Thursday, July 31, 2014

Science, Libertarian Style

Libertarians have the best political approach to science of any philosophical group. I can explain their science with a potato.

Medical science has studied human illness for decades always increasing knowledge and improving techniques.

We know how a potato breaks down in the digestive track. We know how its nutrients enter the blood stream. We know how the body reacts to those nutrients. And, we know there is a linkage between eating a potatoes and many vascular diseases.

Here's the Libertarians scientific method on potatoes.

I eat potatoes.

I'm healthy.

Therefore, the science on potatoes is all wrong.

Now let's talk about how the government is stealing my money with a gun!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Newt Gingrich shot down Flight 370. Blames 'Puty Put' Putin

It's not funny.

The globally naive Newt Gingrich following in the footsteps of Jane Fonda visited Putin and Russia. Dear ol' Puty Put let Gingrich pose for photos on a missile launcher.

Gingrich being more like the dork Dukakis in a tank than John Wayne on a horse shot off a few missiles.


One took down Flight 370.

As the smoking planes spiraled down from the sky, Putin consoled Newt with precisely the right words.

"Missiles don't kill people. People kill people."

Newt smiled.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Ronald Reagan is a pussy

Strong words?

Reagan was full of strong words and gets credit for defeating the Soviet Union with the phrase, "Tear down this wall!"

In 1983, Russian shot down a Korean airliner, KAL-007 over international waters. Reagan was on vacation. His press secretary must have been on vacation, too.

An assistant press secretary read a short message to the country on behalf of the President which included this phrase:

Mrs. Reagan and I want to express our deepest sympathy to the families of the victims. Our prayers are with them in this time of bereavement, and they have my personal assurance that I will make every effort to get to the bottom of this tragedy.

The Russian recovered the black boxes soon after the shoot down. Reagan got the black boxes returned ... never in his Presidency. It was 1999 when the world got access to the data on the flight recorders.

There was a U.S. Congressman on the flight, Lawrence McDonald, representative from Georgia in the United States House of Representatives.

McDonald's body was never returned to the U.S. His body and others may have been 'lost' in an effort to hide evidence.