Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Don't Salute the American Flag?

I just saw this up on the Left on Lanier blog. I thought it was funny as ____!

A ‘Republican candidate for Governor’ has refused to salute the “federal flag” and pledged to fight for “the Cause.”

as a Georgian who cherishes the constitutional Republic given to us by our Founding Fathers and wishes to see it restored, I choose to salute the Georgia flag and the original Betsy Ross American flag instead of the current federal flag And remain your servant in the Cause.

There’s a emergency. Another politician swallowed his foot. Unless the South is rising again against federalism. Wasn’t and isn’t that the general meaning of the Cause in historical and Southern political terms? The Southern Cause a just uprising against a strong central government and a just cause fighting for State’s Rights?


Monday, March 15, 2010

Mike Parker is running for office


Democrats don't want me.

Republicans don't want me.

I must be perfect for the job!

I won't have to worry about pleasing a support base, opinion polls, or winning.

Ought to be easy enough. I'll just speak my mind. So when is the qualifying for Dog Catcher?

Representative James Mills, a walk down memory lane

From the email this morning, a personal memory from the 1980's when James Mills was a high school student and loved by his equals.

I recently ran across the fact that James Mills has been a state representative to the GA Assembly for more than twenty years. As someone who knew him well at Johnson High School, I can only say "poor Gainesville". Even in the early 80s, his ambition was so naked that he would say and do anything to make himself popular - especially by using his "bully" pulpit (ha ha, a not so veiled reference to his extraordinary, high profile Christianity) to sway the weak minded. Oh woe unto those who have constantly re-elected him for all I can say is do as I did: leave Gainesville at your earliest oppurtunity because it is clear that nothing has changed since the 80s.
The sane do get out.

Friday, March 12, 2010

State schools Superintendent Kathy Cox has 3 billion reasons to hate Perdue

Cox wants the state to raise ... prices for Lottery Tickets. Just 50 cents would generate $350 million.

$350 MILLION. That's just about equal to what Perdue 'borrowed' from next year to plug this years stream of red ink.

How about cutting Perdue's Horse Barn project costing $9 million, to be built, you guessed it, in Perdue's back yard. Houston County.

Or cutting Perdue's $10 million to help pay for the College Football Hall of Fame in Atlanta.

Or as funny as it is, paying off some debt? Georgia pays a cool billion in interest every year. That's over 5 percent of the budget. How did we get so far in debt with 'fiscal conservatives' like Perdue and Cagle running the government?

Nope. Obama borrowed and spent all that money.

Plus things like $47 million in new spending for OneGeorgia. OneGeorgia has one Sonny Perdue on its board. Maybe we should question the number of jobs being created by OneGeorgia. They claim to be creating 5 new jobs. Just beyond Perdue's backyard.

Perdue says we must cut things in hard times that we buy in good times. Perdue is living in good times while teachers are living in hard times. Hard Times with capital letters.

Meanwhile, Cox thinks schools would benefit from more gambling or at least more expensive gambling.

We need to gamble on new leadership in November. Oh Hell! Let's cheat and get new leadership. Cheating has become the American Way.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Oliver going to resign before Commission Meeting.

The County Commission is meeting at 5 pm today. Four Commissioners are going to take up the corruption charges against Tom Oliver. Olivers illegal contract with consultant Omega will be terminated, ending a stream of cash. So far, $75,900 is missing. Missing in that no one got a good or a service for the money.

Here's what is being posted on Left on Lanier.

Rumor has it that County Commission Chair, Tom Oliver, will resign today.

According to the Times, Oliver has paid $75,900 to a consultant who only provides verbal reports and reported only to Oliver. Oliver is facing a recall petition, probable GBI investigation, and possible FBI investigations.

An open records request from The Times for all communications and documents between the county and Cox produced only the monthly invoices since February 2006 from Cox’s Omega Consulting — no contract, no reports, no correspondence.

Maybe Oliver will pull the Real Deal resignation trick. Remember how Nathan Deal handled the federal ethics investigation? Deal announced a resignation from Congress, which ended the ethics investigation. Once that went away, Deal de-announced his resignation.

So watch the meeting tonight, either in person or live on cable. Will Oliver spare our government a lengthy criminal investigation? Has he already cut a behind the scenes immunity deal for a resignation?

Stay tuned to the Reality Show, Tom Olivers House.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Left on Lanier gets national notice

I just heard via email that Left on Lanier, a north Georgia Progressive Blog has gotten some national attention.

The Daily Kos, a national blog, listed Left on Lanier as a local Georgia blog. I guess that's a good thing.

It's not a personal endorsement from Liz Cheney ... but, Dang!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

A New Candidate for Office?

Left on Lanier is a Hall County blog that does quite well with local, state, and some national issues. I just read of my candidacy for County Commissioner at LoL.

LoL could mean 'Laugh Out Loud' or Left on Lanier. In this case, it could be either.

Yes, I've been saying that any idiot would do a better job that that Chris Lutz guy. Why? Just because he associates with Craig Fetterman* who is a certified true Conservative. That is reason enough.

But do I want to run? Yeah. I have things that need to be said. I don't want the job of County Commissioner or any other 'elected' position. Winning a debate doesn't excite me much either. Winning an election? Only a rat can win a rat race. I'm disqualified at least on DNA.

So why invest enough time and effort to at least not embarrass myself?

I don't see any pay off in being known as 'politician' in our community. Being the third nutcase on the left is a better reputation.

While I'm still thinking about how much better government could be, please remember.

The GOP has been getting elected for 30 years on a platform that says our government is the problem. And our government and our economy has gotten steadily worse for 30 years.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tiger Woods! Always first.

Couldn't help myself once I saw Bill Clinton with his pants down. This might not be politics, but two out of three cheating husbands agree. Tiger Woods is number one in public apologies.

Cartoon Fun

Just a little something on Healthcare and Washington. The GOP has been saying, "Let's Start Over!" on healthcare.

Outside of Washington, heathcare doesn't have playground do-overs. If a patient dies, they stay dead. It doesn't matter if the death was from neglect or departmental turf wars. Dead is dead. There's no starting over.

The GOP killed healthcare reform over the past 14 months by doing nothing. So to the GOP:

"You can't have a do-over if you haven't done something!"

And, to the Democrats: Eavesdrop on the message to the Republicans.

In the greatest country in the world, people are dying because insurance companies won't let doctors save lives. Period.