Saturday, January 10, 2015

Locked out and hungry

My mother told me a story about ice boxes and refrigerators. Being a country girl and a child of the 1930's, my mom knew a lot about practical things.

Before the average family owned refrigerators, they keep some food cool with blocks of ice in insulated cabinets called 'ice boxes.' Of course, the ice melted and had to be replaced often.

Mom and Dad upgraded from an ice box to a refrigerator using a very novel form of consumer credit involving a pay as you go plan. To open the refrigerator door, Mom had to insert a quarter into a lock box. Once a week the salesman would come collect the quarters. When she told me this story, I thought it was great idea, a great innovation in credit.

Maybe she didn't like it. She never said. She did ask me, "What happens when there's no room for another quarter?"
It took me years to understand her lesson.

I could act with honor and pay my dues but still be locked out and hungry.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Racists promote fake video of Michael Brown beating elderly man

Another fake out using video.

The above video was taken in Texas. It allegedly show Michael Brown beating an elderly man. The video shows a horror too common in our society. Not just a camera operator taking part in a crime, but a planned beating and robbery of a helpless man by a bunch of young men.

But, it isn't Michael Brown. And, the fair skinned caption writer got 13,000,000 people to watch it. That's 13 million people who did not know who was in the video and assumed it was Michael Brown of Ferguson.

Do young black men look so much alike that white people can be fooled by this crap? Mike Brown was 300 pounds and 6 foot four inches tall. The tallest person in the video is the victim, an elderly man. All the muggers appear to of average size. There's no giant in the group.

It was a caption created by a racist for a racist audience.

Break your preconceptions or live with your invisible chains.

More on the back story at Link.

Snopes debunks it.

Another fake video on the internet created by Republicans

It's a horrible scene but it's not as described. It's a funeral in 2012 hit by a suicide bomber. If you watch the entire video, the body, still wrapped in white linen, lays on the ground. Had a bomb on the body been detonated, there would be no body. Had it been an spontaneous event immediately after a shooting, why is there a camera man focused not on the body but on the bomb? Yes, the camera and camera man are focused on the bomb before it explodes. Most likely we are hearing the camera man chanting to Allah after the bombing.

So some twisted a funeral into a bombing attack/political statement then some one else twisted the bombing video into a hate engine for Conservative Americans. Over a million people have viewed the video. More than 130,000 have shared it. Over 30,000 have clicked "Like" on Facebook.

Gotta love the Conservatives who just got manipulated into enjoying the murder of innocent mourners.