Thursday, July 6, 2017

Guns don't kill. People kill. Well, except for when ...

I played with guns as a kid. Real guns. Unloaded. Loaded. Rifles. Shotguns. Pistols, Fully automatic weapons.

I owned toy guns that looked just like the real thing including the Martian ray gun from the Bugs Bunny Cartoons.

So back to the title.

Guns don't kill. People kill.

Except for combat. Obviously. Humans made guns to kill more people faster during war. The butter knife has its purpose. The longer lasting light bulb shines brighter and longer. And, guns. Made to kill. But, if you want to argue that people kill, let's talk war. Again.

Barney Fife didn't fight in any wars and did just fine with one pistol bullet secured inside a buttoned shirt pocket. Today's military carries semi-auto weapons into combat. Mostly. But, dang, even a semi-auto pumps out death at a pretty high rate of speed compared to Barney's only bullet. In that shirt pocket. Closed with a button.

In combat, we can't have a buttoned down bullet delaying death. No. So our soldiers pop off a bunch of shots. Bombs, too. Seems like I've heard a rumor that our soldiers fire thousands of bullets without hitting or killing the enemy. So we miss a little. Okay, so we miss a lot.

Where do the misses go?

That's the mystery exception to Guns don't kill; People kill.

So unlike Barney's bloused bullet, Private Billy Blastoff pops off his thousand round quota in a combat zone and hits a few civilians. Now, he didn't mean to do it. No one calls it murder. No Patriot anyway. Nope. So how did it happen if a human didn't intend for it to happen?

Well, the gun did it. A perfectly normal thing that soldiers call, collateral damage. Sargent Carter didn't order Private Pyle to blast Baghdad Betty and her baby. The gun did it. Has to be the gun. Must be the gun. Can't be anything else.

Cause when a baby gets shot, through an apartment wall in a city like Chicago, it was a bad guy who did. The wrong kind of person to own a gun.

In combat, it was the gun. Unless we want to be ethical and call it murder. The wrong kind of person with a gun. A bad guy.

Here's my point, the gun doesn't care who owns, who points it, or who dies. It just kills. Humans provide the labels depending on philosophy.

Back when I was a kid, playing with real and toy guns, I knew that only the bad guys died and the good guys always won. Now, I'm grown the my Martian death ray retired. I know what others deny. Guns kill innocent people despite the platitudes and philosophies.

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