Monday, March 31, 2014

John R. Lott, Darling baby of the NRA

Jerry Callahan in his March 27th letter to the Times mentions the work of John R. Lott as the final word in guns and crime. Lott’s empirical work, on face value, was good. Many social scientists would agree that it stimulated others to examine the subject of Right to Carry (RTC) laws and any relationship with crime. When re-examined, Lott’s data shows that crime increases as RTC laws are passed.

In 2004, the National Research Council reviewed Lott’s work stating, “The initial model specification, when extended to new data, does not show evidence that passage of right-to-carry laws reduces crime. No link between right-to-carry laws and changes in crime is apparent in the raw data, even in the initial sample; it is only once numerous covariates are included [by Lott] that the negative results in the early data emerge.”

In August of 2012, NBER Working Paper No. 18294 found that aggravated assault rises when RTC laws are adopted. Further, RTC laws increase crime in six out of the seven crime categories.

In 2002, the Violence Policy Center studied Texans with a RTC permit. They discovered that 41 of 150,000 permit holders were arrested for murder or attempted murder over a 5 year period. The average permit holder was a white male living in an area with above average income and education levels, and which is composed predominantly of non-Hispanic whites. This suggests that permit holders, as a group, commit murder more often than any similar group selected at random.

But, let’s use real world comparisons and common sense.

Chicago has far stronger guns control laws than Atlanta. So by Lott’s rational, Atlanta should have less crime. That’s not true. Atlanta has a higher rate of murder and robbery per 100,000 than Chicago. Aggravated assault rates are more than 75% higher. Property crime is 55% higher. Burglary is 68% higher. And motor vehicle thefts are 85% higher. You are safer in Chicago with its gun control laws than in Atlanta with its Right to Carry laws.

It’s common sense. When there are more guns, there's more crime.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Who said that?

"If Obama's reelected and he continues on this course, among many other things, of the welfare state, but also in this foolish green energy, the solar and wind, sorry, we're doomed. If he continues this vendetta against fossil fuels. 'Cause that's our salvation."

A. The Canadian Chamber of Commerce
B. Dick Cheney
C. Sarah Palin
D. Rush Limbaugh

If you said, ...

Rush, then you'll love this quote from him:

RUSH: "'[I]f the Republican Party can't win in this environment, it has to get out of politics.'" I'm gonna ask the question again: If Obama wins, how long do we have, folks -- I'm serious -- before economic collapse, before economic implosion? What happens to the Republican Party if Obama wins? I think it's serious. The welfare state is collapsing all around us. I don't think... There are people that realize that we can't go on this way. I'm not sure how many people realize how close we are to the collapse of the US financial system."

Back in September of 2012.

How about 2008 predictions?

"Obama isn't cutting taxes for the poor, because they don't pay any.

Instead, he's planning to make it so expensive to generate electricity that only the rich can afford to use their appliances whenever they want."

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Life after the 2008 Election or how things look after Obama

I just got home from the store. They are still backordered on the .22 caliber ammo until Ramadan. How odd. They have boxes and boxes of .17 calibre but no rifles that will shoot it.

My second wife and I took a walk in the woods while my first wife cooked goat stew. Without being obvious on my walks, I always check my weapons stash. Nothing appears disturbed, not even the booby trapped Bible.

We checked the mailbox since it's delivery day. The snail mail runs twice a month. I was hoping my African Congress passport would arrive today. No Luck.

I did get a copy of the Koran Today news. It's required reading so I had to get out my genuine Brotherhood reading mat, lay at the mailbox and read it immediately.

After the goat stew, I will attend tonight's Islamic Initiation class. The last one to arrive gets to be the Infidel on Friday. Must be on time or loose my head later. If I'm the first one to arrive 30 days in a row, I get nominated to Death Squad status. This is a highly prized opportunity.

If I can make it, I'll have job security at the hospital. These days the hospital is pretty empty. It's another miracle of ObamaCare. Just letting people know that your neighbor might be on your death panel/treatment schedule keeps the sick at home.

