Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Digging a hole to fit a lake

Over a decade ago, some land developers in Hall County, Georgia, decided to create an amenity lake by damning a creek. The creek feeds into the river which feeds into the lake which supplies the water to flush toilets in Atlanta, Georgia.

So, there were permits to buy. Inspectors to bribe. And reasons to lie.

So the permits were purchased fair and square but magic happened.

'Our lake is too small. We don't like that at all. Give someone a call. Let the government fix the law.'

So county government began digging a financial hole called The Glades. Yes, I should have used a swamp metaphor. Next time.

During the worst economic crisis in the modern era of man, local government laid off hundreds of people with some terminations announced on radio. Yeah. Some people were driving to their jobs when the local radio stations repeated the terminations. As in, last night, in a public meeting, the Hall County Board of Commissioners voted to fire 25 people immediately to save a few thousand dollars.

Have to explain that better.

The Commission decided to fire the people on a Thursday night rather than a Friday morning to save money.

Yeah. Desperate times. Desperate measures.

So we saved a little money at the price of basic human dignity and happily used the money to dig the hole to fill with gold.

So in the second decade of the Glades, we have a $15,000,000 hole. A scheme to spend unlimited money, whatever it takes, to recover the losses made by political bosses.

Time to fire some County Commissioners or give them shovels.