Monday, August 29, 2016

Colin won't stand for it any more.

I should write a nice letter to the editor on this subject. It offends everyone and no one all at the same time which makes it perfect material for the backwoods dog beater.

Colin Kaepernick picked a fight and did a great job of it. 'My hat's off to him.' He picked a losing battle and stood on Sun Tzu's 'Dying Ground' when he sat down for his country's national anthem.

Was it an act of Civil Disobedience? No. For that to work, he'd have to face legal consequences for breaking the unfair and unjust law forcing people to stand during the national anthem at football games.

No such law; therefore, no way to break it.

He did violate social convention in the nearly sacred Red Neck Church of Pigskin. Now that takes some guts.

It takes something like he did to focus attention on social issues. We do have bodies laying in the streets. We have locked up kids as felons for smoking pot. We sell kids into private prisons. Yet, we have given Wall Street the keys to our national economy car and paved them a four lane road to Hell and Back.

So cut this man some slack. He's got some skin in the capitalist game. He's close enough to having it made to have real credibility. He's risking that. He's daring people, on one issue, to call him out as being wrong on that issue.

He's winning that dare even as he's losing public indifference, professional associations, and maybe his paycheck.

Who does that without good reason.