Someday, my children will look back upon these hard times and see what might have been if Palin had won in 2008. Thank the U.N. for Obama!

Now, I must extinguish my candle. I don't want to burn up all my cat tallow on one journey entry.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Fallacies of market economics and its conflict with justice

Well crap!

I ran out of reading material in the bathroom. With no more science fiction to read, I'm reading a new kind of fiction.

Market economics.

Here's what I've learned so far.

There's no justice in the market.

It was like an electric shock when this idea popped into my head. Here's the example which should be explored by others.

Somewhere there's a city square and people trade for foods and other items. Let's concentrate on food.

A man has apples for sale which means he has surplus apples and would like to eat other kinds of fruit or food.

Another man wants apples and offers to trade peaches for apples.

A fair bargain is reached where both get equal value. A peach is worth an apple.

Wow. Big deal. Where and when does anyone make money in a fair market? Answer: No one makes money in a free and fair market.

There can only be profit in the 'market' when one side finds advantage in the trade.

No justice in deceiving others. Is there?

Monday, March 24, 2014

GOP regulates Vidalia Onions. Activist judge says No.

As if we've done everything that we can do in Georgia to destroy our national image.

Now, we're regulating farmers and when they can harvest their crops.

How is that smaller government? How does that roll back regulations and government red tape?

Oh frack. I don't have a clue.

Those of us who like Vidalia onions better wake up. The GOP has judged our onions. They are not as sweet as they should be!

So in August, Ag Commissioner Gray Black banned all shipments until April 1st. Nope. Not an April Fools joke. Just an old fool telling farmers when and how to run a farm.

Don't believe the story?

Take a bit out of this link and tell me your eyes don't burn!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Putin is gay. Kills his lover.

The truth is out there but not here.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has been outed as gay. His ex-lover died today of a mysterious radiation poison found only in the former USSR.

Sven Munger of the Zurich Police Department, ”We can confirm that the radioactive agent is a very rare russian product named TCDD Dioxin.

These gay rumors have been buried for some time. Western experts claim the world had been keeping "Putty-Put" sexual habits secret to avoid embarrassing the Bush Family.

Well, who do you think took all those photo's of Putin with his shirt off? Obama?

Friday, March 21, 2014

Goodbye to one more bigot.

I don't like advertising the names of murderers or bigots. I might make an exception for the dead. We're not supposed to speak ill of the dead. I'll stay clean like Twain.

We know the old bigot is dead. I'm saving the paper and stamp. Let the cremation begin now. No reason to wait for Judgement Day.

Burn in hell, Westboro bastard.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Yahoo has negative market value. Sell. Sell. Sell. So says the Market!

Just when I thought nothing nuts would hit before midnight, market valuation hit me between the eyes.


The quick and dirty:

Yahoo! has market valuation of $39 billion.

Yahoo! owns 24% of Alibaba, which has market valuation of $153 billion, so Yahoo!'s stake is worth $37 billion.

Yahoo! also owns 35% of Yahoo! Japan, a publicly traded company with valuation of $32 billion, so Yahoo!'s stake is worth $11 billion.

That is, Yahoo! control's assets worth $49 billion, before counting other start-ups and Chinese firms it owns.

And despite this $49 billion in assets, the market values Yahoo! at $39 billion.

Therefore, the efficient, all-knowing market thinks that Yahoo!'s core business is actually costing investors $10 billion dollars.

That's a study in logic or fallacy, isn't it?

Basketball team A beats team B by 10 points. Team B beat team C by 30 points. C beat D by 15 points. Therefore, if A played D, A would win by 55 points.

In the Yahoo example, no one knows the value of an enterprise until liquidation. No one knows the outcome of a basketball game until the game is played.

This is the logic of market economics.

Another version of Stand Your Ground

Exxon Valdez 25 years ago

Exxon Valdez video from 5 years ago showing oil remains on rocky beaches. Here's a video showing the spill in 1989.

Twenty five years ago, a drunken ship's Captain needed to sleep it off. He handed the controls to a sleepy crew member. Following the leadership of the fearless Captain, he feel asleep. They didn't wake up until the oil tanker had run aground and was in danger of breaking up.

