Friday, February 19, 2010

Flowery Branch Outreach

Much has been made of the efforts by the current Flowery Branch City Council to work with others in the community on annexation and rezoning at Gaines Ferry and McEver.

I've heard stories of over 300 homeowners being mailed.


Less than forty homeowners were contacted by mail according to an ORA response made today by the City Clerk. It might be that the city didn't have to contact the owners of adjacent properties or it might be a requirement in rezonings.

But there is no record of any other mailing besides the less than 40 homeowners living right next door to the future manufacturing plant.

Plant. That is so ironic isn't it? Council Member Craig Lutz already wants Hall County to 'redo' some plants on the other side of the possible manufacturing site. Seems the area doesn't look enough like an industrial corridor to help sell that land for manufacturing.

Let's hope the County Commission tells Craig to go play tennis.

Congressman Nathan Deal has moved his office

Transparency in government resembles muddy water on a cold winters day in Alaska.

Try finding the office of Nathan Deal in Gainesville. Seems it's moved and he didn't tell me about it.

I hope he gave the right address to the MoveOn advocates meeting with him in a parking lot on February 23.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Market Economists blow hot air

Sometimes the news is all bad and nothing can change that.

Economists must change their perspective on the ‘business cycle’ also known as the boom to bust cycle. Especially those nuts, ‘market economists.’

Market economists believe the business world self corrects as needed. Government help isn’t needed nor wanted. Anything done by by ‘outsiders’ can only harm the market. In reality, there is no market and nothing in business ’self corrects.’

Just look at the phrase, self corrects. Correct implies that a rightness and a wrongness exists. Who in God’s little green earth doesn’t believe that? But what fool expects us to believe that the same forces that create wrongness in the ‘market’ also create rightness in the market?

Only a Market Economist.

Market Economists are a lot like the captain of a sailing ship without a rudder. With no rudder the captain and the ship depend on the wind to blow in the ‘right’ direction. When it doesn’t, the captain just tells the crew and the passengers, “Don’t worry! The wind will change directions and blow us the right way. If we wait long enough….”

The bad news? These market believers still exist and continue to claim that the wind always returns and blows all of us the right way.

Hot air never blows the right way. It just blows.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

GOP cheers for France in the Olympics

If Obama cheers for the USA team, then who can the GOP cheer for?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Bible and Abortion bin Laden style

Not happy to use bin Laden's name but I needed a B for alliteration. Or was that illiteration?

Monday, February 8, 2010

Georgia Legislature gets an implant

From the AJC

A personal request

Someone asked me to recreate my comments to the Flowery Branch council.

I'm Mike Parker and I live at _____, Flowery Branch, Ga.

I thank you for allowing me the exercise my right of free speech in your spacious City Hall. (Laughter)

I'm here to represent all the people not seated in a leather swivel chair, sipping on Coca-Colas from Chick-fil-a. (Laughter)

(Looking at the city planner, James Riker) Now, you can draw all the lines you want on all the maps you've 'got,' but these are the people (gesturing), sitting here and standing outside in the cold and rain, (facing the Council and emphasizing the point by tapping the podium) but these are the people who built up the intangible wealth you call a community.

It is not (taping the podium) the job of the government to roll over for businesses or prepare the next bailout for Bank of America. (Pause) I say that (tapping podium) it is the only job of government to protect the people who made this a place where you want to live, work, and raise children. The people who came before you.

(Leaning onto podium which moved and rolled away from me) Now there was a guy outside ... Well, I promised this guy outside that I would tell you what he told me. I ain't a goin' to do that. (laughter)

(Pause) Thank you. Have a good evening.

(Turning as to walk away then turning to face the Council) And I hope to see you all in the community, some time. (A reminder that 4 of the 5 Council members live in the same unfinished subdivision and not anywhere near the newly zoned manufacturing district. )

Council Member Fetterman tries to blog. I can only hope to be as "eligant" and "gracful" as him some day.

He is here reminded that I am not a public figure and legally protected from slander and libel. So are all other anonymous bloggers. So I now ask, are you blogging as an official of the council? Which makes the city liable for your 'comments?'

Friday, February 5, 2010

Do you have a right to vote?

From Attorney General Thurbert Baker.

“The Governor’s proposal to take away people’s right to vote for four constitutional offices is simply wrong. In a state where the right to vote was fought for and advanced, it is insulting to propose taking that right away from people, especially for critical policy making positions that affect so many lives. These offices exist to serve the people, not to be political trophies for the politicians who would like to control them.”

There's a back story to this that I assumed most people knew.

The current lame duck Governor of Georgia got out his 'Sonny to do list' yesterday. From his list he picked out, "Take decision making away from the people."

The right to vote has been contested in the streets and in the battlefields. We won. We proved that monarchs and Kings have no right to appoint councilors and cardinals. Well, that was kind of way down the Right to Vote list, okay?

No one has a right to rule based on a parents station in life. And Sonny Perdue has forgotten that. He wants to amend the Georgia Constitution so that voters don't have to decide who controls executive branches. Perdue wants the future Governor to just make some appointments. These appointees will be just like the councilors and cardinals under King George of England a couple hundred years ago.

Yeah, there's quite an argument that voters just don't have the time to study all the issues or the intelligence to vote for the 'right guy.' And I did say 'guy' for a reason and not to just slam the women around these parts.

But for those who think that, why do we have a Democrat running the Attorney General's Office and a Democrat running the Department of Labor in an all red state?

Maybe Perdue et al know that voters really don't vote a straight party line. After all, we aren't just Republicans. Some of us are independent SOBs.

We fought for a right to vote. Don't let Sonny sell it.

Barwick in Flowery Branch

I asked and people answered.

People have said that Brett Barwick can be trusted, that he's sincere and well meaning. Having meet him last night, I agree with the stipulation that I've only met him once. He might be naive but I'd say that was better than cynical.

Maybe the dudes over at could cut him some slack.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Judge Thomas says criticisms of government and the Courts irresponsible

Thomas told an audience Thursday at the University of Florida law school that some of the negative comment criticizing the government and the court system "border on being irresponsible" and "run the risk in our society of undermining institutions that we need to preserve our liberties."

How's that Mr. Conservative Justice? You can't really mean that Reagan and the Conservatives have it all wrong? "The government is the problem!"

The GOP at least since Ronald Reagan have made partisan attacks on judges, courts, and all government institutions a ballot box busting mantra. Now you want it to stop?

You also want us to believe that you find politics too partisan and that partisanship keeps you from attending the State of the Union?

"I don't go [to the State of the Union] because it has become so partisan and it's very uncomfortable for a judge to sit there," he said, adding that "theres a lot that you don't hear on TV — the catcalls, the whooping and hollering and under-the-breath comments."

OH Please tell me the Congress doesn't act irresponsibly towards the President of the United State during nationally televised events?

"You Lie!"

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Did they go too far?

We all have the rights protected by the Constitution. Bloggers and blogging isn't mentioned in the Big C but we're still people, perhaps the fringe media, perhaps the press.

But we just don't know when we might be crossing the line with our humor, satire, and zeal.

I love this post over at LeftonLanier. It has a burning message that should resonant with voters and political activists every where. It shows a good understanding of politics in action, dirty politics.

But I bet someone is already screaming that they've gone too far.

Do you think so? Let me know.