Friday, January 29, 2010

Republican Blog Questions Deal's place of birth

From a post on conservative and perhaps GOP dominated, Peach Pundit. Link

I have never seen any proof that Nathan Deal is a U.S. citizen. Unlike President Obama, he has never released any records of his birth. The documentation that is publicly available leaves many things to be desired. Extensive online research turns up only an alleged birthdate and birthplace of Millen, Georgia. Who were his parents? What was the hospital? Who was the delivering doctor? These are questions that need answers.
Congressman Deal has been making a lot of political hay on the wacko "Birther Conspiracy Theory." Birthers deny the Constitution and established law. By law, any child born to American parents is an American Citizen. President Obama's mother is a citizen, therefore, all her children are citizens.

John Nathan Deal doesn't believe in that part of the law or Constitution. If he did, he'd tell people that even asking the President for a 'long form birth certificate' is just plain nuts.

Deal, who must be plain nuts, keeps insisting that 'his constituents' need to see a birth record that proves Obama was legally born an American.

Just tell your Constituents the truth. Going by the law, the President, born of an American citizen, is a citizen. Or, answer the criticism of rational GOP voters.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Modest Proposal ... from the GOP

We’re not sure if K.C. Cagle understood job creation when he proposed a task force on job creation. The task force hiring was just about all the jobs created. He should have called them Czar jobs. When they’re done wrecking the fragile remnants of the economy, we could take them out and shoot them Russian style.

Odd ideas are floating around the Gold Dome. The Gold Dome. Maybe we should strip the metal off and sell it? Republicans are ready to sell your children and environmental bonds to avoid raising taxes on cigarettes or reversing $1.2 billion in special business tax breaks.

Who had the bright idea of selling our children? A Market Economist who says he predicted the current economic crisis way back in 2002.

Oh those believers in the Invisible Hand of the Markets! Should we also open our borders to illegals? Why, YES! We should!

The exact quote was that we should not “cooperate in the persecution of illegal immigrants.” Do these Market nut cases think illegal immigrants bring a job with them as they travel?

This group of people are more like migratory workers who are drawn to economic good times and leave when the good times end.

And our children? Education doesn’t create jobs.

We’ve got education coming out of our ears. We’ve got more people going to college than at anytime in the history of the United States. If education created jobs, then there would be more jobs than we have people.

So we should take our kids out of school since it doesn’t create jobs. And put them to work to support their parents and families.

Our children can get some of those jobs being brought across our borders by those illegal immigrants.

Seems like the discussion wasn’t about creating jobs at all. None of these ideas suggest new industry, innovations in existing enterprises, or create a new segment to our economy.

Mostly business leaders want the cheapest, most uneducated, and unexperienced work force possible. And the Market Nuts are always willing to lend an economic opinion.

If these ideas are put into place by the GOP, the party of business, and the ideas don’t work, what then?

Will we be asked to eat our children to survive?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Nathan Deal kisses Congress Good Bye!

Congressman Nathan Deal appeared on Fox News yesterday. Deal, who is leaving Congress to run for Governor of Georgia, is taking a parting shot at GOP leadership. The GOP and Nathan Deal never voted for a balanced budget. That is, while Deal was a Congressman, he voted to raise spending and lower revenue. Increased spending and lowered revenue doesn’t make fiscal sense. Or as the GOP should say, it ain’t Conservative.

Deal, who’s served three decades in Congress, is wanting to cut the salaries of Congressmen that don’t balance a budget.

Hell of an idea, three decades late.

So let’s go along with his logic. If the budget isn’t balanced next year, cut health care and retirement benefits for ex-Congressman. Including Mr. Done Deal and every future Congressional retiree.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The blueprint for electorial victory in 2010

Don't run as a Democrat.

And for damn sure don't run as a Republican.

Run as Democrat with a Centrist position.

Or as a Republican who's really an Independent, a member of the secret Society also known as the Tea Party, a supporter of the FairTax, advocating for the gold standard, an auditor of the Fed, with a waterboard in your living room. And praise the late Senator Ted Kennedy as much as possible.

And never, ever call Curt Schilling an Yankees fan.

From the New York Times.

Nathan Deal, Leader of the Pack ...

We do still respect Walt Disney and all that he did to entertain us. But these Seven Dwarfs could not have entertained us even if Walt himself had staged the event.

Did everyone see Baldy the Dwarf? Eric Johnson looked like a man uncomfortable in his own skin ... or skin head. He has fallen from his lofty perch on billboards across the State. How can we not remember him decked out in a elegant business suit wearing red boxing gloves. Way back when he had hair and a dashing look. Now he resembles Dubose Porter. Twins seperated at birth?

What about the Dwarfs named Sleepy? There's a dedicated man. He promised not to sleep until he brought jobs to Georgia. He already had bags under his eyes. But he packed those bags way too soon.

