker) Now, you can draw all the lines you want on all the maps you've 'got,' but these are the people (gesturing), sitting here and standing outside in the cold and rain, (facing the Council and emphasizing the point by tapping the podium) but these are the people who built up the intangible wealth you call a community.

It is not (taping the podium) the job of the government to roll over for businesses or prepare the next bailout for Bank of America. (Pause) I say that (tapping podium) it is the only job of government to protect the people who made this a place where you want to live, work, and raise children. The people who came before you.

(Leaning onto podium which moved and rolled away from me) Now there was a guy outside ... Well, I promised this guy outside that I would tell you what he told me. I ain't a goin' to do that. (laughter)

(Pause) Thank you. Have a good evening.

(Turning as to walk away then turning to face the Council) And I hope to see you all in the community, some time. (A reminder that 4 of the 5 Council members live in the same unfinished subdivision and not anywhere near the newly zoned manufacturing district. )

Council Member Fetterman tries to blog. I can only hope to be as "eligant" and "gracful" as him some day.

He is here reminded that I am not a public figure and legally protected from slander and libel. So are all other anonymous bloggers. So I now ask, are you blogging as an official of the council? Which makes the city liable for your 'comments?'

Friday, February 5, 2010

Do you have a right to vote?

From Attorney General Thurbert Baker.

“The Governor’s proposal to take away people’s right to vote for four constitutional offices is simply wrong. In a state where the right to vote was fought for and advanced, it is insulting to propose taking that right away from people, especially for critical policy making positions that affect so many lives. These offices exist to serve the people, not to be political trophies for the politicians who would like to control them.”

There's a back story to this that I assumed most people knew.

The current lame duck Governor of Georgia got out his 'Sonny to do list' yesterday. From his list he picked out, "Take decision making away from the people."

The right to vote has been contested in the streets and in the battlefields. We won. We proved that monarchs and Kings have no right to appoint councilors and cardinals. Well, that was kind of way down the Right to Vote list, okay?

No one has a right to rule based on a parents station in life. And Sonny Perdue has forgotten that. He wants to amend the Georgia Constitution so that voters don't have to decide who controls executive branches. Perdue wants the future Governor to just make some appointments. These appointees will be just like the councilors and cardinals under King George of England a couple hundred years ago.

Yeah, there's quite an argument that voters just don't have the time to study all the issues or the intelligence to vote for the 'right guy.' And I did say 'guy' for a reason and not to just slam the women around these parts.

But for those who think that, why do we have a Democrat running the Attorney General's Office and a Democrat running the Department of Labor in an all red state?

Maybe Perdue et al know that voters really don't vote a straight party line. After all, we aren't just Republicans. Some of us are independent SOBs.

We fought for a right to vote. Don't let Sonny sell it.

Barwick in Flowery Branch

I asked and people answered.

People have said that Brett Barwick can be trusted, that he's sincere and well meaning. Having meet him last night, I agree with the stipulation that I've only met him once. He might be naive but I'd say that was better than cynical.

Maybe the dudes over at could cut him some slack.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Judge Thomas says criticisms of government and the Courts irresponsible

Thomas told an audience Thursday at the University of Florida law school that some of the negative comment criticizing the government and the court system "border on being irresponsible" and "run the risk in our society of undermining institutions that we need to preserve our liberties."

How's that Mr. Conservative Justice? You can't really mean that Reagan and the Conservatives have it all wrong? "The government is the problem!"

The GOP at least since Ronald Reagan have made partisan attacks on judges, courts, and all government institutions a ballot box busting mantra. Now you want it to stop?

You also want us to believe that you find politics too partisan and that partisanship keeps you from attending the State of the Union?

"I don't go [to the State of the Union] because it has become so partisan and it's very uncomfortable for a judge to sit there," he said, adding that "theres a lot that you don't hear on TV — the catcalls, the whooping and hollering and under-the-breath comments."

OH Please tell me the Congress doesn't act irresponsibly towards the President of the United State during nationally televised events?

"You Lie!"

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Did they go too far?

We all have the rights protected by the Constitution. Bloggers and blogging isn't mentioned in the Big C but we're still people, perhaps the fringe media, perhaps the press.

But we just don't know when we might be crossing the line with our humor, satire, and zeal.

I love this post over at LeftonLanier. It has a burning message that should resonant with voters and political activists every where. It shows a good understanding of politics in action, dirty politics.

But I bet someone is already screaming that they've gone too far.

