Friday, June 27, 2014

"Guns don't kill people. God kills people.

Five year old boy gets a rifle for his birthday. Mom goes outside leaving him to guard his two year old sister. Boy wants to try out his rifle. Shoots baby sister to death.

Grandma says, "It was just her time to go."

Minister says it was "God's will."

Father says it will never happen again.

Cops call it an accident.

Little boy quoted as saying, "Whoa! I like my new gun!"

Guess which quotes are real?

Honey? Did you leave your cannon shell in the bedroom again?

File this one under cannon nuts epic fail.

Some gun owners were having a little fun at a gun show with their cannon, a US military 105 howitzer. For the novice gun nut, that's a cannon used in wars like ... Iraq, Afghanistan, WWII ....

So the gun nuts loaded their cannon using all the right safety precautions. They carefully aimed it using the proper Kentucky windage adjustments, and fired.

They missed the broadside of the barn. The field it sat in. The farm. All the little animals.

But, they nailed a house over 3 miles away. Epic miss.

What did the gun show people say? The followed all the safety rules. We've never seen a cannon shell go up in the air like that. It was Obama's fault. It's perfect for home defense. Gun owners have rights.


Monday, June 16, 2014

Father shoots and kills his family ... on Father's Day

How do I start this post? A man shoots his family to death Does so on Father's Cay. No previous signs of distress. Called his own father to wish him a Happy Father's Day.

Then, he shoots his 30 year old wife, a 9 year old daughter, and a 2 year old son.

Let the NRA choke on it's, Well, he would have used a knife if he didn't have a gun.

How about a reality check? Maybe he would not have killed anyone if he didn't have a gun!

NRA and gun lovers, Just pull your heads out of your assholes.

It requires nothing to pull a trigger 4 times. It doesn't take courage. It isn't intimate or personal.

It's cold, impartial, and inhuman. But quick and easy for a coward or a soldier.

If the man only had a knife, would he have chopped a 2 year old son to death? I bloody well don't think so.

The gun killed that child. No gun, then at least two children survive.

Stop the killing now. When there are no gun, there will be no gun crime.


Friday, June 6, 2014

Guns don't make you safe. Being smart makes you safe.

Got this today from Atlanta Police Department Zone 2:
This afternoon, a woman was was walking towards the exit of the Howell Mill Rd Walmart Shopping Center parking deck when a burgundy 2001 Jeep Wrangler with a tan colored cloth cover (SC Tag CCG674) pulled up to her. Suspect #1, a black male carrying a semi-automatic firearm and wearing a ski mask, hopped out of the passenger seat. The suspect demanded the victim’s purse and Suspect #2, inside the vehicle, told Suspect #1 to get the victim’s ring. The victim gave Suspect #1 her rings and purse containing a Smith and Wesson 380 semi-automatic pistol, an I-Pad, a wallet with $50. cash, numerous bank cards and other miscellaneous items.
Here is my take on this: One of the primary tenants of those that the anti-gun people like to call "gun extremists" is that the way to combat bad guys with guns is for good guys to have guns. I think a little actual training in how to deal with bad guys with guns would be helpful. Otherwise, a gun in one's purse is just a hunk of useless steel, and there is then no point in carrying one. You have to be willing to use it.

Here's some tips:

Carry a debit card only. No reason to carry your social security card, credit cards, passwords .... etc.
If you carry a gun, hold it cocked, locked and ready to rock. No one will fuck with you then.
If you're going to a bad part of town, don't make yourself a target by wearing your entire set of jewelry.

In my humble opinion, when crime isn't easy and no longer pays well, we will have less crime.

Plus, thanks to who ever recorded the license plate and description of the vehiclie.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Deal done by Deal for Real

Okay. So I make half of this stuff up.

Goobernator Dave E. Deal has cut a deal for a golden parachute with the State Department of Education. As a part of the done Deal, Deal gets $107 million dollars to write a standardized test which matches Common Core tests.

Yeah. Right. Deal doesn't want Common Core. He will campaign against it if he's not in jail this fall.

So what does it cost now to double test kids in Georgia schools. According to the AJC,

According to AJC, Georgia spends $25 million now on all assessments in K-12, including end-of-course exams and financial assistance to students to take Advanced Placement tests. PARCC reportedly set a maximum cost to states of $18.50 per student (though PARCC would not confirm that figure). Based on the number of students who took English/language arts and math tests in Georgia this year, the Criterion-Referenced Competency Tests (CRCT), the hypothetical cost of the PARCC tests by themselves would max out at $27.5 million. (The CRCT is normally given to grades 1-8, but this year, due to "budget constraints," it was only given in grades 3-8.)

So if Deal doesn't get his Deal, Georgia pays $25 million for 'budget constrained' tests in five grades.

But Deal got his Deal so Georgia pays him $107 million dollars.

So somebody got hell of a deal by Deal's deal. About $75 million dollars has been flown out of Deal's ass for testing to Common Core Standards. Testing he refused to do for $25 million dollars.

Tell me you don't believe education gets pig piles of public phunding.

BTW, you can check out some of my lies at this here link.