Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Dental now painless

Another dentist was killed today after being lured from the sanctuary of his home by the promise of free Novocaine. Pictures were posted to the internet showing he was decapitated and his skin ripped from his body.

His killers responded to the Associated Press. 'We did not know this man was a community favorite. What we did know was that he had caused pain and anguish throughout his career. It was his time to go and people should thank us.'

When asked about the Novocaine ... "That is just a false accusation. The Novocaine was never in any danger. We had a license from Canada for public transportation and display of the drug. Our people were trained in the handling and usage of Novocaine as a dental lure. Never at any time, before or after the kill, was there any chance of the general population becoming numb.'

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Ben Carson can save us!

Ben Carson, Ben Carson, Ben Carson!

I get his email blasts. Love them. He sure sells a lot of advertising for a political candidate.

I can get the wrinkles removed from my face without surgery. Damn! Can I get new hair from a bottle, too?

The United States dollar will be worthless when a new currency is issued in October. Lucky for me I can buy gold now.

Ben's advertisers can also dissolve 50 years of artery clogging plaque through an accidental discovery. Bye bye to my blood pressure medicine, chest pains, and no more cholesterol.

Ben's advertisers can fix the problems with my penis, stop the aging process, and help with my knee pain.

Hell, if this man can solve all my health problems while selling me gold, he must be the man to run the country? Right?

Progressive Insurance claim

Ah the wonders of good faith.

I presented my request to the Mr. Mitul Patel with the Norcross office of Progressive Insurance by phone yesterday.

Little prick.

He kept putting his phone on mute or hold while I was talking. Then saying, Oh. I think my phone is cutting out. I didn't hear what you said.

Very funny, Mr. Patel.

My wife was burned on the face and hand by the air bag. We've visited her oncologist about the burns and examination of her chemo port. The port connects with her aorta.

So Mr. Patel offered $2,500 to settle.

I said I'd have to think about it.

Should have said, my brain is breaking up. I can't understand what you're suggesting.

Friday, July 24, 2015

I survived the 60's until I turned 60

Jimi Hendrix was playing the guitar. He played it behind his back, with his teeth while going down on this chick, Janis Joplin. She was moaning and crooning in a gravelly voice about a John named McGee. The pulsing orgasms of the setting sun framed the stage.

I dropped more brown acid and tripped on past the post coital cuddles. The downer dry mouth woke me and Boom! It is today! A black man lives in the White House and Red Necks with guns guard the Jolly Green Marines. Jeeps come with four doors and gays in married pairs. Jesus Freaks rebuilt the Temple and sold it to corporate person-hoods. Gold Freaks wave signs on street corners declaring the Note is dead, killed by Fred. Bruce Jenner puts the seat down and stands up for women. Teen girls all wear the same Barbie boobs and plastic smiles.

There's a war in some country we want to own and we lost a war in a country no one now owns. If you're sick enough, you can have hash. Maybe. Smokes come with an extra set of batteries and cars get a charge outside the bar. Johnny De Law takes moving pictures proving guilt of the innocent dead.

So it goes all Slaughter House Five but I survived the 60's until I turned 60.

What shape will boredom take tonight?

Progressive claim

July 24, 2014 2:39 pm

Called and left message for Progressive's adjuster who can't take my call and will call back by the end of the next business day. If I called before 4 pm today.

All bills are in.

It will be 3 weeks on Monday. How long does it take to contact a witness and settle a claim?

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Progressive claim

Progressive has not contacted me since Friday.

Reminding everyone. On Friday, only one more witness needed to be contacted before we could settle the claim.


Must be a very long distance phone call.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Update on Progressive Claim

Late with doing this.

As of Friday, communication was good. Some messages and phone calls were missed timed. A message for me was left on my wife's phone. I called not knowing the message had been left. My wife can't use her cell phone while at work. Didn't get to read the message until hours after it was sent.

As of Friday, Progressive continues to investigate my wife's liability in the accident. Some one explain this to me.

Other driver at fault and has made voluntary statement to police of his fault. Police cited him.

My wife's car was thrown into a traffic barrier. The barrier did stop her from entering oncoming lanes of traffic. Impact with the barrier certainly did a lot of damage to the car. More than impact with the truck.

So, does it mean something like ... my wife was negligent in some way? If she has liability then hell yes it does.

I see it like this. My wife steered her car away from a head on impact. Despite swerving away, the cars impacted with her car redirected into a traffic barrier.

She had a right to self preservation. If someone turns head on into you line of travel, you damn better serve away from a head on collision.

Are we going to be punished, is she going to be blamed for some of the damages?

Ask Progressive.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Progressive claim

Just another update.

It's now 10 days since the collision. Only one phone call has ever been initiated by Progressive. That was the one asking my wife to make a recorded statement.

No effort to help us with a rental. No offer on property.

I've always abeen the one to call.

As of 2:30 today, I asked where to send our medical bills.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Progressive Insurance aka The Progressive Corporation

Progressive has had fives days to get this claim handled in terms of calling us.

I've initiated all contact.

The first adjuster has never spoken to me.

I reached his supervisor. Now another adjuster has been assigned. But, they refused to give me any contact information.

Because of that and their refusal to lay out a time table, steps to the process, and a status, I'm blogging and Facebook-ing.

Start here:


I've updated Facebook. 2:47 PM

Seems Progressive responded very quickly once 'social media' I didn't time stamp it.