How about the former SOS and her drive to create more small businesses? What shall we name her? Serfie? As in, "As governor, I will create more opportunities for boiled peanut stands, firewood sold by the stack, and an auto repair shop in every front yard." There's a good Republican slogan. "A car on concrete blocks in every front yard and boiled peanuts in every pot!" We'll all be serfs again with Serfie in the Mansion.

We could have named any of the Dwarfs, Motor Mouth. There were no slow, Southern draws in the group. Just those machine gun deliveries to get the word out. Even when silence might have been better than another wordy answer.

Poor Congressman Nathan Deal. We'd have to call him Smoothy after his slick performance in front of the cameras. He read his resume' with a straight face and the deep pride of a Great Man. "I was a small businessman." Yeah, with an exclusive State contract, protected by the Lt. Gov. K.C. Cagle. "I was a judge." Really? What was your biggest case, your O.J. Simpson murder trial? "I'm a Congressman!" We wouldn't know that, Mr. Deal, without being told. What is your signature legislation after nearly 20 years in the House of Representatives? What's your corruption rating compared to your success rate in authoring new laws? As one of the 435 most powerful people in the world, Mr. Deal, what's your legacy? Are you the Walt Disney of public servants?

Mickey Mouse rates higher. At least he intended to be funny and accomplished his goal.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Very interesting view of Gold as a store of value

One of the best blog posts of all time has an analysis of where to put your money if you want to just break even over time. It expresses how many hours the average person would work to buy gold, 'futures,' or stock.

Gold is worth 57 hrs/ounce, futures 27 hrs/ounce, and stocks (in units of a $1:$1 500 index fund) 59 hrs/share, with futures looking like the best store of value of the three. Gold is completely, absolutely, entirely worthless as a store of value, ie, almost 100% associated with market sentiment.

If we had bought gold in 1977, we would have paid with a hundred hours of labor. It would only be worth 57 hours of labor today.

So much for the gold standard.

See the post and the charts to support the conclusions here.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Campaign Reports for the Governor's Race

Campaign contribution reports are now online. The numbers aren't that surprising.

Let's not pick on the GOP's bottom feeders but Eric Johnson didn't raise enough money to stay relevant in the Governor's Race for 2010. Jeff Chapman also got a lump of coal from Santa's Campaign Helpers in December.

On the other hand, two Democratic candidates, Baker and Barners raised over $3 million! That's more than twice what Handel, Deal, Chapman, and Johnson raised together.

Barnes reported raising over $2.6 million in his December 31 report.

That is twice the amount raised by GOP front runner, the OX, aka John Oxendine. Even with the OX included, Barnes raised more money than the well known Republican names in the Governor's Race.

Our thanks to former Speaker Glenn Richardson and our lame duck Governor, Sonny 'Gone Fishin' Perdue.

Investing to get rich

Investors who have been burned by Wall Street brokers are taking control of their investment futures. Wall Street brokers couldn't see the housing crisis coming and helped cause the crisis. Psychics now will direct a huge amount of 401(k) funds and IRA's as investors look more towards the future and less towards past performance.

While psychic investment will gather a chunk of investments, monkeys are also in play.

In a recent survey of Wall Street brokers, brokers were asked, "Are your chances of becoming rich better with a broker, a psychic, an economics professor, or a monkey with an ink pen circling things in the newspaper?"

The monkey method was the choice of professionals by a margin of 4 to 1. When asked why a monkey, the monkey is the only one willing to take the risk in this market.

Despite the obvious humor, Georgia's taxpayers have been using the monkey method since 2003. The Legislature debates this method forty days every year.

Expect this years debate to question the intelligence of the monkey with a strong push being made for using Bulldogs and Bees.

However, monkey business under the Dome will continue at least for this year.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

More closed door government from the GOP

News flash at the Gainesville Times online edition. Our 9th District Congressman is unhappy with government. Poor man. He is the government! Or that’s what we should expect from a Congressman.

But to give the great man his due, he’s unhappy with being shut out of government by the Democrats in Congress. Seems the GOP minority isn’t ‘calling the shots’ behind closed doors anymore.

The very small irony in Congressman Deal’s moving and emotional statements? He made them at a closed to the public event held today at the Hall County Chamber of Commerce.

Thank you, Nathan Deal. You’ve made it very clear that GOP government will always be done behind closed doors. Just like the GOP handling of the Richardson Affair in Atlanta and the Cheney secret meetings with Enron type CEOs to make energy policy.

So don’t expect the voters to have empathy, Mr. Deal. With your closed door meetings, Tom Oliver’s decision to make a State of Hall County Address for $15 per head and by reservation only, and Sonny Perdue’s efforts to hand pick an ‘appointee’ to Speaker of the House and Secretary of State, who do you expect to feel sorry for you? The voter’s put the GOP out of power.

As for me? You can kiss my grits. So can anyone that enables your closed door government.