Friday, November 22, 2013

Red Rabbit, public transportation in Hall County

Hall County's Public transportation system is known as the Red Rabbit.

The Hall County Board of Commissioners hate it. Have been trying to destroy it. Nearly did so by raising ticket prices, cutting out free transfers, and reducing routes.

They really couldn't find a reason to do that except that the system didn't benefit county taxpayers, just people in Gainesville.

Odd. All people within Hall County pay taxes into the general funds, sales taxes which go to the county, and versions of SPLOST.

So the citizens of Gainesville were and are paying county taxes and getting nothing. Hall County was complaining about them being 'free riders.' That's sort of an economic term which fits really good in this transportation context.

So the city took over the Red Rabbit.

I'm damn glad.

See this link to the Gainesville Times for the success story.

Take a good look at the rider who blesses God for the Red Rabbit. Using a taxi would cost that man $20 a ride. The Red Rabbit, no more than a dollar each ride.

To me, that $19 difference is going to be spent with local merchants for food, clothes, medicine. If it goes to the taxi company? Tires, oil, gas ....

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