Wednesday, May 27, 2015

How can a minister be a Liberal?

How can a man of faith be a Liberal and support abortion?

"I am Mike Parker, a man of faith, a husband, a father, a son, a grandfather, and a grandson. But, no one asked about the apparent contradictions in being a father and a son, or in being a grandfather and a grandson. You've only seen one possible contradiction; that a minister, or any man of Faith, could vote Democratic or self label as a Liberal.

Just as I am more than Mike Parker, father, son, grandfather, and grandson; members of the Democratic Party act and react in a complex world with many interrelationships and apparent contradictions.

Generals order soldiers to their death. Police shoot people. It's okay for 12 randomly selected people to kill another human being. So how can Mike Parker, a man of faith, kill unborn people.

I don't. Shocking as it seems, I haven't killed anyone in my life. In context of your question, through society, I have ordered soldiers to their deaths. I ordered police to shoot people on the streets. I created the death penalty and the socially guilt free jury process.

That wasn't what you wanted to hear. You wanted me to say, 'My Faith doesn't allow me to support abortion.' So you could say, 'You disobey God's will by being a Liberal.'

You don't know God's will. You don't know me. And, you don't know anything about my faith. I'm not telling you anything about me. I don't want you for a friend. I don't want you knowing the name of my dog. I'm not sharing pictures of my grandson with you. I'm getting away from you. After I give you a piece of my mind.

My faith doesn't say there's a place up in the stars called Heaven. There's no burning place within the earth resembling any concept of Hell. My faith says Heaven is here and now. Hell is here and now. No rewards later. No punishment later. Now is where I exist and where my faith exists and where I can create Heaven or Hell.

Where do I get such a faith? I'll tell you how.

At some point, I faced a decision. I'm not sure if my parents forced me to that decision. Or a minister, a teacher, or an author. Forced to decide between right and wrong? No. I was asked if there is a right and a wrong. By answering, 'Yes, there is a Right and a Wrong,' - a good and an evil - I accepted the human responsibility of doing right or wrong. Of helping or harming others by action and inaction. Of having a goal.

My goal? By my actions, I have a goal to create more Right than Wrong. Stop Wrong when I see it and I'm able. And, always strive to know the difference. When I do this, and do it with others, I can create a 'Heaven,' even if that Heaven is temporary and fleeting. If I don't act to the Good and the Right, I create a lasting sensation of Hell. For myself. For others. Perhaps, in a modern world so filled with potential Weapons of Mass Destruction, I have the power to create a lasting Hell filled with burning, dying, and suffering people.

My faith doesn't end with just a Heaven or just a Hell. Just Good and Evil. My faith includes the duality of Good and Evil, the root of all contradictions. I may have good intentions. I may choose the right actions. And, still cause evil which falls on others. It is not enough to choose Good over Evil. It is not enough to have Good intentions. I must have the best possible outcome or I have created no Good. And Hell follows on my failures.

So when you doubt my Faith can choose abortion, you deny me the right to do the most good. Cutting a zygote from my body or the body of a woman, is little more than cutting off an arm or a leg. There is a loss. It's a very painful and lasting loss. But my FAITH demands I live in the here and now. That I live for the here and now. With the people who are here and now. Not in the hunt for a mythical ever after among the stars.

I have answered to my Faith. I choose. I choose to do the most good when I can not choose to do all Good. Just as juries condemn people to death. Generals kill their soldiers. Police act as executioners.
I choose to believe in Good and Evil. Here. Now. At the same time. And I declare abortion both a good and an evil not as an act or an intention, but as a result. How much Heaven or Hell does it create, in the here and now, among the mothers and the daughters; the grandmothers and granddaughters; and the people willing to do Good for no reward. Here. And, Now."