Do you remember?

You should remember. You should also remember Republican Senator Saxby Chambliss post Katrina lying about the oil spills.

He said not one drop was spilled in the storm.

Do you remember? I do. Chambliss needs to watch and listen to this ">video. Again, I recommend turning the sound to OFF unless you like Adam Lambert.

Here's a list of the 10 largest oil spills in the USA.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Who can you blame?

I heard this Republican joke today.

If Obama ate puppies on live TV, the mainstream media would report, "Obama makes cats safer!"

Right ....

If the entire congregation of Free Chapel saw Governor Nathan Deal screwing a male goat on top of the altar during Easter Sunday service, they would blame my goat.

And I don't have a goat.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Another gun death. Neighbor shoots neighbor.

This isn't the worst murder committed by shooting through a closed door but it earned an honorable mention.

An off duty firefighter goes to a bar. Hangs one on. Gets a snoot full. Sauced. Blitzed. Crocked. Gassed. Hammered. Lagered up. Plowed. Polluted. Stinko. Tanked up. Trashed. Yoopered. One too many.

Being a responsible drinking member of society, he calls a cab. Good story so far.

The cab drops him off at the wrong house. Things start going south. Mucked up. Bass ackwards. Fubar.

It's 9:30 at night in Texas. You're a conscientious drunk but you're still drunk. You're at the wrong house. You're trying to get in. You're standing at the door with keys that don't work. WTF.

Grandma caps your ass.

The 64 year old woman told deputies the man didn’t listen and then tried to gain entry to the home. The woman opened fire through the door and then called 911.

The man was later identified as 27-year-old Sam Keen, a firefighter for the Houston Fire Department. He lived next door to the 64 year old woman.

We don't know how many times granny shoot Sam through the locked door. Just enough to kill him.

Quote from the article that makes no sense:

"No one did anything wrong. It was just a confluence of events that provoked a tragedy," Mayor Parker said.

Nope. Nothing wrong. Move along people. No rubber necking.

If nothing was done wrong, why is a 27 year old man with a wife dead? Why is it alright to shoot someone through a wall or a door?

If she had missed him or only wounded him, would you say he had a right to stand his ground and shoot back?

A classic case of everyone being ... dead right.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Supreme Court Justice Thomas is a lying SOB

Yeah. Reagan forgot a few things.

Selling drugs to buy guns for terrorists being his biggie.

How about Justice Clarence Thomas?

He forgot his wife had a $700,000 a year job.

Really? No real man forgets making less than his woman. Especially if the woman make two and a half times more than the man.

But, Justice Thomas completely forgot his wife works. Works for a conservative Right wing group. Makes $700,000 a year. Wrote a constitutional opinion which calls ObamaCare unconstitutional.

And worked for the conservative organization back in 2000 when Thomas decided Bush deserved to be President.

So how about a little proof? In a story told overseas but not so much on Fox News, the Daily Mail brings sunlight to a dark issue.

George Zimmerman

Rumors report that murderer George Zimmerman is homeless.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Makes Sense to Me

A Georgia couple, redneck descendants of Confederate heroes, had 9 children.

They went to the doctor to see about getting Dave 'fixed.' The doctor gladly started the required procedure and asked them what finally made them make the decision. Why, after 9 children, would they want to choose to do this?

Dave replied that they had read in a recent article that 1 out of 10 children being born in the United States was Mexican and they didn't want to take a chance on having a Mexican baby because neither of them could speak Spanish.

Ain't they dumb? Mexican kids also speak English.

US Banks rigged interest rates

How well did your 401(k) do between 2004 and 2011?

Not as well as it could have.

Between 10 and 16 US Banks helped rig international interest rates starting in 2006 or 2007. Europe has already punished their banks. We're just now getting around to it.

So let's say I'm in the conspiracy to set interest rates. If I raise the interest rates, money moves out of stocks and low interest paying bonds lose short term values.

So I short stocks and buy cheap bonds.