Do you think so? Let me know.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Republican Blog Questions Deal's place of birth

From a post on conservative and perhaps GOP dominated, Peach Pundit. Link

I have never seen any proof that Nathan Deal is a U.S. citizen. Unlike President Obama, he has never released any records of his birth. The documentation that is publicly available leaves many things to be desired. Extensive online research turns up only an alleged birthdate and birthplace of Millen, Georgia. Who were his parents? What was the hospital? Who was the delivering doctor? These are questions that need answers.
Congressman Deal has been making a lot of political hay on the wacko "Birther Conspiracy Theory." Birthers deny the Constitution and established law. By law, any child born to American parents is an American Citizen. President Obama's mother is a citizen, therefore, all her children are citizens.

John Nathan Deal doesn't believe in that part of the law or Constitution. If he did, he'd tell people that even asking the President for a 'long form birth certificate' is just plain nuts.

Deal, who must be plain nuts, keeps insisting that 'his constituents' need to see a birth record that proves Obama was legally born an American.

Just tell your Constituents the truth. Going by the law, the President, born of an American citizen, is a citizen. Or, answer the criticism of rational GOP voters.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Modest Proposal ... from the GOP

We’re not sure if K.C. Cagle understood job creation when he proposed a task force on job creation. The task force hiring was just about all the jobs created. He should have called them Czar jobs. When they’re done wrecking the fragile remnants of the economy, we could take them out and shoot them Russian style.

Odd ideas are floating around the Gold Dome. The Gold Dome. Maybe we should strip the metal off and sell it? Republicans are ready to sell your children and environmental bonds to avoid raising taxes on cigarettes or reversing $1.2 billion in special business tax breaks.

Who had the bright idea of selling our children? A Market Economist who says he predicted the current economic crisis way back in 2002.

Oh those believers in the Invisible Hand of the Markets! Should we also open our borders to illegals? Why, YES! We should!

The exact quote was that we should not “cooperate in the persecution of illegal immigrants.” Do these Market nut cases think illegal immigrants bring a job with them as they travel?

This group of people are more like migratory workers who are drawn to economic good times and leave when the good times end.

And our children? Education doesn’t create jobs.

We’ve got education coming out of our ears. We’ve got more people going to college than at anytime in the history of the United States. If education created jobs, then there would be more jobs than we have people.

So we should take our kids out of school since it doesn’t create jobs. And put them to work to support their parents and families.

Our children can get some of those jobs being brought across our borders by those illegal immigrants.

Seems like the discussion wasn’t about creating jobs at all. None of these ideas suggest new industry, innovations in existing enterprises, or create a new segment to our economy.

Mostly business leaders want the cheapest, most uneducated, and unexperienced work force possible. And the Market Nuts are always willing to lend an economic opinion.

If these ideas are put into place by the GOP, the party of business, and the ideas don’t work, what then?

Will we be asked to eat our children to survive?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Nathan Deal kisses Congress Good Bye!

Congressman Nathan Deal appeared on Fox News yesterday. Deal, who is leaving Congress to run for Governor of Georgia, is taking a parting shot at GOP leadership. The GOP and Nathan Deal never voted for a balanced budget. That is, while Deal was a Congressman, he voted to raise spending and lower revenue. Increased spending and lowered revenue doesn’t make fiscal sense. Or as the GOP should say, it ain’t Conservative.

Deal, who’s served three decades in Congress, is wanting to cut the salaries of Congressmen that don’t balance a budget.

Hell of an idea, three decades late.

So let’s go along with his logic. If the budget isn’t balanced next year, cut health care and retirement benefits for ex-Congressman. Including Mr. Done Deal and every future Congressional retiree.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The blueprint for electorial victory in 2010

Don't run as a Democrat.

And for damn sure don't run as a Republican.

Run as Democrat with a Centrist position.

Or as a Republican who's really an Independent, a member of the secret Society also known as the Tea Party, a supporter of the FairTax, advocating for the gold standard, an auditor of the Fed, with a waterboard in your living room. And praise the late Senator Ted Kennedy as much as possible.

And never, ever call Curt Schilling an Yankees fan.

From the New York Times.

Nathan Deal, Leader of the Pack ...

We do still respect Walt Disney and all that he did to entertain us. But these Seven Dwarfs could not have entertained us even if Walt himself had staged the event.

Did everyone see Baldy the Dwarf? Eric Johnson looked like a man uncomfortable in his own skin ... or skin head. He has fallen from his lofty perch on billboards across the State. How can we not remember him decked out in a elegant business suit wearing red boxing gloves. Way back when he had hair and a dashing look. Now he resembles Dubose Porter. Twins seperated at birth?

What about the Dwarfs named Sleepy? There's a dedicated man. He promised not to sleep until he brought jobs to Georgia. He already had bags under his eyes. But he packed those bags way too soon.

