Monday, August 31, 2015

I am not a member of the Communist Party ...

Gainesville Times

It's public knowledge that I resigned from the Democratic Party some years ago.

I vote in the GOP primaries.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Let's have some real conversations about guns, violence, and what's best for our communities

I've heard a lot about the community forum on racial profiling.

So, let's chat. Hypothetical, of course.

So some white guy walks through a black neighborhood with his backpack. No one flinches. He stops and ask directions. People are helpful.

He enters a Methodist church by a side door during a public meeting. There are no seats in front. The meeting is in process. He's asked to move to the back. Okay so far.

He speaks to a couple people in the back, moves further into the room.

The backpack gets heavy and he shifts his position. He studies the people in the room and the panel. It's damn boring. Most of the panel isn't watching the room. Some one is speaking from the podium. Only the audience seems to listen.

The backpack gets heavier and the guy shifts again.

Three people on the podium have looked at him. A tall man, maybe the preacher of the church, is moving towards the back.

The preacher speaks to a few people. Someone, an elderly man, asks the guy if he wants a seat. The guy replies, 'Thank you. I'm fine. Thanks.'

The preacher is standing next to the guy so the guy puts the backpack down. Slowly. Carefully. Very carefully.

He speaks to the preacher, 'Can we talk over here?'

The preacher and the guy go in another room. The guy says, 'I don't think I fit in here.'

"No. Come with me.'

They start towards the front of the room, the minister says, 'Bring your bag.'

There's only one seat up front, next to the chief of police, a very friendly guy. Very friendly. As in, Hey. How are you doing. Good to see ya here.'

The guy sits quietly, hoping things will be fine. He's asked to stand up. He does. He's asked to repeat what he said in the other room. He does.

Now, no body asks him for ID. No one follows him as he leaves. No one inspects his backpack.

So what was in the backpack?

Cool-Aid. Red Cool-Aid. It doesn't matter. The Chief of Police didn't open it.

Now what if the guy had carried a loaded AK47 into the room as allowed by Georgia law?

What if the guy had a professional quality camcorder on his left shoulder like the shooter in Virginia?

More importantly, what if the conversation on guns and violence intensifies and deepens?

Change for the better in the community and more safety for the individual?

Or should our greatest national debate tomorrow be exactly what it was yesterday, 'Donald Trump's hair ... It's real!'

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Hey, You! Asshole ...

I am semi-retired meaning I work part-time at a menial job. It keeps me off the couch and out of the house. Both very good things as we age. My pain levels are down. I sleep better. But, my little delivery job puts me in direct contact with the public.

Yesterday, a mechanic showed me his greasy black hands. "Guess who I am?," he said. "Obama!" was his punch line. For those not well schooled in White Southern Speak, Obama means: That fucking nigger in my White House.

Yeah, it does.

As required by my employer, I did my job functions and went on to the ne"xt delivery stop. It didn't get any better.

At the tire shop, the owner was being engaged by a outside Salesperson pushing this weeks money saving special. Something was said about anyone with a brain would buy the product. That moved into only Planned Parenthood can sell brains and make money.

So I lost control of self censorship.


Followed by my warmest personal smile.

"In 2010, I ran for public office and Planned Parenthood endorsed me as a candidate. I remain proud of that endorsement as Planned Parenthood does a lot more good for women and family than any other organization in the United States. It's not just an abortion mill as some would have us believe."

I didn't stop. Couldn't.

"How do you think doctors learn how to perform abortions? Medical schools. Every student in med school goes through an Ob/gyn rotation. Ob/gyn doctors do abortions in hospitals. Nearly every doctor will perform an abortion as a part of their med school training."

(Here's are some sources to back that up. UCSF Medical Center, Time magazine, ...

"So pretty much ... every practicing doctor and every existing hospital has performed an abortion."

Where did that get me? It got this response:

"Yeah, but did they force the woman to have an abortion even when she didn't want one?"

I held my tongue as that is the proper response to assholes with no brains.

"You will someday regret not doing a little evil to accomplish a greater good."

Friday, August 21, 2015

Did you think the USA was the new Rome? Guess again.

Back in college, we discussed the US being the 'new Rome.' Our currency dominates the 'global economy.' Our language is taught in most countries. We have people fighting to become citizens through legal and illegal means. Most travel is under our control or through our country on the way to other countries. (All roads lead to Rome.)