Then, I help to lower interest rates. My stock go up in value. My cheap bonds go up in value. I sell and start the cycle over again.

Until I get caught. If ever.

So unless you were part of the global conspiracy to manipulate interest rates, you didn't get much out of your 401(k). I guess you'll be asking this question during your retirement.

"Would you like to try one of our value meals today?"

Friday, March 14, 2014

Cooper Pants Factory fire of 1936

Since the Gainesville Times doesn't allow me to read the paper online without paying, I read my free news wherever I can find it.

This story is out of Florida but it's about a Gainesville tragedy, the Cooper Pants Factory file of 1936. A huge tornado struck the Gainesville area in the early morning hours of September 9th, 1936. The tornado struck the Cooper Pants Factory, causing a collapse that set off the fire there. The fire trapped many of the workers inside, killing from 40 to 125 mostly young women, The Times of Gainesville reported.

Many say there's a mass grave at the site. To be fair, it was September. Much of the town was destroyed. The remaining resources were used to help the living. So maybe a bull dozier did shove the dead women into a stairwell covering them with rumble. There are only rumors and verbal family histories. Maybe the dead women just weren't important.

Gainesville's current City Council has been working to place a historical market at the site. With the passage of time, no one knows the exact location of the old building. Only the general area where it stood. It's currently a vacant lot.

Some day, it will be developed. Let's hope it is done with some care. Until then, ....

More pictures and videos here.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Penis pumps covered by Bush Medicare Plan D

Dad shoots teen

So dad hears a noise in the house. Finds a kid in bed with his daughter. Kills the kid.

Does that sound a lot like an Honor Killing in Pakistan? Or something that would happen in Texas?

If you guessed Texas, give yourself points for standing your ground.

Guns more dangerous than cars


Meanwhile, the rate of firearms deaths has exceeded traffic fatalities in several states, including Arizona, Colorado, the District of Columbia, Michigan, Nevada and Oregon, records show. The rate is equal in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Maybe there are a few more traffic deaths per year than gun deaths. Maybe the rate of traffic deaths per 100,000 people are higher than gun deaths per 100,000 people.

So how many miles did you drive your gun last year? How high does the price of gas need to be before you buy a knife?

When guns are as common as sliced white bread

Tragic gun death in Arizona.

A 16 year took a gun and killed his 15 year friend during an argument.


I compared guns to white bread because there's no white bread in my house. Whole wheat only.

So if I wanted to kill someone under the theory of people kill people, I could use white bread. I'm all out.

But, once we buy a gun, we're never out of guns again. It's always there. No expiration date. And 16 year old kids can find a gun faster than they can find bread to make a sandwich.

A hand full of death in every house. As common as white bread.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Tragic gun death or more gun nuts at play

Another one bites the dust. Another hot shot gun owner shot his friend to death during ... target practice.

If the bullet had hit an obstruction and hit his buddy. That would be a tragic accident.

No, the shooter shot his buddy who was behind the target.

God help me. Couldn't they find a way to hang the target? "Dude, I can't find a place to hang the target. Since they're only practice bullets, I'll hold the target up in front of me like this." Then, bang he's dead. Sounds to me like something that could happen in Georgia.

The facts are just as bad. Two guys are having a little target practice. They don't communicate with each other. One walks down range behind the target while the other keeps shooting. When the shooter notices his buddy is missing, he looks behind the target. There's a dead man, his friend.

It remains difficult to believe. But, some how it happened.


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

2.5 million murders in USA stopped by gun nuts

A friend posted a video of a man stopping an armed robbery with a gun. Interesting. Here it is as shown on ... CNN. That leftist media giant which never shows real news.


Gun nuts claim 2.5 million times a year a gun owner will legally use his or her gun to stop a crime. That's over 6800 times a day. Only one video of this happening? And, it was a video from summer of 2012. News reports sometimes say the man was 63. Others 71. I don't think he age matters. I don't get robbing an internet cafe. How many laptops can two guys carry? Were they going to steal earrings, watches, and wedding bands? Two very dumb robbers. I can imagine the conversation.

