Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Racism in Georgia, Stats borrowed from the Boston Globe

First, some credit to the Boston Globe for presenting Norcross, Georgia in the proper light which is not so white anymore. Only the Irish can relate to being white and a second class minority, eh?

One little fact really needs to be examined in terms of racism, second class citizens, and perceptions. I'll quote the whole paragraph.

Four counties in Georgia signed up for a program that allows local police and sheriffs to check the immigration status of any person charged with a crime, including Gwinnett County, where Norcross is located. Those four places deported more than 1,300 illegal immigrants using the program in the last year, according to federal statistics.

Doesn't mean very much with a first reading, buried in all the other angst of being old, white, and Southern.

So four counties in Georgia, one of them Gwinnett with a population of 1,000,000, deported 1,300 illegal immigrants last year.

I know the names of the 3 other counties, their demographics, or population. My population estimate for Gwinnett, based on the 2010 Census of 859,000, of 1 million might be too low after 6 years. Another county, Cobb had a population of 717,000 in 2010. Whitfield adds 102,000. And, my current county of residence, Hall, had a population of 187,000 back in 2010. So maybe the 4 counties have a total population of 2 million.

Only 1,300 illegals were rounded up and deported out of those 2 million last year. That's 0.00065% of the population.

Again, the police could only find 0.00065% of the entire populations of four counties living, well, in sin, if being undocumented is a sin in the South.

So what the frack does it cost? Homeland Security spent $64,000,000 ($64 million) in 2010 to collect all the 287g prisoners. Only Trump knows what Homeland spent last year for 287g. I'm estimating $150,000,000 ($150 million) as spending increased over 26% in each year of the program. Actually 300% in the first two years. None of their spending goes directly to counties like Gwinnett or Hall.

It's been estimated that it costs a jurisdiction a million dollars a year to run a 287g program. " Mecklenburg County, NC, spent an estimated $5.3 million to set up and operate the 287(g) program in its first year." That information comes from theMigration Policy Institute. Their data came from Homeland Security and local jurisdictions like county sheriffs.

I didn't make up any of those numbers.

So I'm ringing up some of the numbers:

4 Georgia counties spending a cool million each equals $4 million in local spending
Homeland Security spending $150 million a year to run 70 programs equals $2 million each program

So, 4 local Georgia jurisdictions get over $8 million in support from the Feds and spend $4 million of local property taxes to collect 1,400 illegals. So, $12 million divided by 1,400 or is it 1,400 divided by $12 million means about $9,000 per illegal. Not too bad? Great program.

Only, not so much. All 1,400 illegals were already in jail.