Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Time off

Leaving town for a few days.

Hope to have news about tax cheating when I return.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Letter to Watson

Good morning Mr. Watson,

I hope you are well.

Commission Chair Mecum suggested bringing my concerns about tax cheats to you. I've known for sometime that people can put their land 'into covenant' and reduce their tax burden. I'm sure most have good intentions.

Yet, the rumor persists. The Conservation Use Covenant is a license to steal.

Here is some information on a specific property. I wish I could withhold the name but I don't know how to do that.

This is a online link to the property tax card (?).

Left blank for now

If the card is accurate, there are two structures on 10.68 acres. There's a section for Land Conservate Use Information. Type is CUV. Description is Agland 93 and Timberland 93. Total land 10.68.

I'm assuming this means all the land has been declared a bond fide farm by the owner who intends to keep it as a farm during the ten year period of a Conservation Use Covenant.

Here is a link to the Georgia Secretary of State (SOS) office. Using the search tools, it's clear. blank for now operates a real estate investment company from that address.

Blank for now Investments, Inc.

I'm not certain if this search result remains an active link. If not, it's very easy to search the SOS website.

The property is listed for sale at this link.

Blank for now

It is indeed 'perfection in the foothills.'

Property Details

If the listing is correct, there are two houses and some other improvements including a basketball court, what appears to be stone terraces for outdoor seating, and the 'amazing detacted screened room.'

I find it hard to reconcile these three sources of contradicting information. My imperfect understanding of the covenant precludes my understanding.

1. Covenant can not include a residence.
2. Covenant land can not be used for other generation of income such as the headquarters of a investment corporation.
3. Any changes in the use of the property must be reported ...
4. Land use must be bona vide agriculture.

So I've looked at aerial photos and see no signs of forest management in the old stand of trees. It's just an old stand of trees and not a timbering operation.

No reasonable person would ever walk onto this property and declare, what a lovely, income producing farm.

Except a Hall County assessor who might declare, as I have heard, 'Who's to know they are not farming it?'

Chair Mecum suggested I call you to discuss possible technicalities in the covenant. I'm not available to talk or meet until after November 2nd.

I am copying Mecum and Kathy Cooper who represents me on the Commission. I could reply via email but I assume Mecum and Cooper, both good public servants, do not need me emailing them all hours of the day and night.

My cell phone is 678- if you would like to leave a message. My work does not normally allow personal calls. You may text message if you wish. Email to me might be best.

But, I am wondering how you interpret all this information.


Michael W. Parker

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Redneck mansions disguised as bona fide farms

Hopefully, I can continue to advocate for gun control and begin exposing rich tax cheats in Hall County, Georgia.

The owner of a 8 bedroom mansion recently wrote a pro guns letter to the Gainesville Times saying something about doing away with the bad folks in our society.

How do I know? I looked him up in the tax records.

He owns 10.6 acres of land in Murrayville and claims all 10 acres as a working farm. I've seen the 'barn' which doubles as his 'house.'

I guess his farm hands sleep pretty well at night.

Face it, dude.

You have a few trees on your property. You're not a timber baron.

You have a nice looking pasture but no cattle.

You claim your residence as a farm building.

Today, I began the process of outing your lies to the Hall County Commission and Darla Robinson, Tax Commissioner.

Let's start getting rid of the bad folks in our society, just as you suggested, starting with you.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Guns don't kill people. People kill people. A challenge.

The gun debate rattles on for the NRA which organizationally is a lot like the NBA. Eventually, only one team wins. Every else gets eliminated.

So let's test this little truism about 'Guns don't kill people. People kill people.'

Here's my proposal and challenge to Wayne LaPierre.

I challenge you to a duel at 30 paces. I get to use an AK47 with a 100 round banana clip and fully automatic option.

You get your choice of any human on the planet. May I suggest President Obama or Hillary Clinton. Both seem to be good choices. Alledgedly they are among the most lethal human beings on the planet.

After I've used all 100 rounds to prove to you that guns kill, I'm going to spit on your grave.

When would you like to meet?

Monday, October 5, 2015

God says, Kill those who might kill you before they do kill you.

It's 1 am and I'm sleepless. Guns, gun violence, murders, political, social, and religious support for guns deny me some sleep. Perhaps even my rest.

Do you remember the shooting of those 20 kids in that classroom? Sort of, eh? Details are faint. The horror is as distant as the date.

That shooting in the movie theater? Did the jury send him to the electric chair? I don't know.

The two reporters murdered during a live TV broadcast? The recorded video is the Hell in my eyes right now. I see the video running in my head. The gun is pointed. It fires. The blond woman sort of jumps and jerks. The sound track screams. The scream suddenly interrupted by the next bullet crushing through her skin. The second bullet rips the air from her lungs in another scream. And, the video repeats this pattern. The sound track screams and screams until it is cut.

I feel like I was there. This live video bit of horror marked me forever.

And, yet, I knew there would be another shooting. Any day. Any moment. Just like the screaming woman, our society can't avoid the hail of death.
And, yet, what did we do? Nothing. Except for those with a religious or political agenda. That is, if there is a difference anymore between religion and gun politics.

So while I can't sleep I'm reading what others are saying about the latest shooting, hoping to find some comforting words. something to make the horrors distant again.

But their words make the horrors real again. Not the images of the shootings. The certainty, the absolute certainty that more innocent lives will end as metal slugs slam though human flesh.

Among all the words I've read in support of more guns, I found a writer talking of our "sacred civil scripture," the Constitution, and how it describes our right to have guns. The words built a clear path to a safe society. We must kill those who might kill us before they do kill us.

Who will make that decision as to who might be plotting against us? Those who have access to a "higher scripture than that we have written?"

How can I sleep tonight when a gun nut hugs the US Constitution, calls it a sacred scripture and says, our national disgrace can only be stopped when we eliminate those guilty of having a "dark heart?"

Submitted to the Gainesville Times as a Letter to the Editor.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

God says, Kill those who would kill you before they do kill you.

At last, the Holy Call has gone out and the final solution to our rampaging gun problem has been solved. It is time for the right thinking protectors of our Holy Civil Scripture to hunt down the dark hearts and kill them before they kill us.

I launch my unholy outrage at the letter of Michael Hawkins who used phrases like, scripture "that we wrote for ourselves for civil use," and 'our sacred civil scripture' in his letter.

So we have the proper Christian approach to gun violence.

Hunt down and kill those among us who are deranged or who plot to harm us.

Kill them all and Let God sort them out.