Monday, September 30, 2013

The Daily Deal soon to get his Day in Court?

The Atlanta Journal is reporting our state Ethics Commission has borrowed a pair. View here About time. Now can we get a fair trial?

Friday, September 27, 2013

Why do I support taking from one to give to another?

I was asked this today. Here's my little answer.

I thank you for asking this question. It’s a misconception that ‘I’ think stealing is good. Or that taking from one and giving to another as a government function is a basic principle of mine.

Here’s my assumption.

You see any government benefit program as taking from one and as a giving to another. Most are not and I support all of those.

I could make a big list but I consider fire and safety funding as taxing all for the benefit of only those in need. Not a taking from one and giving to another.

The Justice system is funded the same way.

I’ve made fun of conservatives by using the Justice system as an example. My favorite ploy is asking, "Who pays for a murder trial? If not society, then the dead? Or, the family of the victim? No. Society pays for the investigation, trial, and providing punishment. And society pays millions of dollars to do this."

I find your question just bad semantics or political talking points. But, that’s a point of view from me knowing I can never pay enough in taxes for what I’ve gotten as a US citizen.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Is the US government Hell on Earth as conservatives say?

I've said that government is not a Waffle House. A place where you select from a menu and pay by a menu. I'll try making it a single bank.
A single, world wide US dollar based bank. All dollars come from it. There's no other source of dollar bills. Please look at this as being an example of a BANK then compare it to a government. It's a difficult concept. No. It's simple. If you connect anything to this example other than a bank, you're doing it wrong.
That bank creates and maintains an entire financial system 24/7/365 everywhere on the globe. Everything associated with money passes through the bank. Every expense is paid from vault cash. Advertising. Rent. Water. Sewer. Remodeling. Pencils. Pens. Erasers. Wages. Retirement. Janitors. Windex. Paper clips. Wages. Repairs. Having the grass cut. Landscaping. Dividends. Bonuses. Stock options. Toilet paper. Soap. Coffee in the break room. Microwave to warm up food. Training. Professional memberships like the Chamber of Commerce. Medical benefits. A Christmas party. Holiday pay. Heating. Cooling. Everything is paid from vault cash. That's a bank.
Now I walk in holding a single dollar bill. "HEY! You basterds over charged me because I didn't get invited to the Christmas Party. You over charged me by wasting paper clips, putting coffee and microwaves in the break room. Heck! Having a break room is waste!"
Even if I have a billion dollar bills in my hand, I don't own the bank. Run it. Manage it.
I am a part of the global financial system since I use dollars. I was forcibly opted in at birth. Forever associated with the bank. Unable to ever divorce myself from their way of doing business.
Moving to a system/shadows of governments and your question about hypocrisy.
I'm sure there are lots of things done by governments which are opposed by the 'ruled.' Let's just agree to that as a fact. NO ONE LIKES everything. Another way of saying the world isn't perfect. Banks aren't perfect. Governments aren't perfect. People aren't perfect. Hell, even you and I aren't perfect unless we are grading A holes.
You are opposed to the system. I'm assuming system means the US government. I'd rather think you are opposed to parts of it.
So if you are not opposed to the US government and seeking to destroy it by any means, I'll keep going.
MHO, it is the worst hypocrisy to measure the value of government by individual examples. i.e. "I paid a dollar in taxes. I didn't get any welfare check so I should get a dollar tax refund." "I paid a dollar in taxes and opposed the Iraq invasion so I should get a two dollar tax refund." "I have a billion dollars in my hand so you should kiss my ashe."

What we are lacking in this ... is a way to measure the value of government. Other than taxes and dollars and the use of paper clips.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Freedom of the press and another mess

I’ve been thinking about the Times photographer arrested for obstruction. The story seems pretty simple. The photographer had every right to do his reporting job and keep the public informed. The police had every right to investigate the scene, protect the evidence, and preserve the dignity of the decreased. Things went wrong when these rights seemingly conflicted. Here’s how to resolve the current situation. Drop the charges against the photographer. Don’t make a press release or createa media event. Just let him go. He demanded to be arrested. He got his wish. He’s enjoyed the existential experience. Let’s get him out of the justice system before he asks a judge to throw the book at him. We can call this the One Wish per Citizen Policy. The two police officers went above and beyond the call of duty with this wish fulfillment effort. They need to be an example to the rest of the force. I’d say they qualify for additional sensitivity training. That will look good on their service records and resume’s. Plus, they can share their new diplomatic skills with management and supervisors. That ought to improve communication. We can call that the Free Speech for Police Policy. But, I’ve only addressed the people mentioned in the paper. There could be people standing in the shadows of these events. Let’s share a few words for them. Stupidity might be hereditary but it isn’t contagious. If you’re stupid enough to have pushed this event into conflict forcing an arrest, smarter people will figure that out. And, there are lots of smart people in this town. So get the man out of the justice system. Make our officers better communicators. And, let’s find the stupid people who always seem to be circling around the gray shadows of community conflicts.

Medical center cutting employees and benefits while building new hospital

There's a Times story at about the medical center cutting employee benefits. Specifically, they are cutting about 14 employees and closing the daycare center.

My issue is how the changes hurt employees at a time when the hospital is spending on expansion in South Hall with $200 million in bond guarantees from Hall County taxpayers. And, on financial numbers being published on the web.

So who failed to plan for this in the budget? Not the employees who are being hurt by the change.

When the medical center had their public hearings on financing the new hospital, they estimated saving $17 million in financing costs with the county's backing. Not to mention the road widening from the state. Hey, Mr. Hospital Administrator, exactly how many traffic lanes do you need in front of your 100 bed hospital? Six? Six it is then!

Done Deal.

What is the current financial status of the hospital?

The latest information ( on the medical center (2010) shows close to a billion dollars in assets ($934,950,982). Investment income was $10.7 million!!!!! Over $23 million listed as 'securities.' Net off revenue minus expenses was $77,646,814!!!!!!!!!!!

And the medical center couldn't let that number drop to $77,346,814 for what reason?

I can't use the expletive needed to respond fully to this tough decision made by senior management after due diligence.


See the story at

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Horses in politics

The GOP has it's elephant.

The Dems own a donkey.

Libertarians have half a horse.

Some need the front half to go with the back they already own.

Others had the horse cut length wise and remain half of a horse's ass.