But, as much as the US resembles ancient Rome, what other globally dominant country comes to mind?

Discussed Nazi Germany at work comparing the US to Germany. I do see new Nazis in this country. Using our military to spread 'our Christian way of life' around the globe while pursuing genocide among a specific religious group. Don't believe me? Listen to the rhetoric. "Build a wall ten feet high around the Middle East and flood the mother f_ckers." Never heard that one? It's not new. Goes with bomb them back to the stone age.

Compare our military to Germany's in 1940. Best planes. Best weapons. Able to 'walk over' the opposition. Biggest issue? Ruling captured territory using puppets.

Harsh reality. The average German thought all was well as they invaded France, Albania, Guersey, Jersey, Serbia, Czechoslovakia, Austria, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Croatia, Belgium, Denmark, Greece, Hungary, Netherlands, Monaco, Romania, Yugoslavia, Finland, Poland, San Marino, Lithuania, Ukraine, and these Russian republics -- Belorussia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldavia ...

Now name the countries where the US maintains a military base. 'Don't bother. It's a long list so try this harsh reality.

No country maintains a military base in the USA.

German Reich or Roman Empire. Is one any better than the other?

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Idiots at the Gainesville Times

There are lots of idiots at the Gainesville Times. I'm not talking about the executives. This time.

This is from an old letter to the Editor, Gainesville Times.

President can't make deals with our enemies

Saturday, I heard on one of the news channels that President Barack Obama stated that we are losing the war in Afghanistan. The reporter also reported that the president said that we need to be talking to the Taliban.

I cannot believe that a U.S. president, the commander in chief of our armed forces, would make those kind of statements. If the United States had a president like Obama during World War II, we would have lost that war in Europe and the Pacific. Those kind of statements alleged to have been made by Obama shows me he is not a leader or president, least of all a commander in chief.

The other people we have in Washington, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, are no better. Between our Washington leaders who have no backbone whatsoever and the ACLU, our nation is in bad trouble. Unless we have some real leaders step forward, our nation will not get out of the trouble we are in.

I had relatives serve in Europe, the Pacific, Vietnam, Korea, Iraq and currently in Afghanistan. I hope their service and the service of so many other brave soldiers was not wasted. I don't need to be reminded who I am as an American, but I think many of our national leaders do.

George J. Roshau

So why revisit this letter from March 2009? In 6 years, nothing has changed. The ACLU still runs the country. We're still in bad trouble, whatever that means. Obama isn't the President. --- read the letter ---it says Obama is not president. Or the Commander in Chief. The writer also thinks the service of his family ... in WWII ... might have been wasted. Hell, I thought we won but I attended some Liberal public school that must have changed history.

But, thank God! The writer knows who he is as an American! I'm glad. For three paragraphs I didn't think the Mother Fucker had a point.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

More on the Tax follies

Yeah, yeah, sure, sure ...

"Government isn't the solution. Government is the problem!"

Let's set the record straight. That is bullshit!

Let's also set the record straight on the income tax.

We don't tax all income. We don't tax essential or basic income.

Essential or basic income can and should be defined as the amount of money that it takes to survive, not thrive, in our biased society. That bias should be very obvious to everyone after 7 years of George Bush.

We have a positive bias towards liars, cowards, and all the negative emotions.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Some gun lovers would kill over the dinner table then finish dinner

A gun nut threw this in my direction recently. I was at work and couldn't really give him what he deserved.

'When I take my family out to eat at Chili's, I sit facing the door. If someone comes in with an AK47, they might get off a couple shots. But, I'm going to pop him in the chest twice then twice more in the head. Then, sit down and finish my dinner.'

If not born a killer, he's trained to be one.

I would not give a gun to any man who could kill another man then sit down and eat the remains of dinner.

Would you? Hell, no.

He should immediately think of his children, then his wife, then the wounded as our gun nut has conceded a couple shots to the 'active shooter.' Continuing dinner isn't a heroic action. Shooting a killer might be heroic. Heroic, in this gun nut's wet dream, would be to see to others when the shooting stopped, starting as I said with his family.

How would your children feel after 6 shots were fired, 4 of them going past their ears. What about your spouse. There's time to say, get the children under the table and stay there until I'm sure this is over. Then, make a defensive position between them the 'active shooter.'

Sit down and eat dinner? Ignore your family? Ignore the other humans?

No, this gun nut isn't qualified to be human or hold a gun in a public place.