Thursday, April 20, 2017

Give my creation LIFE!

Keystone Pipeline

Dr. Frankenstein


Yes, you can connect the dots. Private industry builds pipelines with fail-safe mechanisms equal to the protections in ... I don't know ... nuclear weapons and reactors.

Think Dr. Strangelove meets Fukushima Daiichi.

So when the Keystone Pipeline had a simple blowout, there must have been alarms blaring, sirens screaming, lights flashing ... which attracted a single 'passer-by' who said, "Look at all that fucking oil leaking out of that damn pipe!"

I don't make it up. I only spin it.

Read how the Keystone Pipe has been leaking like the Trump Whitehouse here.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Response to Republican repression

Recently, walking through the Oakwood Walmart, I ran into former State Representative, Carl Rogers. Like always, we talked politics. We shared a concern common to candidates and elected officials, voter participation.

Carl spent a lot of money in his campaigns for office. Lots of money. He regretted that spending, so I understood. He would have used it to pay people to go vote. He didn't care if they voted for him. He's not about buying votes or buying an election. No, he was clear on his point. He wanted people to be a part of government and every election.

Former Representative Rogers is a Republican but I'll stand by him being a good man.

His opinion matters and needed to be shared as Hall County, through its Board of Elections, declared ballot access and voter participation a requirement of democratic elections. Who would not stand with Carl on having people polled, not only on the selection of candidates, but on the issues also covered in referendums? Only Craig Lutz, the recent Republican appointee to the Elections Board and the Hall County Republican Party.

Unlike Rogers, Lutz finds democratic inclusion too expensive or 'fiscally irresponsible," his words. I won't rehash his opinion, as the Times covered his remarks. I will stand with Carl Rogers on the issue of government polling the populace through public elections and a free ballot.

The ballot belongs to the people, not to the taxpayer or a temporary government clerk, appointed by the back room leaders of one party, a party which fights only for freedom when freedom is cheap or the ultimate burden of liberty is borne on the backs of the poor.