Thursday, November 27, 2014

Engage in the debate or stay home?

I never imagine changing the mind of others through debate. Debate is a waste of time, a lying contest, and adolescent.

So why engage?

In a debate, just to keep your skills sharp, recognize your faults, and improve your style. Especially your style.

Your skills should focus on learning the other person's method of attack. If your opponent provokes, lies, uses anger, has no sources, quotes horrible sources, ... relax. You've won.

If you have won, keep your skills sharp so you don't convert victory into failure. Mildly agree with some minor point, build your point of view, and win the high ground.

If they are angry, point that out but don't gloat. "I don't know why you are so angry. This is just conversation. We're just talking."

Withdraw if the anger persists but still don't gloat. "I can't help you with your anger. Maybe we can talk another time when you feel more like talking."

But what is your style?

Are you a geek with statistics? A policy wonk who remembers the authors of bills, the bill number, and when it passed? Do you only goad your opponent into anger? Do what's right for you but don't think of winning your opponent over to your side.

Here's the final rule. Engage only when there is an audience listening. An audience matters.

If you're ambushed and alone, fight as needed. If you're in front of mostly neutral or decent people, win respect for yourself and your beliefs.

If you can do that, the bullies will lose and keep losing.

Some where over the Rainbow

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Another one

No good news today. A portion of our country continues to seek justice in the streets resulting in vengeance.

Another child is shot to death by police for holding a toy gun. Link to current story.

In the Cleveland shooting, a video exists which hasn't been viewed by the public. The police describe the video as being clear.

No one is saying what is clear.

Clearly a 12 year old.

Clearly dead after being shot.

Clearly playing with a toy gun.

Clear quality video.

So much for public safety if 12 year old children are shot for playing with guns.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Another gun kills an innocent child ... North Carolina

An eighth grade boy was shot to death in Kentucky while sleeping in a Comfort Inn hotel room. The bullet struck him in the head but death was not instantaneous. His family tried to revive him and a panic laced called to 911 brought EMTs. But, the young man died.

Who shot him? A felon with a gun staying in another room. 'Ops! My gun decided to shoot a bullet through a wall when I wasn't looking.' The shooter wasn't in the adjacent room. We don't know what kind of a gun killed the young man. Police aren't saying.

I'm saying our gun loving society looks upon such a death as acceptable. The whole 'it's better that we have guns to protect us from the government. Much better. Much, much better.'

It's better we don't leave guns laying around in hotel rooms loaded.

Current details of the story.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Boosting my blog numbers

Certain key words increase traffic on my blog.

Obama dead.

Obama almost dead.

Obama dying.

Obama visits doctor.

Obama coughs in Africa.

Obama missing.

Obama not seen in 24 hours.

Obama not seen today.

Obama cheats on Michelle.

Ebola means Obama in 17 African languages.

Nude pictures of animals.

Those are not in any special order. But, in Georgia, the nude picture thing gets the most hits.

Ebola cured when Republicans win control of Congress

EBOLA! eBola! EbOlA!

A virus just won an election in the United States and it wasn't in a computer, on a ballot, or active in the population.,


Republicans tried their Bengay cream aka the Bengazi Scream. That didn't cure their second rate skin problems.

They tried Abortion by Time Machine but couldn't kill Obama before he was born.

But, once the virus, ebola, landed in the USA, the GOP found a glowing warmth growing in their faces.

Obama, the black man from Africa, secretly is infecting white people with a deadly disease.

Even Democrats believed. No Obama campaign visits. No photo ops. No support from or for the President.


Read the headlines before the election. Obama acted too late to save us from ebola. Obama appoints Ebola Czar. State governments appointed ebola czars. Nothing could stop ebola until the election was over.


Cured in the USA. No more patients. No more deaths. No more.

Are ya happy, America? I think the cure is worse than the disease.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Governor Nathan Deal forces prayer on private citizens

I should have more courage. Maybe I have too much common sense.

Why in Hell's finest tradition are Georgia government organizations forcing me to pray?

No one has a right to tell me, "You will pray. You will pray now. You will pray in this manner."

No one has that power. Well, except for Nathan Deal's government in the form of schools, football games, public meetings, and courthouses.

Let's blame it on the Pilgrims or at least the little band later named the Pilgrims. Of 109 passengers on the Mayflower, only 50 could be called religious. Four were children more or less kidnapped from their parents as punishment for adultery. How loving a church to take in illegitimate children, hide them from their natural parents, transport them 5,000 across an ocean, and force the children to pray. To a specific pastor. To a specific dogma.

When I see a version of the 10 Commandments on public land, that is Nathan Deal telling me, "Read these religious laws and Obey."

When I'm at a Hall County Board of Commissioners' Meeting and it is announced that someone will lead us in prayer, it means you will pray in the name of Nathan Deal's government. Now. In this manner. In front of the cameras.

The next time Nathan Deal says, You will pray, I'll think of four children stolen from their natural parents and forced into religious dogma in a strange new world.

That is, until I have enough courage to refuse Nathan Deal.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Racism in Georgia Politics

I let myself respond to a long Facebook post about Obama which slid into racism with the first post.

Shortly after, this cartoon was posted.

Is that racist?

Yes. And, it doesn't matter who posted it, their gender, or their race.

The poster thinks black males have been enslaved by Democrats.

How could it be 'not' racist?

If the 'slaves' were women, Latino, Muslim, handicapped, disabled war Veterans, transgendered, Gay, Lesbian .... the list is long.

Republicans do not want certain people to have basic human rights.

Are you one of those certain people?