"Let's rob a bank!"

Naw, that's been done. 9 out of 10 bank robbers are never caught. We need something ... risker. Fresher. Internet cafe! We'll be on video from all the webcams and security cameras. Instant street cred.

"So we run in and say ... Put all the money in the bag?"

No way. We frisk each person and take their stuff. Plus all the laptops we can carry!

"Alright. Just for kicks let's wear masks!"

Putting aside the stupidity of the bungling robbers, how many YouTube videos show truly defensive use of a gun? Not as many as terrorist attacks caught on camera. Not as many as train or plane crashes. Not as many as police brutality.

But, if we believe gun nuts, guns are used 2.5 million times a year for self defense. Huh?

Gun Clock

"At least 12 national and 3 state-wide surveys have asked probability samples of the general adult population about defensive gun use. The surveys differ in many important respects. The two most sophisticated national surveys are the National Self-Defense Survey done by Marc Gertz and myself in 1995 and a smaller scale survey done by the Police Foundation in 1996.

"The National Self-Defense Survey indicated that there were 2.5 million incidents of defensive gun use per year in the U.S. during the 1988-1993 period. This is probably a conservative estimate."

If guns were used legally to stop a crime, then the gun owner felt killing was the only option left to save a life. So for the gun nuts to be right, 2.5 million murders were stopped last year. Any other use of a gun was a crime like assault or murder.

There were 16,000 murders in the US. So 94% of murders were legally stopped by average citizens with a gun. And we have no police reports to back up this claim.

And how many videos?

Monday, March 10, 2014

Welcome to the Gunshine State

George Zimmerman can't be himself

George needs a personal manager and maybe some tips on personal hygiene. Poor man. Ever since he shot that dangerous kid, he just can't be himself.

Except maybe at a gun show.

Quote from the story: Zimmerman's intent was to be able to attend an event where he would be more free to be himself, where there would be less negativity than he has encountered in other settings, according to Piwowarski.

Now the link comes from the UK. It's not Fox News. It's not CNN. It's some country that usually backs us up when we're in trouble.

But, judge the source and the story yourself.

No gun show would be complete without a few Indian scalps hanging from a Winchester. Some boiled buffalo tongue. And T-shirts that say, "Kill them all and let God sort it out."

To get your T-shirt for just $15.95, visit this friendly gun outlet.

Available in large, Extra large, and will cover even your fat belly sizes.

Shop Amazon and save.

For the historic source of that quote, it dates back to a Christian Crusade. Only this Crusade wasn't to take back the Holy Land. It was the Roman Catholic church invading southern France. Yes, the storm troopers were correctly called Crusaders.

In Latin, Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius. “Kill them all for the Lord knoweth them that are His.”

The city was Beziers. Perhaps part of the reason for slaughtering all 20,000 people was the town's refusal to hand over any of its citizens. Beziers had maybe a few hundred 'heretics.' The city was given a chance to hand them over to Rome. They refused.

The Crusaders were told to kill everyone in the town. Maybe George could have been himself on that day in 1209 when service to the Lord meant hacking women, children, the elderly, the pius, and the alleged heretic to pieces.

Friday, March 7, 2014

New low in gun stupid

A former law enforcement officer has been selling assault weapons to convicted felons.

Not just in the United States. Not just in Georgia. Not just in Northeast Georgia. But, right here.

Forsyth County. City of Cumming. A Dawson County resident. Former Alpharetta police officer.

Thank God someone tipped off the police. And that the police actually obeyed the law and arrested both the felon and the newest felon.

Mug shot of our newest gun nut. A future felon. Who the judge let out on bail.

The judge must have been carrying a hidden weapon, too. Only $20,000 for bail? Come on your Honor. The man was a police officer. He knew the law. He knew the dangers of selling weapons to felons!

Now teach him about personal responsibility. Send a message to other police officers and straw buyers. Make the straw buyer a felon and make them serve as much time as a murderer.