How about the former SOS and her drive to create more small businesses? What shall we name her? Serfie? As in, "As governor, I will create more opportunities for boiled peanut stands, firewood sold by the stack, and an auto repair shop in every front yard." There's a good Republican slogan. "A car on concrete blocks in every front yard and boiled peanuts in every pot!" We'll all be serfs again with Serfie in the Mansion.

We could have named any of the Dwarfs, Motor Mouth. There were no slow, Southern draws in the group. Just those machine gun deliveries to get the word out. Even when silence might have been better than another wordy answer.

Poor Congressman Nathan Deal. We'd have to call him Smoothy after his slick performance in front of the cameras. He read his resume' with a straight face and the deep pride of a Great Man. "I was a small businessman." Yeah, with an exclusive State contract, protected by the Lt. Gov. K.C. Cagle. "I was a judge." Really? What was your biggest case, your O.J. Simpson murder trial? "I'm a Congressman!" We wouldn't know that, Mr. Deal, without being told. What is your signature legislation after nearly 20 years in the House of Representatives? What's your corruption rating compared to your success rate in authoring new laws? As one of the 435 most powerful people in the world, Mr. Deal, what's your legacy? Are you the Walt Disney of public servants?

Mickey Mouse rates higher. At least he intended to be funny and accomplished his goal.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Very interesting view of Gold as a store of value

One of the best blog posts of all time has an analysis of where to put your money if you want to just break even over time. It expresses how many hours the average person would work to buy gold, 'futures,' or stock.

Gold is worth 57 hrs/ounce, futures 27 hrs/ounce, and stocks (in units of a $1:$1 500 index fund) 59 hrs/share, with futures looking like the best store of value of the three. Gold is completely, absolutely, entirely worthless as a store of value, ie, almost 100% associated with market sentiment.

If we had bought gold in 1977, we would have paid with a hundred hours of labor. It would only be worth 57 hours of labor today.

So much for the gold standard.

See the post and the charts to support the conclusions here.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Campaign Reports for the Governor's Race

Campaign contribution reports are now online. The numbers aren't that surprising.

Let's not pick on the GOP's bottom feeders but Eric Johnson didn't raise enough money to stay relevant in the Governor's Race for 2010. Jeff Chapman also got a lump of coal from Santa's Campaign Helpers in December.

On the other hand, two Democratic candidates, Baker and Barners raised over $3 million! That's more than twice what Handel, Deal, Chapman, and Johnson raised together.

Barnes reported raising over $2.6 million in his December 31 report.

That is twice the amount raised by GOP front runner, the OX, aka John Oxendine. Even with the OX included, Barnes raised more money than the well known Republican names in the Governor's Race.

Our thanks to former Speaker Glenn Richardson and our lame duck Governor, Sonny 'Gone Fishin' Perdue.

Investing to get rich

Investors who have been burned by Wall Street brokers are taking control of their investment futures. Wall Street brokers couldn't see the housing crisis coming and helped cause the crisis. Psychics now will direct a huge amount of 401(k) funds and IRA's as investors look more towards the future and less towards past performance.

While psychic investment will gather a chunk of investments, monkeys are also in play.

In a recent survey of Wall Street brokers, brokers were asked, "Are your chances of becoming rich better with a broker, a psychic, an economics professor, or a monkey with an ink pen circling things in the newspaper?"

The monkey method was the choice of professionals by a margin of 4 to 1. When asked why a monkey, the monkey is the only one willing to take the risk in this market.

Despite the obvious humor, Georgia's taxpayers have been using the monkey method since 2003. The Legislature debates this method forty days every year.

Expect this years debate to question the intelligence of the monkey with a strong push being made for using Bulldogs and Bees.

However, monkey business under the Dome will continue at least for this year.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

More closed door government from the GOP

News flash at the Gainesville Times online edition. Our 9th District Congressman is unhappy with government. Poor man. He is the government! Or that’s what we should expect from a Congressman.

But to give the great man his due, he’s unhappy with being shut out of government by the Democrats in Congress. Seems the GOP minority isn’t ‘calling the shots’ behind closed doors anymore.

The very small irony in Congressman Deal’s moving and emotional statements? He made them at a closed to the public event held today at the Hall County Chamber of Commerce.

Thank you, Nathan Deal. You’ve made it very clear that GOP government will always be done behind closed doors. Just like the GOP handling of the Richardson Affair in Atlanta and the Cheney secret meetings with Enron type CEOs to make energy policy.

So don’t expect the voters to have empathy, Mr. Deal. With your closed door meetings, Tom Oliver’s decision to make a State of Hall County Address for $15 per head and by reservation only, and Sonny Perdue’s efforts to hand pick an ‘appointee’ to Speaker of the House and Secretary of State, who do you expect to feel sorry for you? The voter’s put the GOP out of power.

As for me? You can kiss my grits. So can anyone that enables your closed door government.