Friday, November 27, 2015

Crazy idea in my head

If I post fewer racial stories, would my readership increase?

Hunger Games ... 'Government is Bad.'

I'm no saint or wise man. I did try to explain the world to a friend today with out using real world explanations. It didn't go all that well.
My friend was talking about the Hunger Games books and movies. So I tried to steer the conversation to our cultural acceptance of violence by mentioning some of the worst killings in the books and movies. All are children. That seemed to go flying over his head.

So I asked if he knew the main theme of the story. 'Oh yeah. Government is bad.'

No. Violent rebellion against violent oppression creates more violent oppression by a new set of actors.

So he gave me that 'What the frack does that mean?' look so I explained.

The story was all about innocence. She, the main character, a 16 year old female, took up violence to protect her innocent little sister from violence. In the end, she couldn't stop the violence, couldn't protect innocence, and was back exactly where she started.
Her sister died. Innocence died. Nothing really changed but Dayum, we killed some people.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Racial Assault

Wow! I had a real moment of revelation today and it must be shared.

A Facebook friend posted from the AJC about the students in Klan hoods acting out at East Coweta High School.

Here's the picture.

I think the behavior is offensive. And, I said so. Then, things got interesting.

Let me quote.

"Not being the intended target Mike, it's easy for you to dismiss this as a simple insult. An insult is telling me you don't like my hairstyle or outfit. This my friend, is not just an insult. The klan is still alive and thriving throughout the south. I have no idea what these kids parents take them to on weekends. I have no idea what they have planned next. What I do know is that as a black woman in the south, I would feel threatened if I encountered someone dressed like this."

That wasn't enough.

"Agree: I see this outfit as equivalent to a T-shirt with the words "I will cut your throat and hang you from a tree if I can find a chance to do it without getting caught." Which is pretty much the entire point of the Klan hood, right?

So that's not a specific threat, unless you happen to be near this person and alone (in which case it's a pretty violent, gruesome threat)."

After some reflection, here's my reply to my friends.

I've thought about this several times today. I'd like to put the white man spin on it. Give me time to spell it out.

I know a young man of 35 with two little children. The man loves his wife and children. Those three people are the dearest things to him on the planet. Deep, deep down ... he knows ... in some way ... he's been blessed with more than he could possibly deserve. [That's the best I can do as far as sharing how I think the man feels about his very, very good life.]

IF a 'clown,' the word I used earlier, jumped out in front of his wife and children in a parking lot like this 'clown' did, my buddy would want some pay back. To him, this is an assault. Not a threat.

It is like pointing a gun at a person then running away.

That's how I will think of it from now on. It's how I will explain it to anyone and everyone. Should be a crime.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Hall County

Unable to work out a schedule with Hall County officials. Just bad timing.

I have seen several Hall County vehicles traveling around my area. Pick up trucks usually. Usually two people. Well dressed.

Maybe property assessors ... Hmm.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Hall County tax cheats

Trying to meet with Hall County officials on Wednesday.

I'm a bit scared.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Putin invades Egypt. Saves 80,000 Russians.

It's true.

The Russian President, hailed recently by the GOP as the kind of guy we need as our President, just saved 80,000 Russians.

The Cowboy Cossack acted to save his people after 224 people aboard a Russian passenger plane were blown out of the sky and their parts scattered over miles of desert.

Ever the bold strong man, Putin stripped off his shirt during a press conference on Friday when announcing his line in the sand program, retaliation for the 224 murders.

"Russia will leave no stone upturned, no cheese on the table, nor coats on a hat rack until I have flown into Egypt and saved the 80,000 Russians currently held in Egypt in tourist resorts."

Having publicly mixed his metaphors and bared his love handles, Egypt responded, "Come and get them."

Putin promptly dispatched military planes disguised as private airliners from 27 cities. In the haste to save the Russians, tons of luggage fell into the hands of working class Egyptians and other Middle Easterners.

Putin denied abandoning the personal belongings, pledging to retrieve it all once the Russian tourists provide valid claim checks.

Please 'stand by' until this blog updates this post to more closely match the stories out of Moscow.

Veteran's Day, 2015

No real story today. No, I didn't serve with Ben Carson or Donald Trump. I can count no shots fired in anger. No honorable trip to Canada in protest of a wrong war.

No. I got to eat breakfast with some veterans and their families. And, one of my grandsons. All good so far.

But, some people might think I was a veteran because I was invited to the breakfast, the parade, and the closing ceremony. My grandson invited me and I would not turn him down. So, now what?

Should I claim status as a surrogate for those who could not be there? I did. At least once. With the explanation, I don't want to be seen as pretending to be a Veteran. Does that help?


I watched a large group of Veterans honored by children and many of the Veterans will always assure I served.

What can I do? Remember my grandson eating some bacon, biscuit, and donuts with a huge smile on his face while I explained Veterans Day as well as I could to a kindergartner.

I can live with being his hero.

Friday, November 6, 2015


Not a word from anyone with Hall County Government on allegations of tax fraud.

Guess we file some open record requests.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Tax Cheats in Hall County

No reply from anyone in Hall County government about my allegations of tax fraud.

Am I nuts?

Hall County Tax Cheats

On the topic of tax fraud in Hall County, I sent the following email this morning.

Good morning Mr. Watson,

I hope all is well with you.

What can you share with me about the property at Blank Road?

Is it indeed a bona vide and economically viable family farm, over valued for tax purposes due to residential development? Does this over valuation of the land threaten the farm? Is this farm and its family in need of protection through tax reductions?

Perhaps, you can quickly answer these questions.

Is it covered by a conservation covenant?

If so, why?

Are there, as I have been told, numerous little redneck mansions disguised as 'family farms' under conservation covenant in Hall County?


MIchael W. Parker

The property in question is a four bedroom or eight bedroom home with a basketball court, a guest house, detached screened in room with bed and bath, on ten acres ... built in 2006 and sold for $765,000.

I have been told that Hall County employees 'look the other way' on this issues.

We will see.

Monday, November 2, 2015

I'm back!

Should hear something from Hall County by Thursday.