More time in jail than a marijuana purchase. Isn't buying guns for the purpose of re-sale to a felon worse for our society than weed? Weed is at least a choice. No one has died from an overdose.

Guns are used to kill people. Guns kill. I don't know nor will I ever accept the BS than humans kill. If you believe that, I'll challenge you to a duel.

You get a human being to kill me with. I get an AR-15. Last man standing won the argument.

Story from

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Craig Lutz and Ashley Bell

This is the week for candidates to make an official declaration for public offices in Georgia.

Two candidates catch my good eye, Craig Lutz and Ashley Bell.

Mr. Lutz is currently a Hall County Commissioner. He's declared himself a candidate for the Public Service Commission. Which means he must quit his current job as Commissioner when he makes an official filing.

I'll believe it when I see it in writing.

Commissioner Lutz does not have the backing to run for that office. He'll need serious money. He has used Ashley Bell's help in raising about $10,000 for his County Commission campaign account.

But, what will Lutz do since Bell has declared himself a candidate for State School Superintendent?

I think crying is one option. Begging Bell for a donor list is another.

Lutz has made some ugly remarks about the former Democrat, Ashley Bell. I hope he remembers the public meeting where he called out for the Democratic Party to take Bell back.

Democrats didn't want him in the many months just before he kissed some serious Republican butt. They should have tossed him out like week old garbage.

So what about it Mr. Lutz and Mr. Bell? BFF or keep your hands where I can see them, dude?

Monday, March 3, 2014

Gun nut of the week. Man accidently shoots himself in the back

No no special reason, a man is playing with his gun on the sofa. He leaves the hammer pulled back and cocked. Lays the gun down on the sofa Then, he sits on the floor.

You almost know what happened next. The gun goes off and the man is wounded in his back. Maybe legalized marijuana and legalized alcohol had something to do with it.

Next time, sit on the sofa. If you're too drunk or doped to do that, don't mix in a little gun play.


More gun stupidity


A man in Cumming, Georgia shoots out his neighbors bathroom window. Agrees to pay for damages. Nice neighbor. Next time, unload your gun. There's no fracken reason to keep your AR-15 loaded in your home.


Shots miss 4 year old. Strike her play room window and walls.


Peace officer looks for his valet parking ticket but shoots six people. Yeah. Who knew the cops needed valet parking. His 'gun' went off 'accidentally,' Six people were hit by the bullet or shrapnel. The bar is known as ... Shooters. No information on how much alcohol might have been involved. I'm sure a cop wouldn't drink and valet park.

Maybe the worst incident. A New Orleans police officer was trying to subdue a man with a Taser. That didn't work so the office pulled out his gun and began a little 'pistol whipping' action. Guess what? The gun goes off. Dangerous as that was, the cop was riding a scooter. The subject of the arrest had allegedly punched a window glass without breaking it. Another drunk.

Another responsible gun owner with no prior criminal history accidentally kills his 3 year old girl.

Kills an innocent 3 year child.

How can this happen? It's the newest gun craze called the Car Keys Syndrome.

The gun used in an accidental, self-inflicted shooting that killed a 3-year-old girl last month had been left loaded on a table while the child's father got ready for work, deputies say.

To this father, his loaded gun was no more important that his Car Keys.

Family members describe Chambers as "a responsible gun owner" ... "most wonderful father in the world."

That wasn't the case. His toddler previously played with the gun. Chambers admits to leaving the gun in a laundry basket a few months ago. Of course the 3 year old found and began playing with it.

The toddlers "mother recalled another incident. That time, she was sleeping and woke up to Zuri pointing a gun at her."

The father had a valid concealed carry weapons permit for the Kel-Tec 9 mm. He left it out so he wouldn't forget it. Sort of like forgetting your car keys.

When deputies arrived at the house, they found another loaded gun lying in plain sight, a Berretta 9 mm. It was next to a play pen used by the 3 year old.

So, a man trained in gun safety, having passed a back ground screening, left not one but two guns laying around for a 3 year old.

Like car keys. So common. So safe. Nothing to worry about other than forgetting where they are when you need them.